I bought the bike in february of nine let’s, see 2017, so it’s a 2017 model and it’s an e bike, and this is the original battery. I also have a backup battery that i bought from another source that’s in this pannier uh. The bike itself is very hefty it’s a fat bike. It’S got four inch tires and i’ve ridden this bicycle from where i live in thousand oaks. California, all the way up to carpandria california, which is a roughly a 50 mile ride one way camp overnight, come back the next day, 100 mile round trips i’ve done that several times, rad power bikes is in seattle. They only sell bikes, except for that one store in seattle. They do mail order to any of the state’s contiguous states and it’s a great bike. It’S really solid, i’ve changed a few things. I have a seat that’s different. I have a shock absorbing seat post. This is my tool. Kit and i’ve got an extra rack on the front that i brought from old man mountain out of santa barbara, but i think they moved and they’re not in santa barbara anymore. I think they’re up in oregon and the rack on the back came with uh from rad. It was not part of the deal with the bike, it was an extra add on, but i really like the ortlieb panniers on the bike, the lights that i’ve added are different, uh aftermarket things. These are not the original tires.

These are origin, supercells, origin, 8, supercells, they’re, more of a road tire. The bike comes with knobby tires instead and i took those off after a thousand miles or so because they were just really noisy and a lot more road resistance, and i change to a road tire to get more mileage. I got a pump over here on the side, this little mini pump that works really well it’s, just that, if you do get a flat, it takes probably 300 pumps to get the tires filled with air, so that’s a lot of a big workout in itself. How far can you go on a single charge on a single charge? This battery will take me roughly 30 miles if i don’t use it very much, keep it down on pedal, assist one or two or zero and just use my leg power. Only because you have that option, it has five different levels of power. I stay on one or two most of the time and if i hit a hill i’ll bump it up to three and if it’s a massive hill i’ll go up to five just for the heck of it, especially if i’m close to home the more power you Use obviously it’s going to drain the battery a lot quicker and does this bike have a throttle on it too? Yes, it does. The throttle is right here, so you don’t have to pedal. You don’t have to pedal. If you don’t want yeah and it’s got a kill switch here, if you press that the throttle won’t work, it also has a walk feature that you can use.

If you don’t want to ride, you just want to walk it up a hill yeah. You can hold down, i think, it’s, the bottom one yeah, oh it’s, got to have a uh it’s got to be up on one of the pedal assist modes there. It goes that’s, nice, yeah, so push it up a hill or something like yeah push it and i’ve done that there’s. A big hill right up the road here from the university that i had to do it there and i’ve also got it hooked up with a trailer hitch right here for a burley, nomad trailer that i have at home. I’Ve taken that out four or five times but with the fat tires and then the two wheels and tires of the trailer that’s, just two more wheels to worry about because of all the road hazards, nails and screws and broken bottles. And whatever else is on the road that you really got to be careful and i’ve gotten several flats, because i’ve had too many tires to worry about, especially the fat ones, they seem to find anything that’s in the world. So you’ve had this bike for how long three years and two months, and how are you using it, mostly mostly i use it to ride around doing short errands in in my at home, go to the post office or go to the bank uh things like that. That usually wind up being like a 10 mile round trip and then once or twice every couple of months, i’ll take a long ride of 100 miles round trip and you obviously have it set up.

So you could tour on it and carry all kinds of stuff. How much does it weigh the bike out of the box weighed about 62 pounds uh, but the add ons that i’ve added to it like that bigger seat, the shock absorbing seat post, the water bottles, the bag, the mirror the panniers and what i have in it? The rack both racks, the pump uh. I also have uh mr tuffy liners in the tires to help prevent punctures all that extra weight. The bike is probably close to 80 pounds. As you see it today, so it’s a good thing: it’s, electric yeah, it’s it’s it’s a beast to to do without, but i do it a lot, and what do you think is like the best and worst thing about this bike? Well, best thing is, is if you have problems with going up hills, this will get you up the hills when you’re touring or just riding around town um. The worst thing i think is i don’t know you, you can’t just jump out and say: i’m gon na go two or three hundred mile trip without running out of power. Yeah uh, you got ta plan your trips to be able to pull over somewhere and recharge. Your battery and always take an extra one with you anyway, it’s a lot of fun. I remember when i first got it. I was out riding around at night in in thousand oaks, and i called my wife on the phone, and i said i haven’t had this much fun as adult, and i don’t know how long riding a bike makes.

You feel like a kid again, because you don’t feel the the fatigue that you normally would feel at my age riding a non electric bike.