While I was doing my job quietly at the office with this MacBook x, I was trying to form an opinion about him too, And I can tell you My most sincere impressions were suddenly interrupted by a sparrow bringing me a Nokia 2.4. I said: ok, I didn’t put it there on the desk and I continued my work. What to do, while installing programs and what to do while doing benq and other tests, And I said, let’s open it and push it After all, it’s a 550 phone 600, depending on how long you buy it and so on. Why is it a phone Entry level? What I said, What can an entry level phone do let’s, not waste time unpacking it and playing with it. Look like this, So I had a pretty nice surprise This phone. It is One of the few Divaisis the few technological equipment. Why? Which leaves an impression on you And it suddenly changes as you use it, And I was quite surprised for an entry level phone From Nokia And how I was Semi, semi semi, disappointed by 8.3 5g. Why? Because there are some Adrian I swear. I would have expected to have some more, I know, Maybe a little more pranks or something, even though I said it was a simplistic phone For people who want the basics. Somehow it would have been interesting to be in line with the other flagships. All this 8.3 was not a bad phone at all And not even 2.

4 And somehow I’m sorry That initially Had a very bad opinion about, But it changed radically for me as I stopped While mommy was playing with him and after all I gave in to curiosity And I also installed Facebook Instagram And telegram and simply to a used A few hours like And what my phone would have been like And 1 euro, Not bad And calm down. I’Ll tell you from now on 135 points in Single Core and 477 points in multico. It’S, nothing, A lighter, is smarter than this Phone Let’s see what you can do And Why I stopped abruptly From what I was doing To tell you too Why I was impressed A 600 RON phone At the end of 2020 Here’s. The phone button. Let’s show you quickly. We also find it in the box. This shows something like this with some information here as well: Five HD Plus Appearance 20 on 9 room through So Paula 13 Megapixels with 2 megapixels Dap And a 4005 battery 500 ml amps. No Fast Chucky! Well, we didn’t find much inside yesterday box. We, The key for For the drawer, shame on the dead, Some stationery, A small charger Compact, Five volts, unnpr, five cows And finally, a microusb data cable. How honestly, I would have loved to see USB and since most produce Player, They include in their range entry level, including this Plugs now. Let’s talk about the phone, The first and first time I was impressed.

How to It feels in Although the phone is About 9mm is quite thick, But the fact that it has these edges almost flat And on the back, We have a texture And the paint is kind of degrees. From gray to darker gray. Silver gray may Closed something like that. In any case, the phone feels very good in the hand. It is very well coagulated, But I can’t ignore it. The fact that, on the back, The housing is not glued to the components inside And the moment I press it. It can be observed Flex. In any case, I don’t mind. It’s a common thing on the phones in this price area And then And I have nothing to. However, I really like He feels his hand and the fact that his hand has the appearance of 20. On nine makes him taller And narrower That means I can embrace it Absinthe And a problem all around, But it’s pretty hard to get to the top without doing it Gymnastics. With our thumb on the left, we have a button for Google Assistant And the drawer for cards And Card and on the right we have the power button and The two volume buttons on the bottom of the phone, The main microphone Microusb charging plug And the speaker Grille On the side of From above we have A jack plug, The microphone is Secondary And that’s it. It doesn’t give you the feeling of a Chinese phone.

As I said in previous videos, There are phones that want to look more than Which I call This is not the case with Nokia. 2 Point four. However, we have a fairly large chin where we have the Nokia branding. I honestly prefer to write Nokia or I prefer, to Write something like that. I know quite below. As long as I have a big piece of plastic Asymmetrical to the top And just look ugly to me, It makes me think I’d rather show the phone Than that. However, Let’s move on The operating system to buttoning a little The phone and Let me show you the real reason I was Pretty impressed. We go for a drink Nokia, 2.4 Android Phone 10. What I don’t like is that the price of security is from somewhere April. If I’m not mistaken, Here is August 5, 2020, Usually Nokia. It was up to date with security prices included On their range. I see, but maybe Maybe until And you year will come Pub. You hear me that phone has a helium, p22 and 3gb processor. I was, as you can see, It takes them c. Some time is given Kidda app 135 in Single with And 7 in Many. There is nothing But under pressure. What I liked in part Circular on this phone, It is display It’s a screen HD More than why And despite the fact that it has a fairly large diagonal and a fairly small resolution, The elements are very visible.

I don’t have fluffy text. I don’t have a down icon Fluffy. I have no items Of the operating system Which are not well displayed, and I really like this place Things the brightness no longer turned on, but considering that it is an entry level phone. I have Alerts regarding The operating system. Here again, I was Quite often satisfied and quite an owl Let’s say we have an mtk in combination with 3 gigabytes To have an experience, Somewhat fluid. You need at least four gigabytes of road by 2020, because most applications like that Mail, YouTube Maps And we have Google Chrome Care, which is an application that eats quite a lot. Instagram resources, Facebook and so on need a lot of RAM and, of course, a lot of storage space. As you can see, the browsing is quite fluid, even on an application that Sieve quite a lot of resources. I’D like to go back a little on your stature because it’s, usually vibration. It is very, very Bad on these phones and Samsung In their range Entry level and And midrange Does not activate vibration for this keyboard. As Here we have it. Google keyboard And, of course we can change intensity. The vibration motor, A change Vibration in Self in the operating system is He’s, pretty aggressive. You could turn it off if it bothers you. Instead, I like the keyboard – And I wanted to tell you this because List of people, Including me, who prefers vibration When typing That’s about it for Nokia.

2.4. From my point of view, it is a phone that is easy to overlook and easy to forget. Instead, I would be You want it to be Pix opus Nokia. It is a reputable company Who died, He was born, Invented And somehow it hit the market again With 2020 To offer such products In the idea that the competition is trying to Good something extra. To add Something so experienced Because in hardware It’s good It’s, very, very hard for me to order them Nokia – And I honestly like it as a company And devices like Design. I like it, but when it comes to The practical element, Obviously is much more practical. I’M. Getting a Redmi 9, Which has the screen Full HD, He has a slightly better room. It has false charge, has better battery, though It’s a Chinese phone, even if it has one Mioi, even though he has ads inside Operating system and do not agree with this. You know the experience is much more, But when it comes to using it This phone, Somehow I sit and think It is pure and Just a phone call. Vin 2015 2016 Made Very, very well done properly, Very, very difficult To To be in competition with With m11 with newer ears and that’s about it, Because the series low Samsung’s A 10, a 01s 2020 And so on I’m, a little more Buy, is based more Somehow On the software experience you can offer At that price Than Hardware in Let’s, not forget to talk about photo quality.

There is questionable And I’d rather not go into too much detail. At least the 13 megapixel main sensor is in Able to capture a high level of detail, But the ultimate condition is to have Lots of light, artificial light or natural light. When light conditions are low, Photos tend to look grainy and tend to look noisy and the level of detail is low. However, if you want to upload them to social networks, be sure to use another screen for Edit 2 point screen photos Four is not so well calibrated, then You may see discrepancies between what you, edit on your phone and what they will see. The other people On your Facebook or Instagram account. Overall, it is not such a photo experience. What bothers me instead is the lack of Pro mode And finally, the audio component It’s good It’s mediocre. This speaker delivers quality Stupid in what Watch the sound is distorted. It is not clear he has no bass And, in others, Distorts to volume Maximum right ones. On the other hand, I really appreciate that the phone has bluetooth Zero point. Any new device Via bluetooth, Zero connected On this phone Put more audio quality than How decent Until next time you know You have to do Don’t forget to Check the description for useful links and And updated prices, Of course, Give your opinion about Nokia. 2.4. In the comments section Mentare below I personally Take a chance, And maybe this is in influence, Design And the way it is Hold.

The phone in me perhaps Sounds like a serious phone call. It looks like a phone Seriously, but I would like to see, I know. 2.