Today we are checking out some of the coolest gadgets and accessories that we found for around 3000 rupees, so let’s quickly get started. Now, if you, like top tech videos, don’t forget to hit the subscribe button along with the bell notification, icon turned on to all notifications so that you get notified each time. An icann video goes up the first product on our list. Is this really cool desk lamp? It’S got a folding mechanism designed so it’s compact when you’re not using it, and it has a eye protection reading mode which will allow you to use the light for long periods of time without it hurting your eyes. More importantly, it has multiple light modes and dimming capabilities, and the finish on the product is almost leather like so it looks quite premium. The lamp also has a display for time, as well as calendar functions and also has a temperature meter right on the lamps front and, more importantly, you can also set up alarms if that’s, something that you need to do with the lamp. The lamp has a built in 2000 milliamp hour battery, so you don’t need to have it plugged in at all times and if you’re, using just the display function, uh you’ll have it running for long periods of time without needing a recharge. Quite a cool product go check it out linked in the description below the next product on our list is this 10 mm fish eye lens now this is a simple clip on fisheye lens that can be attached to your smartphone and you would ideally use it on The main camera of your smartphone, and once you have it attached, it will convert your main camera into a 210 degree angle camera.

So that will allow you to create some really nice fish eye photographs, as well as video from the main camera of your smartphone. The lens is really well made, it has a metal construction and it comes with a carrying case and, more importantly, the glass on the lens is of really high quality, and you get really clear shots as well as videos. If you decide to use the lens. Typically, glass on these add on lenses is not that great and it’s of cheap quality, but this lens has really high quality, glass and you’ll see the effect in the end resultant of your photographs. If you’re somebody who’s into photography or likes to create artistic photographs or videos from your phone, this is a must have accessory. We’Ll have links to all the products that are featured in the video in the description below now. Next, up on our list, is this adjustable laptop cooling stand now this doubles up as a laptop table, so, whether you’re sitting on your bed or on a couch or even on a desk. This is a really nifty accessory to have. This will also allow you to increase the height of your existing table and increase the height of your laptop. So in case you want to stand and work. You can do that with the laptop stand as well. It has built in fans, so you can attach the fans via a usb cable that is provided into a usb port on your laptop or any power bank, to enable the fans to turn on.

Another convenient feature is that on the right of the laptop stand, you can also have a mouse holder, so you can have a stand for your mouse. So if you’re somebody who’s using it with a laptop, this is a convenient place to have a mouse pad so that you can easily use the laptop. The legs are extremely adjustable and can fit in several angles. To give you the best ergonomic position for your working style, if you are somebody who’s been working from home or plans to work from home in the future, this is a nifty accessory to have for that go check it out now. Next, up on our list, is this rgb lamp? Now this is a bigger version of a sensor, control lamp that we showed off earlier. This lamp has almost all the same features, but it is much larger and has a larger battery as well. Now this lamp has a 1200 milliamp hour battery and it uses gestures, so you can use gestures to not only turn on or off the light, but also increase or decrease the brightness, or also swipe between different color modes, or also have a single color in different Brightness levels on this lamp it’s a really cool lamp to have for additional light on your desk and also a really cool accent lamp to have, if you like, rgb lighting in your setups or even in your living room, a really nifty accessory and because it has A long battery life it can be useful for going outdoors as well as for picnics, etc.

Go check this out linked in the description below the next product on our list. Is this led panel equipped bluetooth, portable speaker now this speaker has a built in battery and has a 5 watt driver that allows you to connect over bluetooth and listen to your music. But more importantly, it also has a multi led panel on the front that can be used as a display. Now you do get a smartphone. I have to display any image in pixel art that you want on the front of the speaker, but you can also have some built in features that include a clock, a stopwatch and even a scoreboard. So this is a nifty accessory to have, if you’re into competitive gaming or, if you’re, just playing some sort of board games and want to keep a score. This is a very interesting product for that. You can have any image that you want and you can also cycle through several images. You can also draw your own images and cycle through them in a animation format. So all of these things are really cool with this speaker, it’s highly customizable, and has a fully equipped app that allows you to control everything on the speaker side of things. The sound is quite impressive, and the base quality is also pretty good for the price of the speaker if you’re looking for a multifunctional device that does offer up not only good quality music, but also a really nice pixel led display on the front.

This is a really cool device for that go check it out linked in the description below that completes our list for top tech around the 3000b price tag. If you enjoy these products, don’t forget to smash the like button. If you haven’t already make sure to hit the subscribe button, along with the bell notification turned on to all notifications so that you get notified each time, i can upload the video. This has been bharatnakal. Thank you for watching i’ll, see you in the next one.