Introducing the pfy matrix led rgb video light and its little brother, the pfy matrix mini normally in a light review. I would do a single light, but these two lights work together in a smartphone app, so we will be reviewing both lights. This is alan hatfield for personal view. Let’S take a look at these new lights. The lights come in two of the same box. One is marked for the full size light, which is this one right here and then the other one is marked for the mini, which is right here and if we take off this foam, you’ll see the two lights that are in the box. We’Ll take the light out by putting our fingers in here. This is the mini and then we’ll take out the full size light which is the matrix and then remove. The foam like so and inside you’ll find pretty much the same thing in here: the usb cable, the shoe mount and the manual and a bag for the light, and, as you can see, the same thing is in here as well. The large light is lightweight at just 260 grams, with the built in battery and l bracket. Light mount, which is built in the size, is 130 millimeters by 80 millimeters by 18 millimeters. This thing feels like a tank because it’s made out of cnc aluminum. That should be very effective as a heat radiator, there is a built in l bracket which pivots 180 degrees, so the light can be at many different angles to mount the light on a camera.

You take this little adapter. That pfy gives you and you either screw it into the l bracket like so, and i can put it on the l bracket and there it is, and then i can slide it into my camera and tighten it down as well and that’s what you do to Tighten it and see now that you can actually angle the light with the l bracket. There is also here a quarter twenty thread also in the center of the light, which makes it so you cannot turn the light, but it gives it a very secure connection like so so you have your choice of the l bracket or not. The l bracket has a 5 8 on in here as well, so you can use it on a light stand. The matrix mini is smaller and more lightweight at just 90 grams. With the built in battery. It does not have an l bracket but does have a quarter 20 thread on the bottom. Both lights have a cold shoe on the top. The size is 90 millimeters by 60 millimeters by 18 millimeters and is also made out of cnc aluminum. It has two magnets. Instead of a bracket, so it will stick to metal. There are two ways to power: these lights. One is to take this usbc, cable and plug it in and then plug this into ac or a power bank, and you can power the light or the more popular way, of course, is to use the built in battery in the light itself.

The controls are easy to adjust. All you do is on the top, is the power button and then the light comes on. The first wheel is for your brightness, as you can see, it’s changing the brightness as i turn it below the dim wheel is the function wheel, which is more like a lever actually and that it changes your color temperature, as you can see here, i’m at 3200 And i go to 6500. That is the range of this light. The next button is the mode button that changes it from ccd to hsi, and now you can change the color of the light by holding down. As you can see, the number is changing as and it will go through the different colors of the rgb light, and it goes all the way through down to back to zero. But as you can see, we’re going to leave it right now at 160. Actually, let’s go to uh anyways. You can see on here there’s a color chart that tells you what color you’re at 166 is between cyan and green. I can go back up to 180 and that is cyan or we can go all the way down to 120. Just keep going to 120 and that will be green just a little bit further and there’s an easier way to do this, which i will show you later and then, if we hit the mode button again now we’re in the special effects mode.

This is the cop light and there are different modes as well here. That’S d, there’s c there’s b of the of the different cop light modes b, is for ambulances and c is for fire trucks, and then you can push in the button, and now you can go to a different mode. This is a flash mode and you can you have different versions of this as you can see, and then we go out of that and you go to a custom mode where you can set your various settings and then push it back to cct and we’re back To being able to adjust the color temperature, also on the side is the usb c port for charging. The lcd display on the back of the unit is quite good and can be used for precise output control on the back of the unit. It displays battery level brightness level and rgb color index. The mini light has all the same controls in the same places. The light has memorized the last settings as when you turn it on so again, the same color will appear. A great use for these color effects is for lighting effect on a background or where you would have to use a filter on a light. The brightness can be changed in one percent increments, as you can see as i’m changing on here all the way down to nothing, zero, the mini behaves the same way. The light is quite bright for its size.

The light lasts about two hours, with a full charge. At full brightness now the fun begins: let’s launch the pfy smartphone app and oh my that’s, a hdmi transmitter that’s, not what we want. Don’T fret we’re going to go over to the rgb light by swiping and now you hit enter and you pick a light and i’m picking the mini light. We will turn the mini light off and on at will and we’re going to control the mini light by turning it on and off, like so and that’s pretty cool. You can also change the color temperature just by dragging here or pushing a direct button that is labeled for a color temperature. You can also do color adjustments down here because here’s the brightness going back and forth there’s the brightness, and then you have direct brightness levels as well in the app. So the app is pretty cool. You can also go and do your color hsi and just pick a color that you want and the light will change color as you do that which is pretty cool. You can also hit a direct color, there’s green here’s, green there’s, yellow there’s, yellow so that’s pretty cool as well, and, as you can see, as i do stuff in hsi, it changes the color. Now i want to go over to the big light. How do i control the big light we just go to mesh and then we can go to the big light and turn it on and hold the button down like so, and you want to go control this device now i’m controlling the big light.

I can turn it on and off let’s go to the mini and turn it off and turn the big light back on again. So now we just have the big light. The mini is off right now. The interesting thing about mesh is that you can set up a group, and i will show you how what you want to do to set up a group, and you can see the two lights are up here. Is you just hit, plus you create new group and then hit confirm and now you’ll see that there’s two lights in the group hold down the button and say control devices in the group? Now, if i turn this on, it turns both lights on. Here we go again see it’s, turning both lights on at the same time and turning them off so that’s pretty cool. But you can also go into your cct and change the color. But first you must turn the lights on now. Let’S go into cct and we can change the color. As you can see, we are now at 6500 and we can move it all the way down to 3200 and, as you can see, there’s quite a bit of change, you can do your hsi as well and then pull the color around see here, i’m pulling the Color around here i pull it to here. I can pull it to here. I can pull it to here. I can pull it to here, and both lights are doing it together, see now you can see that the both lights are doing it together.

One is certainly brighter than the other. The interesting thing, of course, is that the smaller light is not nearly as bright as the big light, unless i turn up them all up and you can see how bright they get now, so you can change the color on these lights very effectively. Now let’s go to effects, you can look down here and you can see these little tiny icons. You can see down here these small icons and here’s. The cop light see there’s the cop light here is an ambulance then a fire truck, but this makes it really really easy to choose your effect. There’S flash there’s, a lightning here’s fireworks. As you can see, they’ve got flames here’s party, so there you can now control all your effects and of course you can create your own effects as well. You can see there’s a lot of effects that you can control and it’s, pretty cool that you can change. All these effects and the smartphone app as you can see, works quite well and we will go back to out of effects back to cct and let’s go to 6500, and now we have shown all of the effects and other things that are in the smartphone app And, as you can see, we are controlling both lights. At the same time, in fact, i will change color i’ll go to mesh and i’ll turn them off now, we’ll turn to measurements. How bright are these lights? Well, the big light gets 1850 lux at 0.

5 meters and 1500 lux for the mini. So what about the light quality? The light spectrum is typical for a high quality led light. The color temperature of the light was measured at 58 18 kelvin, which is pretty close to standard daylight setting the mini had a 6145 kelvin when set to 6500 now let’s. Look on how good the colors will be on items lit with this light, as we can see from the chart, the accuracy of the light is very good and close to the ideal 100.. There is a lot of old and new standard, considering the quality of the light. Here, we touch on only two of them. The first is the color rendering index ala cri, the measured result is 96 and is really good for a cinema light let’s move to the tm 30 15. It is a much more modern way to measure the color rendering quality and it uses a more carefully chosen and more real set of colors, making it simpler to see the difference with the referenced light. Yet without unnecessary exaggeration, the tm 30 is 95.. We took thermal pictures of each of the lights to see hot they get. The first is the big light. The second is the mini, which does not get as hot. What can we tell after such a detailed evaluation of these lights? The lights have proper color temperature and the light quality is really good for the price there are so many uses for these little lights.

Besides, on camera, it makes a great kicker light or a product light with the rgb adjustment. It can be a colored light for backgrounds and special effects, plus they are really cool anyways. I do like these lights a lot. This is alan halfhill for personal view.