So, okay, this is the phone box. Okay, it says open flap, so there’s our phone, the samsung galaxy a01. I got this package from amazon. I can stick that right there. So we have our papers, our cell phone, nothing else in there, so here’s the phone itself back here, i’m gon na have to pull that out, drag it from a little packet about your phone. So i can open this up. Okay, we got it open. So let’s put the phone to the side here, the same ejection tool: oops yeah, put that by the phone a little packet, another little track: phone packet, samsung, 5 volt charger it’s like apple’s chargers and usbc, looks pretty good. Nothing else is in there. So now let’s get to the cell phone. It kind of has some weight to it all right. So right here flat, looks like oh right here. Okay, so now here is the phone looks pretty cool, let’s turn it on okay, i’ll be back once i get it set up, so i can show you guys how it works. Okay, so i got it all set up. I’Ve had it set up for a little while now and i i like this phone it’s overall, pretty good yeah, it’s gon na be mine. Soon, though that’s. What he thinks and the sound quality sounds pretty good too let’s do like a little test, but you probably can’t even hear it good, but i’m also going to include a video test.

Overall, it looks pretty good. The display is very nice and i’m going to get the same exact uh. Should you put a link in the description or on how you can get the phone off of ebay galaxy a10? Just look it up on ebay, i’m at galaxy801! Look it up on ebay because i don’t feel like linking it, but now let’s do a video test i’ll put that in there. This is a video test of the samsung galaxy a01 video test. The quality is pretty good. Guess, who also is here again, as you can see, the quality is great, i’m, also going to add a couple pictures, because the quality was terrible with youtube’s um compression and me getting it from android to iphone so i’m going to try just add a couple pictures. Instead, i’m glad you look good on the phone it’s just trying to get look back. I’M. Gon na add some pictures so yeah. I also forgot to mention 5 megapixel front camera 13 megapixel, the top back camera 2, megapixel bottom camera and then there’s a flash. So yeah, that is this phone camera quality, looks great okay, so the quality is pretty good and then the another cool feature i like is the face, unlock and unlocks to your face, which is pretty cool and yeah. The screen is pretty good for watching youtube and the speakers sound great, so yeah. I, like this phone i’d rate, it about eight and a half out of ten it’s, pretty good, so yeah hope you enjoyed this video like and subscribe if you’d like and then uh yeah just hope you enjoyed wash your hands and stay safe out there.

No here you can watch my game play for the last oops i’m watching from my screen that i’m recording on so playing bad.