We have so many online classes till 12 till one everybody’s time is different. Then we have a more important thing to do. Like watch tv, the whole day play games play computer games, roll through instagram facebook, twitter, whatsapp everything, so your parents will say don’t watch this too much reduce your time for television, but no we don’t want to do they say you need to do because the blue Rays will hurt your eyes so to a solution to that problem. I have ordered something from lens clad, which are the glasses of blue rays, so you all can also be smart in order something uh order, blu rays, glasses, so yeah let’s get started with the video to unbox and review them i’m. Very excited to do this so let’s start here. I have my mini scissors. I’Ve cut this bag from here. Okay, this can go aside, and here is our uh box. It says: okay don’t want to use that i’m more interested in my glasses. So i will just open the box, but before that i will show you how the box looks from all the sides. So, okay, now there is a paper inside this from lens card. What is this? Okay, i don’t want it’s the bill so i’m, more interested in glasses. You know so let’s open the box. Oh it’s, a little bit tight to open, ah yeah, okay, so the box is yeah. This box, i must say see this box is pretty hard.

So i’m, pretty sure that my specs won’t be damaged. So here are some instructions. I am not interested in those, and here is some uh coupons for some other company. So not for me, so here uh is yeah. So here is the um upper area. The lens card branding is here so over here again lenska.com. It looks like i’m advertising, lint cut, haha yeah, so let’s open the treasure. Oh my specs, okay i’ll, keep that aside and first take a look on the cloth, but oh there’s, a cute thing. Please give me 10 days to to adjust to your eyes, so this is probably for the people who have ordered with number, but mine is zero sized, so it’s not quite for me, so the we look good together, that’s a good thing. Okay, the box is also this box is also pretty hard. The texture is also good, although i would like the box to be in pink color so, but it’s fine, you know i’m still. Okay, with this, this box is actually pretty good. Okay, moving on to the cloth okay, here again, the lens cut printing is there: the cloth is pretty thin and soft and the color is also metallic i’m liking that color also okay, now let’s move on to the main treasure of the video woohoo. I like these. Okay, so first the frame the frame is off. Uh dark play, dark, pink, plus maroon type color, and this over here there is a yellow and there is a white rabbit inside.

As you can see, then here is a pink or pink lenses and then over here over here it is written kidzania king kadena is actually a place to play, but it’s fine. So this packaging also means these uh. The glass in general looks niche and sturdy uh. There is a superfl uh extra flexi, one uh, and it is actually super light. I can’t actually feel the weight. This was my first experience with lens card and i’m pretty uh happy with it i’m, not disappointed at all Music. So how am i looking for me? I’M, looking pretty good and i think i’ll need those 10 days to figure out.