Sounds is a royalty free music website created by artists that offer a plethora of beautiful tracks for all of your creating needs. All of their music is exclusive and curated to offer the highest quality tracks and sound effects. Currently, they have a holiday promotion for 35 off an annual subscription just use the discount code hook miss and start creating today, with some amazing soundtracks okay. So this is the iphone 12 mini the best iphone ever designed to date. In my opinion, i must stress that this is in my opinion, because from what i’ve been hearing you either love the iphone 12 mini or you just hate the iphone 12 mini. There is no in between middle ground. This phone is kind of alright. So what is it about the iphone 12 mini that makes it so polarizing for so many people, and why did i choose to go with the iphone 12 mini over the iphone 12 pro max? As my daily driver in 2021? Well, let’s, talk Applause! You see the thing about the 12 mini is, despite its miniature size and stance it’s, a very powerful and capable device. I can see many consumers taking a look at this device and being like. Is this device powerful enough to handle my everyday tasks? And you know what that is a legitimate question, because for many years we as consumers have been hardwired to believe that a smaller phone means it’s less powerful. Well, the good news is the 12 mini is more than powerful enough for pretty much anything.

The 12 mini is rocking the a14 bionic chipset, with four gigabytes of ram, which is the same processor found on the bigger iphone 12 pro max. Although the 12 pro max does have two more gigabytes of ram for a total of six gigabytes, it doesn’t really matter since both of these are iphones, so the additional ram doesn’t really amount to much. Since you know the software optimization on both of these devices are terrific. I can do everything on the mini that i can do on my 12 pro max. I can easily play graphic, intense games without performance being an issue. I can easily switch between apps without rap management being an issue, and i can send over multiple raw high kodak pictures from my camera to the mini and edit them all over on lightroom, without any performance issues at all. That is insane for a phone, this small. So all of these reasons got me thinking. Why do i need to carry around this massive brick of a phone when i can just use a very capable phone in the iphone 12 mini? As my daily driver, i mean i gained enough weight over the pandemic, as is so, i don’t need to be carrying around an additional five pounds in my pocket on the daily quickly before we do continue. If this is your first time here on this channel – and you want to see more iphone related content – then leave a like on this video and subscribe to the channel, because that would be much appreciated.

The iphone 12 mini in so many ways is the phone that i’ve been waiting for for quite some time. This is pretty much everything i imagined the second generation of the iphone se to be. We have an 85.1 screen to body ratio, so viewing content on this. Smaller 5.4 inch panel is no issue at all. It is a 1080p oled panel that does support hdr content, so you do get those nice, deep, blacks and overall great color accuracy. Now, for someone like myself, i do have the 12.9 inch ipad pro and a 16 inch macbook pro. So, if i wanted to, i could watch content on a bigger screen, because i have options if your only media consumption device is your phone, then it’s totally understandable. If you want to get a bigger phone with a bigger panel for a more immersive viewing experience for myself personally, i don’t like to consume content on a phone. If i am watching netflix or youtube, i do prefer a bigger panel that’s, bigger than 11 inches. So, regardless of which phone i have in my pocket, whether it be the 12 pro max or the 12 mini, i will always gravitate towards watching content on my ipad or my macbook. So it makes sense for me to go with the iphone 12 mini as my daily driver. Okay, so everything about this phone sounds great. So far, right but i’m, pretty sure you guys are asking the question: what about the battery life? Is the screen on time enough to get me through a full days of use? Well, i’ll be honest: it really depends on a lot of factors but, more importantly, how you typically use your phone on a day to day basis.

You see i’m really trying to cut back on screen on time and i feel like this phone is really geared towards tech minimalism. So what my plan is is to keep the iphone 12 mini, as my daily driver for all of next year, cut down on screen on time focus on myself and my goals, and by the end of next year we will be seeing the iphone 13 pro max With a 120 hertz display better internals and just a better overall phone, so i’m, completely okay, using the iphone 12 mini, as my daily driver, as i do hold out for that. Since so many people have concerns about the battery life when it comes to the mini i’m going to try to break this down. For you guys in a way that helps you understand my typical day in the life with the 12 mini a typical day of usage. In the life of rj, that’s me, if you didn’t know, consists of waking up around 6 a.m, laying in bed and checking notifications, emails and social media for about an hour which drains about 7 battery life. That is pretty similar to what i experienced on the 12 pro max. If i don’t have any classes that day, then usually from 7am to 12pm i’m at my desk working on school and youtube stuff, so i’m, not on my phone as much past 12 p.m, though anything is game. I usually like to go for an outdoor walk for about an hour, so i’ll play some apple music, throw my xm4s and be out the door.

I come back home around 1 30 p.m, and i usually have around 85 battery life left, which is enough for whatsapp twitter and a couple of 10 minute youtube videos. Afterwards, i spent upwards of an hour on some stock apps, just buying and selling for the day, which brings my 12 mini to around 35 percent and it’s already like 6 p.m. I like to finish off my day with a quick 30 minute, walk around the neighborhood. So once again, i pop on my xm4s play some apple music and i’m out the door 30 minutes later. I’Ll come home and the iphone 12 mini will be sitting at around 30 battery life, give or take so close to around six hours of screen on time. For the day, which, in my use case i’m, more than satisfied with, i don’t play too many games on my phone and i don’t watch too many videos, both of which do use up a lot of battery life. So if you do have a similar usage pattern as myself, then the 12 mini is more than capable enough to get you through an entire day and not to mention now with magsafe wireless charging is easier than ever before, so topping off. This phone is fast and convenient. I hope that helped clear up any doubts you guys had about the 12 minutes battery life i’ve had the 12 mini for over a month now, and i can confidently say that six hours of screen on time is entirely possible with this little device.

Of course, it does heavily depend upon your usage pattern and how you typically use your phone in a day, but overall, though i would say, don’t let battery concerns be a reason. That’S holding you back from pulling the trigger on the 12 mini. What i do miss, though, is a telephoto lens. A lot of consumers prefer an ultrawide over a telephoto but i’m. Just the anomaly here give me a telephoto any day of the week and i will be a happy camper. I rarely use my ultrawide. I just don’t find myself in too many situations where i need to capture that ultra wide angle shot choosing to go with the mini over the 12 pro max wasn’t an easy decision to make, but essentially, when you strip it all down, it comes down to this. With the 12 pro max, you have to literally carry around a brick in your pocket at all times, but the trade off is you never have to worry about battery life with the 12 mini you get a very lightweight portable, powerful iphone with the trade off being There will be some days depending on your usage, where you may need to top off the mini a couple of times to get you through the day. I hope this video helped convey why i chose to go with the mini over the max, and i hope my battery breakdown gave you guys some insight on what a typical day of usage is like with the 12 mini.

That is it for me, everyone. I wish you all a merry christmas and, of course, a very happy new year as always.