I do want to take the time to wish everybody a happy birthday, even though it’s christmas, even though it’s christmas, hey welcome back to my channel. I want to take this time to say merry christmas to everybody out there. I love to support you. People are getting me the comments, the likes the subscriptions. I love i’m, trying to reach a thousand subscribers. What i got ta do what i got ta do. We should not subscribe. Do i have to sing and dance. I have to give like a 600 unemployment check as a matter of fact that’s. What i’m going to do on this video i’m, going to give a 600 unemployment check to one lucky subscriber nancy pelosi. Didn’T! Do it donald trump didn’t? Do it mitch mcconnell didn’t, do it? Nobody did it, but tony actually did subscribe comment. So i could see what you are let’s go but remember. You know how i do it i’m gon na say two numbers all right. You got ta get you got, ta get both numbers in the video you got. Ta comment subscribe like and remember. If you share even better, but you have to comment, why do you have to comment that’s the only way i’m gon na know who you are, send you the unemployment check from mr tony action, not donald trump or nancy Music pelosi. You know what i got for you guys today, the samsung buds plus, why a hundred bucks i’m just saying they’re, originally 150, you get my best buy for 109 on ebay, even cheaper, even cheaper, and let me tell you something about these buds they’re from samsung right.

They’Re going to be updated, you know you’re not buying here, something like you know, juanito’s uh, you know buying a pair of buds from juanito’s uh. You know gasoline station. This is samsung and they’re excellent. They sound great the ambience for situational awareness. I love it. I mean you hear everything was going on for those of you who don’t know what situational awareness in miami you need they’re, not as good as the airpod pros in regards to loudness. Remember i, like things that are loud, but the quality is awesome and remember. Wireless charging 100 bucks, it costs 100 bucks people a secret, you know forget about it. Listen the buds plus huh ain’t that something let’s just but let’s bust. It open no i’m, not gon na waste. Any time more here, real, quick! Look! These are nice and let me see if they fall off yeah. They will, if you do it hard enough all right if you shake it hard enough. It’S gon na fall people! Okay! Thank you very much, okay. So what else inside the box the regular right, the regular stuff you open it up, type c cord? You got the right. You got the three uh wing tips here. Remember it brings uh the medium one by the phone. You got the small one and the big one in here. You know what i mean and uh hey. Oh. Why did i do that? Why? Why did i just throw this thing over here man when i always say that these things have an ipx radio? I don’t even say whether they’re four five, seven or eight or one hundred all right – you know don’t don’t, go in the shallow.

These things, don’t don’t drop them in the toilet, don’t dance in the rain, or anything like that. Please, thank you very much. Wow, the buds plus all right it’s, not just the galaxy but it’s the buds plus all right. So you know when they put plus you know on any item any product. You know hey. That means that it’s gon na be great or it’s gon na suck samsung did not sponsor this. Video marilyn did all right. They tore people, you got to have the galaxy wearable app on, you know, come on you look, you don’t believe me look there. It is right you got to get it see right there. Is it focusing right there, you see it galaxy horrible right there. Look at that right. There look i’m gon na break down the app a little bit for you. Guys now watch check this out. All right. People here’s the app there’s, been a little bit of change here, yeah a little bit of a change. They got the software, they got dynamic, got the clear down here. They got the nice nice and then you got, of course the ambient sound. So you could put it all the way up all the way up. It’S supposed to give you like superhero hearing for real wow, pretty cool, you got the notification. Of course you got my find my earbuds got. Ta have it. Let me see, i got them on right now. They don’t match my earrings all right, they’re white, but look these are these? Are nice i’ll tell you what look call coming in hey, hey, what’s, up bro what’s, going on? How do i sound cool don’t lie to me bro, a lot of me.

Yes, i sound cool. This was number 15. all right, so everybody said that i sound pretty good with these on the other ones. I think there was a couple of people out of 20, but yeah 15 people have said that i sound good, they sound good uh, remember you got 11 hours and you got 11 hours on the case. The the wireless charging. For your note, 10 plus, you got the note 10 or whatever any charging pad, or anything like that. I like that loud like i like loud, you know what i mean they do sound good. Remember, like i always say, audio is a subjective thing. I’Ll tell you what, though i’ll tell you what uh i would love to see. Sansa come out with something that’s going to be like go neck and neck with the with the air pop pros i’m. Not going to compare these with the air power pose, the air bubbles are louder and uh, but but hey getting there watch out apple samsung’s coming hey thumbs up thumbs up your samsung that’s.