So today i have the spigen liquid ear armor case the navy blue for the um iphone 12 pro max all right, but before i unbox this right here in front of me, head on down below hit that subscribe, button turn that notification bell on to get notified. As soon as i have another upload on this channel all right, so now we are gon na get into this video um. As you can see. I have the package here in front of me here: just received this from amazon, so we’re gon na open this up. Take a look at it, put it on the phone and see what it looks like. Hopefully, this can help you out if you’re in the market, looking for one of these cases or if you’re, trying to um, see a video or something pertaining to this case before you make your purchase. So let’s go ahead and open this up. So we’re gon na put this tab right here there we go, get that out of the way take this out of the box. So here we have the case. Let me take this out of the way okay. So here we have the case and, as you can see here, this is pigeon and it’s. A navy blue, if you look at it right here, it’s at the bottom of the box here shows navy blue all right, and this is a liquid ear armor case. So this is the box that it comes with let’s open the box pop the case out.

Take a look at it, okay, so here we have the case in the plastic: go ahead and take this plastic out. Okay. So now we have the case in front of us and, as you can see, come with this little slip right here. That shows you that they have their charging brake as well. So this they’re, using this to advertise their charging brick and, as you can see, it’s the 20 watt charging brake that they offer from speaking all right. So here we have the case. As you can see, these patterns cut out here, i’m sure that’s, pretty much designed for shock absorption, and this we have the spigen logo here on the side. So here we have our volume up and down buttons on the side. Those they’re perturbing a little bit on here. So if i turn the case sideways, you can see that these buttons are pretty much protruded a little bit but seems like these buttons are gon na feel really nice. Whenever you’re turning your volume up and down, we also have on the side here the cutout for the silent switch on your iphone and on the right. We have the power button all right, so we also have some patterns on the side here going along the side, and we also have some on the back here, like a textured back a little bit, so you can feel it. If i rub my fingers on there, you can hear it as well all right, so this blue let’s see what it looks like on the iphone.

So let’s get this package out of the way. Okay, so we have the case. The case is navy, blue and next to the iphone, which is specific blue. You can see that they’re not exactly the same color but i’m sure it’s gon na look nice on the phone, so we’re gon na go ahead. Install this on the iphone nice fit fits really nice and tight on the phone that’s. What it looks like on the back, you can see it’s textured, and you have your cut out here for your camera, and this cutout has a little lip right here that protects your camera. If you have your phone laying down on the surface like this okay, so that if your phone is put down on the back here, your cameras are protected and we have a little lips on the front of the phone here as well. That protects it. If you put it down on the face, so if you put your phone face down it’s protected or on the back on the back right here, you can see that is protected. Okay and it’s a nice slim case. Not bulky really light. So if you have this on your phone, it doesn’t add much bulk to your phone and it’s, really really lightweight and feels nice as well, and this is not slippery at all. With these textures on the side and the back, it makes it really nice to grip. So your phone won’t fall out of your hand, accidentally that easy all right so at the bottom.

You also have the cutout for your speakers and your charging port as well, so that’s it for the unboxing of this case and again this is the spigen liquid ear. Armor case you can get this from amazon i’m gon na have the link down below in the description. So, if you’re interested in getting this case, then you could just click on that link and make your purchase all right and again that’s the unboxing of the speaking liquid ear armor case for the iphone 12 pro max. Thank you for watching this video go ahead head on down below hit that subscribe button turn your notification bell on to get notified whenever i have another upload on this channel.