So in this video i have some of my friends and fellow tech youtubers to tell you which of the smartphone that was released this year is their favorite smartphone of 2020 and first up. We have mr easy to take it easy on us. What is up guys? My name is izzy. Thank you, michael for having me on your channel, or, should i say, meadow model, okay, so my pick for the best smartphone of the year 2020.. If you follow me on social media, you probably already know what i’m going to say: yeah it’s the microsoft surface duo. I, like the microsoft surface, duo for its innovative design and this form factor it is a dual screen design that allows for true multitasking experience. I really do not care for some standard cameras or people complaining that it has outdated specifications. I think they are just enough. It is a device. I really like to get my hands on that huge design that allows you use it in different modes is something i really like to experience and the fact that it supports pen inputs, that is, it works with a microsoft surface pen i’m, a huge fan of the Samsung galaxy note series, particularly because of the s pen and the microsoft surface. Dual supporting pen builds take my money already – okay, not yet i can’t afford it just yet, but if i stick into a device i’ve actually used, my peak is going to be the samsung galaxy.

Note. 10 plus this device has been the real mvp for me. I’Ve used it since 2019, and i can see what all i’ve put it through it’s, not the sport in my hall of fame, while it does not have 120 hertz refresh rate. I feel that is the only 2020 feature. It lacks it’s, still a very capable device and one that i can use even for the next two years. I’Ve used it as my main camera for my channel up with like go to 5000 subscribers, and it held up pretty well and it’s, still going just fine. So guys those are my picks for the best smartphones of the year 2020, the one i’ve used and the one i’m most interested in. Thank you once again for having me on your channel michael peace, and i don’t know where this is, but we have delp here. I am so privileged to be on meadow’s channel for another collaboration thanks. So much for having me my best smartphone for the year 2020 would not be a flagship device, but instead a mid range device, which is the galaxy a71. Now the galaxy a71 packs a lot for quite a very cheaper price. You’D. Have that flagship experience you want on a mid ranger and trust me it’s one that blows my mind a lot and for that price point it’s definitely a go go. For me. I mean a yes, yes, whatever that meant. So, thanks for having me, i hope to see you in more collaborations peace out next person is victoria again.

The best smartphone for 2020, in my own opinion, would be the redmi note. 9 pro it’s the best not because it’s an high end or top of the line flagship device with sophisticated deluxe and the finer specs there is in the market, but because it sits perfectly at the middle of cheap and expensive, while also offering all the premium features. You need in a smartphone without you breaking your piggyback at only 250 800 and 10 000 errors you’re getting a device with a decent 1080p resolution, display gorilla glass, 5 up front and down back usb type c, a 5020 milliamp hour battery 8 gigabyte of ram and A decent camera, the redmi note 9 pro offers more premium features than budget features at a very, very honest price, which is what makes it my 2020 favorite. So the redmi note 9 pro in my own opinion, is one of the best devices or even the best device released in 2020.. Hello guys let’s take a year. Also. We have harry kovig here. His name sounds like kovid, but it’s kovik, yo, guys henry here, and thank you middle unboxing for having me on your channel. Personally, i think the galaxy note 20 ultra is the best smartphone record of 2020, simply because it has one of the best displays you can get on the phone right now and also has a high refresh rate. The phone itself was built like a tank with very nice and beautiful or cool looking design, and also the internals.

You can get up to 12 gigs of ram and a huge amount of storage and also has a stylus like. I was one of those people who used to say stylus on the phone it’s, basically useless until i had a phone with the stylus and i never stopped using it. I was looking for ways to use it. So personally, i feel the galaxy note. 20. Ultra is the best smartphone of 2020, but personally again my favorite smartphone of 2020 has got to be the poco x3 nfc regarding the amount of value it gives you and then the price thanks once again, meadow unboxing for having me on your channel and see you Guys on my channel and now we have our favorite tech doctor, hey there, tech heads and shout outs to meadow for having me on the channel my favorite smartphones for 2020, because there were more than one of them are, first of all, the pixel 4a, the pixel 4A gives you awesome cameras. Awesome software features at an amazing price of just 350 dollars, but if you cannot get the pixel 4a because of your geographical location, because, as i understand it is difficult to get this smartphone in africa, you can also go for the samsung galaxy a51. Now i reviewed this smartphone earlier this year and the a51 is still a beast: beautiful screen, awesome cameras, great performance, it’s, the total package for a great price as well, so shout out to meadow once again for having me on the channel make sure to check out These devices and yeah with that said catch you guys in the next one peace, and we have kobe from gizmo hub, hey what’s up guys kobe here and my best smartphone for 2020 has to be the poco f3 pro.

The poco f2 pro packs a lot at an insane pricing. You get a flagship chipset, which is not dragon 865 for better performance, a good amoled display, a good camera and, lastly, a huge battery life that can last more than a day, and you get all this at 400, which is really good, even though it lacks a Higher refresh rate, considering the price is a good bargain, so this is why the poco f2 pro is my best smartphone for 2020., thanks for having me on our channel medo unboxing – and i hope you make more of these videos next question is kjs with the killer Smile tit for the latest, so the best piece of tech for me in 2020, has to be the pixel 5.. Now this is a phone that has a great battery. Life has a great display with that nice, 90hz refresh rate and the best camera that takes the best pictures on any other smartphone in 2020.. Now i would have gone for the iphone 12, but i don’t take as much video as i do images, so, hence why the pixel 5 is my go to for the best tech in 2020.. My mom always asks who is this mcniel tech, mcniel tech is always commenting on your videos, yeah mom. This is mcneil tech up. Next, hey guys, it’s mike from mcniel tech yeah. You have something. Did you see on your screen right now? I’M, not samsung as middle though, and thanks bro, for having me in this video, so my favorite smartphone of 2020 has to go to my current daily driver, the redmi nine to the western world.

This is an extremely budget friendly phone and i can’t say the same for an average nigeria, because you know things are hard anyway for about 95, 000 or 200 usd you get an impressive and immersive full hd display with a super good gaming, centric processor. I think it’s a bad thing because i’m, a medical student but i’ve, gotten myself addicted to pubg mobile, due to the fact that the gameplay is as slick as ever. Here. You also get a massive battery and a premium build quality, with gorilla, glass protection on the front and back of the smartphone. Honestly, this is the best phone you can get at its price and it remains my favorite smartphone of 2020.. Thank you meadow for having me in this video. I really appreciate it. Peace what’s up meadow it’s, my 2020 smartphone award goes to samsung galaxy note. 20. Ultra this year, 2020 samsung really rounded it up with the galaxy note. 20 ultra. This is a phone with an excellent camera, even when compared side by side, but with the iphone 7 pro max it’s performed well and especially at night. It gives you that great portrait picture again is the stylus pen, which makes the note 20 ultra standard from the crowd. This is because, with the s pen, you can do a loss which is coupled with the fast latency of 9 milliseconds it’s so fast that you won’t even notice. You are writing on the phone display, so that is that for my best smartphone of the year 2020.

. Thank you meru for adding me to the collab. My name is akachukwu and i will see you next time bye. So my own favorite smartphone of 2020 is the opponent close galaxy z42. I just love it. It was a very, very big upgrade from the original galaxy fold of last year. Samsung did really listen to us also. My second pick is the microsoft surface. 2 hope you guys enjoyed this collab.