So i told you guys some quick unboxing, not in a quick review in it on infinix hot 10. it’s an interesting you guys need requests from a comment section. This is a channel guys, unboxing uh, first impression: coach quickly, performance, antutu, score Music, gameplay g70 is 6990 pesos. Yes, surprise: point man, guys major tight new competition, coco m3 xiaomi m3, 690, 120 gigabytes at four gigabytes of ram uh 5 200 milliamp hour in the battery capacity, android tennis out of the box uh hilo g70 on a chipset 720p resolution, uh triple documentation, Music, Music. Then Music, 195 385, which is impressive, guys, usually segments 180 or 150 000 peretto, 195. 385. number. Music, 10. Music, do Music, Music all right, so the internet is the last part it had 10, which is in battery summary 5 200 billion power in the capacity in the hipaa pulse 10 watts no charging, so nothing sot guys. This is a hotend, so bring in the guys. 20 hours and 43 minutes 720p resolution package insurance package is charging from 17 to 100 3 hours to six thousand eight hundred ninety pesos snap price nam, pogba m3 64 gigabytes live overnight and conclusion adding 120 gigabytes, seven thousand eight hundred and ninety pesos young price tempo M3, so 6 128 gigabytes novaria. So not the lead, guys, no mechanics! So smart subscribe to the channel reviews. Plus you click. You guys. Notification bell subscribe.