The obs cube, release 2 or 3 years ago was a very popular form factor and a very popular built in battery starter kit. For many, the mod itself had a really nice shape. That surely inspired a series of other devices from different manufacturers, a perfect example being the smok 40 pod mod we’ve seen different iterations of the cube even recently, more or less than a week ago, i reviewed the cube s which, despite being shaped a little different having A color display and removable battery performance, wise and everything else still remains the same as the original. Today we take a look at the cube pro this time. A revision using the same color display we’ve, seen in the cube s and the same features as the original cube, but now sporting a fingerprint sensor and shape wise more like the original and not so much as the cube s, which is a c style frame box. Mod now inside the box, you’ll find the user manual a warning car that more so applies to atomizers, even though no atomizer is included here strange, we received the cube pro in the college shows, and this one is the rainbow colored one. By the way, then last a type a to type b, micro, usb 2.0 charging cable. So the cube pro as you can see, really resembles the original cube, even though it does look a little beefier. Yet i don’t have the old one to compare this.

One, as i said, is the rainbow color version, even though all of them have the same four glossy panels on each side very glossy and in fact, insane fingerprint magnet panels, which is a little annoying after a while for sure i don’t know if you are of The same opinion this time, the 510 connection is still as solid as before and screwed to the frame and with a spring loaded, positive pin as well. Although this one will accept up to 27 millimeter diameter atomizers with no overhang, the controls are also kept the same as the original cube, still pretty much the same with a quiet click and barely any travel. But you know what else was kept the same. The type b micro usb charging part, which is said when i just saw a type c part in the cube s very sad. The fire button is now also different, with the ring of light around it. Additionally, the mod now vibrates in different instances like when there’s an error such as no atomizer attached the display is on the side now and with a very similar interface to the cube s, even though strangely darker, when compared to the cubes, which is disappointing. As i said, a very similar display and interface, indeed showing branding battery bar wattage, locked or unlocked puff counter attached resistance, voltage applied and time of the puff. It functions in the same matter as well, where the controls are always locked and you have to press either.

One of them three times to unlock them and then be able to adjust the wattage from five watts in one watt increments. All the way up to 80 watts now comes the main number one feature this one has that none of the others have, and that is the fingerprint reader built into the fire button. That’S right folks hold both fire and up buttons, and you will be able to register up to six different fingerprints that will be stored in the device really cool right. I didn’t even feel like the process of registering the fingerprints. Was all that hard to be honest from here? You will still be able to fire and vape using any finger that has not been registered with the device. That is until you turn the device off and turn it back on. When you do, the device will require one of the registered fingers to completely turn on and be operational same thing happens after two or three minutes of the display being in standby. It requires a registered fingerprint again. Everything else here remains just the same, even while charging we still have the ability to fire and vape, but you do have to use this type b, micro, usb port, to recharge the battery. Since the battery is internal and non removable like the og and unlike the cube s, what if you want to upgrade from the og to a better display, or if you like it, but you get fed up with the fingerprint sensor? What do you do? Well, if you hold both fire and down buttons together, you can clear all and disable the fingerprint sensor.

You just need a registered finger to authenticate and do so later on. You can still go ahead and register again as many fingers as you want well up to six, so that’s literally it. Those are all the differences between the cube pro and the og, as well as the cube, as i reviewed a week or so ago. Still the same small and sleek kind of device, though the obs q pro is available in black gunmetal silver rainbow and blue for around 38 dollars, not bad, and the trend continues. With these reviews covering devices, there are slight improvements over their predecessor, where there’s really not much to cover, of course, and once again it will perform just like the other cubes. Even the cube s i just reviewed a week or so ago performed the same way as its predecessor, the og cube mod. I did test this one again against the results i got from the og cube, plus the results. I got from the cube s and they all perform the same. However, this one has an internal battery that i did measure as well, and it is a 2 800 milliamp hour capacity battery that recharges averaging 1.36 amps in about 2 hours and 15 minutes. Besides that, i mean i like that they are using a more up to date, color screen interface, but darker than the cube as come on obs make the screen brighter. Please just like all the other cubes the puff counter on this one also resets.

Every time we turn the device off and back on, it’s also kind of sad that they are still producing this one with an outdated type b. Micro usb port. To be honest, yet they went ahead and embedded a fingerprint sensor onto the fire button, a sensor which actually works surprisingly. Well, i have to say once you have one or more fingers registered. It actually reads the fingerprint really fast and only requires the registered finger once in standby for two or three minutes or when you turn the device off and back on. So i, like this form factor, i always did i like the centroid and y510 connector it’s easy to operate as a wattage only device, and the fingerprint sensor is surprisingly good. There are a few issues, though it’s a fingerprint magnet. The screen is a little on the dim side and the charging port is an outdated type b. Micro, usb port also it’s still very basic as a wattage only mod, and it would be nice to see some other features and even screen brightness adjustability. That would be great if i was the radius one i’ll write this one: a b, it’s, okay, but not revolutionary.