So when you first get the box, you get this nice little package. You have your information and barcode on the back. The first thing you see when you open the device is your phone. Usually it will have a protective film on it, but i’m already using this as my daily driver, so that’s, why i don’t have a film on next up. You have your charging cable, usually wrapped in a paper thing around here, but i said it’s, my main driver. So that’s, why i’m not using it next up under here we have our structure and the rest of manuals and stuff which i’m not even gon na bother reading because well it’s, just not nothing to really bother to read anyway, because i know everything i need to Know alright, so you got your main buttons volume up volume down power button and your dedicated programmable key head on the right Music power. It up. Yeah powered by android mine, is going to use a bit of time to start up. There we go there. We have it now i’m already using this, as my mainly driver it’s, already starting up now on the left side. Here inside of this cover, you have your sim card and sd card tray, so your sd card goes in the top slot there and then your sd card, i use um kelia or earlier it was netcom for those who are more familiar with that. Then you just open the slid on the side here.

Remember if you’re gon na be using this as a private phone, remember to twist your sim card in the first tray and for the sim card you’ll be using mainly then pop open the clay and slide it in once, you’ve flipped it in you will be asked To enter your sim passcode and then your personal code, which i have already said now, when you first start off this device, you’ll get a message about language and all that standard setup procedure, very basic, just accepting policies and setting up wi fi. Now one question: i’m. Betting, many of you guys are going to ask first of all because since this android system is using a full google based system, the the contacts and everything is based off of google. Now many people might have contacts saved on their sim card, so how to import them is very simple: you go to these three dots settings, import and then sim card and okay, okay, here and oh okay, then it will find all the contacts you have on your Device now a lot of these are banked out already, because i have already imported them to the phone you select and press import. Now i have already done this so i’m not going to do that and then all your contacts will show up in here. Overall, pretty nice phone, it got the 32 gigs of storage, three gigs of ram and do not remember which type of ship is a ship set.

It used um, so really nice um programmable key button. I have a program to double tap for opening the camera and a long press to activate and deactivate the flashlight how to program. This is very simple settings, programmable key double tap and long press now, there’s also a function for ptt mode uh. This is usually related to work so i’m, not gon na, go through that um other than that really not much to say about it: it’s running, android, 10, so very, very nice. So, overall, a pretty nice device. It records 1080p video, which is just perfect for my everyday life as both a youtuber and the one that work in a very rough conditions technically so well in both workshops and everything really so really nice device. Versatile takes very great pictures, as you can see on the screen now, and it has ip68 glass um real six class. So you can basically throw this across the yard. If you want to. It is certified for ipv6, so it’s shock dust and waterproof down to three meters um, so yeah pretty nice device. I love it a lot. If i it was, it was a big change to go from samsung uh operative system, um right now, i’m running kitkat 444. For a long time, but it’s a big change going from a samsung system to a long google system uh, so your photo viewing app will obviously be google photos phone app. Google calls and google messages and yeah overall, very nice device.

So, for me, this device gets a 4 out of 5 rating that’s. All for my review of the um cath s42 smartphone leave a like and subscribe.