Our today’s video is a very special video. You can see in my hand. I have this one. The device is smartphone stabilizer, so the brand is dji om4. This one is the latest version. So you will see in this video, unboxing and review of this device just stay with me and kindly like the videos and subscribe to her gtr, okay friends. So you can see we have this one dgi om4, smartphone stabilizer, so let’s see we’re going to unbox this one create magnetic moments; okay, so from this side, we’re going to unbox, okay, yeah, okay, this one ggi om4. So this one let’s see what is inside whoa whoa. You can see this one is so we have the other accessories as well here how we can adjust this one, and this one also the the carrying pouch soft cutting pouch this one okay. So this one this one! Finally, yes, so this one is the dji whoa, so you can see here as well this one. What is this one? So this one also the grip and the box this one okay. So we have this one, also, the the data cable as well, and also this one silica gel. I will throw this one, because this one is uh the hazardous, so i have to throw this one yeah whoa, so this one is the magnetic. I think this one is a magnetic motor inside so so these are the features i will check it from the other device.

So i will check your later on. Let’S see, okay, this one, okay friends. So now we are going to check the configuration of this device. So you can see this one, the box and yeah you can see. These are the steps one two three four from these steps. We can configure this stabilizer very easily, so this one is our main device, the nice design you can see. These are the magnetic motors rotation. These are the controls and features yeah. You can see still there’s a power inside also we have this. One is the the grip, so you can see from here this one, the step one for our smartphone. We can use this one and also i will check it yeah. You can see this one is the magnetic, and also we have this one, this one also, this one is the logo. This one is the charging cable and this one is the grip. This one is this tag. I will check it whoa, you can see. So this one is the yeah. This one is the stand, so we can adjust this one yeah, so we’re going to check. So this one is the main step. You can see this one for the time being, i will show you so so you can see. This is the main power, and this one is a joystick this one also. So these are the features, and also we have this one is the charging port. So we have to download the software for this device after that we can configure from our smartphone easily.

So you can see. So these are the features and we can check these features from the manual in the power and this one is the joystick for the movement of this device. So yeah i’m going to place one more time this one the stand, yes yeah, so you can see and let’s see what’s inside so this one also, this one is also for our smartphone, so it’s up it’s our own choice, so uh. What type of yeah so it’s our own choice that what type of clip we have to use for the recording for the adjustment of our smartphone and with this stabilizer? So it’s our choice. So this one also! And but i suggest you to use this one, because this one is, you can see the magnetic grip. I like this one. This one also is good, but this one is the normal one. So we have to use this one normally we’re using the the smartphone the smartphone ring. You can see this one is okay, but we can. I think i recommend that we have to use this one. This one is the magnetic magnetic holder, so we can easily adjust this one you can. I will. I will show you this one as well. One time over. You will see this one so from the manual. I will check it. Also. We have these extra stickers, and so this one is the configuration so from this we can configure our smartphone with this stabilizer.

So friends, i hope you like the review and unboxing of this device calisthenics feedback into my box. Okay, friends, i like dji, om4 smartphone stabilizer from this. We can create magnetic moments and high quality stunning videos. I hope you like this device. My recommendation: do you go with this device? This one is a perfect device for our all recording needs, so kindly send us feedback from this. We can create high quality videos dji. So friends, that was the review and unboxing of dji om4 smartphone stabilizer. I hope you like the unboxing and review of this device. I like this one from this. I can create stunning videos, so send us feedback in comment box.