99. But the question i want to answer here is which one is gon na, be the better pick for you. If you’re deciding between these two Music now we’ll begin with the key spec differences, the iphone 12 mini does feature a 5.4 inch oled display so that’s nice improvement over the 11 and the 10r on the back. We do have a 12 megapixel dual camera setup here. Both are 12 megapixels and you do have 4k 60p recording like the 11, but you also have hdr in 4k, 4k30, so that’s, pretty nice, four gigs of ram in here, the apple a14, 5 nanometer chipset amazing chip. Overall, we do have a 22 27 milliamp hour battery on board, so it’s gon na give you a little bit smaller battery, but those are kind of the key specs that matter for the iphone 11. Here we are talking about a 6.1 inch liquid retina display that’s of the lcd caliber, so it’s, not quite as vibrant on this phone. You do have a 12 megapixel dual camera on the rear, cable up to 4k 60p as well, but no hdr on this one. An apple a13 is housed within this body. In addition to that, you do have four gigs of ram on board for the iphone 11 and a 3110 milliamp hour battery. So the key specifications there’s no real, clear winner here it really comes down to what you value more because if you buy the iphone 11 you get a bigger size display and over here you get a smaller display.

But if you value that you’ll get a better phone overall on the iphone 12 mini, the 12 mini does have oled so it’s a better quality panel. It does have a faster processor, but keep in mind that the iphone 11 does have the better battery size and battery life. So from a key spec standpoint, they’re kind of half and half it really depends on what you value all right, guys so let’s talk about which one is the better overall build quality, so both of them do have aluminum size, they’re, just very different in their approach. The left is more squared edges for the iphone 12 mini here and over here, it’s more curved for the iphone 11. So you really just got to pick you know and choose which one you like in terms of that design element both of them do have glass backs. So if you drop them without a case, they’re, probably both going to get some cracks, they feel very similar in the camera setup and while the lens housing looks pretty nice on both it looks like it may be slightly bigger for the iphone 12 mini. Now, on the front side, you’ll notice a difference in that the iphone 12 mini does have a ceramic shield on the glass, so it’s a four times stronger than the one on the iphone 11. But if you’re putting a screen protector on you’re – probably not going to care about that either in terms of the overall weight, though, with these builds a lot lighter here, 134 grams around there, this one definitely up there over 180.

So this one’s definitely a lot more hefty in the iphone 11. Really, i think the iphone 12 mini has a slightly better build just because it does have that ceramic glass, but it’s very slight. I mean i wouldn’t pick these based on that they’re both going to be very durable phones now, which one is better when it comes to the looks, and for that one i would have to say the iphone 12 mini. I just think it’s a lot sleeker, looking uh very thin and very light. It kind of is reminiscent of the iphone se, which one is the better one of the better looking iphones ever so definitely the iphone 11, while definitely a really good looking phone. I do think it is edged out by the iphone 12 mini. So if you’re looking for the better looking device, i would probably say the 12 series is the better looking device there, but that is again subjective. So we can’t actually give it the win there. But still, i personally think the 12 mini does look better now when it comes to the display elements of these phones. We do have you know the oled display on board. This thing gets 625 nits, so it’s not going to get brighter than that of the iphone 11 for sure. The iphone 11 still had the 625 nits on here. So this was also very bright now. Both of these do have a haptic press with dark mode night shift true tone, but it’s not as fast as it used to be on those 3d touches um.

I would say that the way they tuned this olad on the mini is not overly impressive, meaning that you’re not going to look at this and be like super impressed with its vibrancy, like you would on a samsung phone. It actually doesn’t. Look that much different side by side to an iphone 11, but you will notice that it does have deeper blacks. When you are, you know, opening up applications that use black. You know in the background, so you’ll see a little bit less of a truer to life. Black color for the iphone 11 look a little bit more grayish, but other than that. The iphone 11 also has much lower resolution. So this one is closer or much sharper at over 400 ppi. So this one definitely you cannotice that it’s a little bit pixely compared to something like the iphone 12 mini, but you really have to dig to see it it’s, not that noticeable it’s still retina on both of them. I would say that if you’re picking one of these purely on display quality, the iphone 12 mini is an absolute winner. It beats out the iphone 11 from a size perspective. The iphone 11 is giving you more size, so you have to do. Keep that in mind. As well, okay, so when talking about software between both of these devices right here, you can see that it’s a it’s, the same experience, i don’t even want to talk much more that’s, it it’s the same experience.

We have ios 14 on both. We have the app library, widgets are nice on both the cameras operate essentially the same now swipe up you have these awesome modes. Here i mean there is literally no difference in the feel between these phones. Maybe if you go into camera setting, because this phone is a newer device, you do have you know some of these newer features in video like you could turn on hdr video turn it off. You can’t do that for the 11, but that’s down to the hardware. So they had to implement that software feature. These phones operate identical in software, so they’re an absolute tie in that respect now, which one has the better performance. Now i did the iphone 12 mini versus the sc with the a13 and the sc kept up very easily with this device here in the iphone 12 mini. So what i got to say is that the 12 mini is definitely a boss, it’s. Definitely the faster phone – and i have to give it the win here, because it does have the technically faster cpu, but i will say that the iphone 11 is definitely no slouch. The a13 is so fast that it will still last you, the duration of your ownership of this phone for the next several years to come so the a13, while it isn’t you know as fast day 14. It definitely doesn’t have any issues, doing your daily tasks and it’s still faster than android phones that are coming out next year with the snapdragon 88.

So this phone right here definitely no real issues. I mean the only thing i would complain about in terms of both of these phones is that they don’t have a 90 hertz or a 120 hertz displays. Android phones are ahead in that technology, although apple maybe wants to keep the battery life good until they can figure out how to implement that and still have good battery life, but overall, both of them perform at a pretty similar level. You might notice, maybe slightly snappier, going between applications when multitasking on the 12 mini, but it’s pretty much a wash it’s pretty similar in the performance element as well. Another area where these phones just totally tie is the storage department, so they do come with 64.. This is the 128 gig mini 128 and 256, so they cap out there um. Those are still pretty good storage offerings, but you do have to pay quite a bit more when you start getting up in those higher storage tiers. So the 12 mini 128 is a bit more and same goes for the 11 as you go up in the storage department. So definitely pretty similar in that respect. Okay, guys so let’s talk about their cameras, because there are some small differences we’re going to use the apple watch series 6 for a sample device here to take a photo of now. Both of these phones are going to perform exceptionally well in terms of their overall performance.

They both do have ultra wide angle, cameras here, but there’s, one slight difference between both of them. This one does have an f 1.6 lens here on the main sensor. In addition, if you go to the 4k 30, you will get this really beautiful, colorful video here, so i think the 12 mini has the 11 beat for those reasons. So you’ll get a little bit more depth of field because it has that f, 1.6, and you will also get the ultra wide here. But you’ll get a little bit better video as well. But if you’re like, i don’t care about no hdr video i’m, not trying to edit that stuff, then the iphone 11 is still exceptional quality, as well now on the front facing camera they’re pretty much the same i mean maybe even identical here, both 12 megapixels on The front here, both at f 2.2 on the front here very similar, if not identical, so no real changes to the front cameras, but just a little bit better video and just a little bit, probably going to get a little bit more blur. In the background on your portraits and photos for the iphone 12 mini, if you do want that stuff, so i would say the 2012 mini gets the win here in camera, but only very slightly overall, but definitely the 11. If you’re looking for a good value, this camera is still such a boss. I’M. Just super happy to report that so, if you’re questioning, how am i going to get better battery life on a 12 million with a smaller, you know size and you’re? Definitely not you’re.

Going to pay more and you’re going to get less battery life, this one just has a physically smaller battery at 22, 27 it’s, not impressive. I know people have a 12 mini, get a little offended by that and say you know what i get through the day. Nick don’t, listen to this guy. I don’t know what this guy’s talking about. I’M, not saying that a user like you cannot get through the day. What i’m? Seeing is that when you compare it, if we do a side by side comparison, we drain these batteries. The 11 will outlast as many and when we’re talking about which to purchase. We have to mention these facts right here. We got to lay him down 3110. The 11 impressed me this phone and my same usage using the camera. A lot doing some heavy usage stuff with this, i was on the charger more with this one still for its size. It still is decent. It can still go through the day and one area that they’re basically the same, i didn’t notice. A major difference is the stereo speakers, even for a smaller body that has speaker up here at speaker in the bottom, the 12 mini sounded almost identical to that of the 11. So you’re gon na have a great audio experience, but here is where the mini gets. A win here is the 5g, so this one does have 5g performance and it depends on the carrier.

You’Ll have better depending on where you’re at as well, if you’re actually pulling in 5g, but even the 4g lte connectivity was better and faster on this phone. The iphone 11 had worse overall connectivity when it comes to 4g lte and just the overall you know, reception quality. I just found it to not be as strong as the signal you get with the qualcomm version of the 12 mini, so that element is just better it’s, just more reliable for the 12 series in general and the 12 mini is no exception, so it wins it Out there and let’s declare ourselves a winner. Look at all the smudges on the back of the 12 mini. This phone is definitely a smudge magnet in the black one, but which is the better phone well i’m. Going to tell you right now from a technical standpoint, the 12 mini is the better pick and you might have been able to guess that before the video, but it was a lot tighter than you might have thought. The 11 does have a lot of advantage of still picking this phone up a great size for this phone, a great battery life, a great price now for this phone and darn near the same exact camera quality. So you have to keep in mind. 11 is no slouch, even though this 12 mini came in, and if you were coming here, thinking that’s 12 min you’re just going to demolish the 11.

You would have been wrong. But if you were to pick one based on the purely a technically better phone, which is better, the 12 mini, is the better phone, but keep in mind if you’re looking for more value, the 11 should be something on your radar. However, it does matter how much you care about 5g, because if you care about 5g in the future of fast internet performance on your mobile, this is a hard recommendation for any 4g phone. Now that 5g phones are out so that’s it for me, iphone 12 mini versus iphone 11.