Seven amazing features that apple has recently added in iso 14.3. So before we proceed to our video, please subscribe to my channel and make sure you press the bell icon to get the notification on my latest uploads. So let’s start the video. Firstly, apple has added new features in its camera. So if we go to our setting and then open the camera, so you will see here two different options like mirror front photos, and that is available here. If you enable this option, your selfie related problems will be solved like if you take in the photos, and it will be same as it was taken and there will be no more flipping and another thing is: if you go to video format here, you will see, Show paul or format so that is very important for the indians and the pakistani people, because here electricity is around 50 hearts per second, and if you enable this option – and there would be no flipping in your camera like if you take photos in evening – and you Are in some lighting environment, and sometimes your camera flips, so this problem will be solved by this option. So this is very amazing, so you can enable this option and record the videos at 1080 pixel with 25 frames per second and 4k at 25 frames per second. That is a very amazing update and if you are using a iphone 12 pro and 12 prora, you will get a amazing update.

That is called apple prora in the camera, which is which will be available here. You can easily turn it on and if you turn it on and then after taking pictures or videos, editing would be is so much easy and your picture quality you will not be losing. The next update is related to the safari browser you have to go to settings and here find this file. Browser which is here and if you go to safari, then go to the search engine which is chrome by default. Google, sorry here search engine and ecosia, you can see that apple has added ecosia search engine. So now you can use a different search engine without google and the next update is a qr code scanner which is available in the control center. At the end, you can see that this is qr code scanner and if you open this, you can scan the codes that look like in a circular shape and with the help of this qr code scanner, you can use the applications without installing them. So this is a very useful feature, so it should be available in your control center and if it is not available, you can go to settings and just find the control center, which is here, and you can see that it is it is available here. You can try to move it and you will find here. You can easily add it. Okay, next update is related to the apple tv which is available for all iphones.

So simply you have to go to in apple tv. Currently, my internet is a little bit slow, but searching has made very easy by this update. You can easily find the content according to your interest, so everything will be sorted in an effective and efficient way, and the next update is related to the airport max, which is which are very expensive. When you headphones of the apple and if you buy this, then you have to install this update and in this update, all necessary plugins and the settings have been included, so you can arrange each and everything related to this app. The next update is fitness plus application. Apple apple has done a lot of work in its fitness plus application, but currently it is not available in india and pakistan. It is available for usa, uk australia or canada, and by this application you will get the three months free subscriptions and you can watch a different workout videos and the last update is related to the privacy. Apple has done a lot of work in protecting the privacy of its user, so, in this update, apple has decided that every developer should give the information to the users that what kind of the information they are getting.