I usually do one every year and so it’s time for that late, 2020 what’s on my iphone, and so as you can see, if you’ve watched any of my videos, you can see my home screen. Doesn’T really change a lot, but you probably want to know what’s off to the right, but first let’s go over this and then we’ll continue on and so with ios 14. This year we gained widgets and the only one i find that i use regularly is the weather widget just to glance at. I normally had the weather app here and then with the widget sort of change things around a little bit. Now i have the phone icon in the top, because i don’t use it a whole lot and camera has just been there from the beginning. Even though i do use that a lot so it’s not really organized by any rhyme or reason just familiarity for me, and so then i have google for google news reminders, maps, home and home is something i use a lot now that i have more home kit Devices which i may do a video on, but if i go into home you can see this is actually my home with light controls. This is telling you the air quality in my house, that it’s 68 degrees, fahrenheit, 45 percent, humidity and excellent air quality and then down below you can see different light panels: five different home pods, so a home pod and four home pod minis and then there’s cameras For my front yard backyard inside the house and even a doorbell – and i have the intercom button for home pod here – i also have my office on here as well, and you can see that here.

So i have lights and if i can turn on this light here, you’ll see it’ll brighten up here in just a moment. Usually there we go turn it back off some different light controls and things like that. So these all work really well, i use it all. The time i normally just use it from the app and not siri, so i may do a video about my my home with those different cameras and things and how that works a little bit later notes. I use all the time for all the notes. In my videos, when i have ideas and things like that, amazon settings church, so a couple different apps in there and then social networking telegram and discord if you’re not following me on telegram or discord or not really following me, but in there to talk to other People about maybe ios 14 betas or maybe something else, even wallpapers, there’s different sections for that as well. So if you’re not there be sure to check them out they’re linked in the description, then of course the app store youtube youtube studio to check out well videos and things that i publish and comment youtube overcast for podcasts. I use this all the time for different podcasts, such as nine to five happy hour. Criminal gadget cast things like that then also instagram, twitter, gmail and tesla. Tesla is the app to control my car. So if i go into that i’ll scroll down here as it gives the address where it’s parked, but you can see the battery percentage, the car itself, you can unlock it pop the frunk turn the ac on.

You can see the interior temperature and more so you’ve got a lot in there. If you want to switch between cars, you can just swipe and you have other controls as well, so that’s something i use all the time that’s. Why it’s on my home screen it’s my key for my car and then, of course, in the dock? I haven’t changed this in years, just messages, safari mail and music. Now, if we go to the next page, this is where i use things that i use sometimes, so this is sort of how i organize this is organized. How i’ve had it for a long time, i’m used to it page. Two is a little bit different. So page two is apps. I might use from time to time to check out so the top left one here, for example, is sightscape, and this is an amazing app for 3d modeling. This was out some time ago. I’Ve actually been using it for a while. Thankfully, the developer reached out to me – and let me show you how this works, so these are powerbeats pro we’ll, open them up here and put them in the camera. We won’t connect them and what i’ll do is this uses a device with lidar? So you need an ipad pro with lidar, an iphone 12 pro or iphone 12 pro max hit record and now it’s, actually using the lidar to sort of create a 3d map or 3d model.

I have a coffee cup over here. My apple pro display xdr. So let me just do this quick, a little bob ross bobblehead. So let me hit stop we’ll hit okay and we can zoom right in and see this point map of what was here and then you can go in and measure it now. This works great in rooms, you can walk around with it. You can literally just walk around the room and scan the room and it will create a point map for everything and the longer you do it the more high resolution it gets. But you get the idea where you can sort of see my desk a little bit where there’s the platform for the the monitor the pro display xdr. Is there the powerbeats pro my keyboard and it’s, a really great app it’s, something i’ve been using and playing around with, and definitely something i appreciate craft is something i recently installed. I haven’t really used live air traffic controllers for listening to airport towers, so there’s actually an observation deck in the city where i live, which is or near where i live. Rather in charlotte, you can go there and then listen to the actual air traffic control tower. As the planes are coming in or going so, you can kind of have an idea what’s going on the nest cache app. I probably should delete that. I don’t use it but it’s there let’s delete it. Spotify i’ve been using a little bit.

Polycam again is another one where you can scan rooms i’ve been using that clear one is for a thermal camera that i have so i can show you different temperatures. We’Ll talk more about that, probably in other videos, oc comfort, uh, owens corning. I honestly don’t know exactly what it’s for but it’s for the flir one camera net monitor is a great little app that monitors things. So i’ve shown this in a couple different videos, but it shows everything from your internet connection to your storage to your battery usage and more. You can put different connection passwords in there for wi fi, but i don’t really use it for that. But if we go to battery usage, this gives you a more granular understanding of battery usage, so you can see 85 charged it’s unplugged and then you can log information, so log battery usage with the widget. You can touch and hold to clear it or or change details. It’S great and i’ve been using it for a little while so it’s, something you can use for widgets or you can use the widget with it rather for battery and more and then queue manager. This is for a storage array that i have and then the feedback app, of course for apple, so that’s it for my first two pages, but in my app library there’s a ton more now i’m not going to go over every single one, because there’s a ton Of them, but of course, recently added and things like that so utilities i let this auto sort everything, because there’s apps that i might want to use from time to time like geekbench, for example, but i don’t necessarily want it on my home screen.

So i’ve got different apps here, so a blink camera, for example, or the color widget app or deliveries or net, monitor and different things like citiz link and that’s for different lighting that i have and then maybe some tesla stats things like that. So there’s a ton of things i don’t necessarily want on my home screen all the time, but i may want in here like filmic pro and some of these aren’t even installed, but filmic pro is something that i use from time to time. If i’m filming video with the iphone, which allows me to more granularly control that so, if you haven’t seen filmic pro it’s been out for a while and there it’s rotating, but basically it just gives you a lot of different color temperature options and focus. You can lock things change, the f stop and it even has your little audio meter there so it’s a really great app and it’s good for recording video but again there’s a ton in here that i don’t necessarily use all the time. So we have other so there’s stuff i’ve installed that i don’t even use so t mobile tuesdays for example, or different or, for example, or different real estate things. So not a ton. There entertainment of course, so it’s kind of hard to go through all these because there’s hundreds of apps that i just sort of leave now, because i have the app list, auto sorting everything so we’ll go here.

You can see there’s some health and fitness apps there’s. Some travel apps so plug share. If you have an electric car like a tesla and you need a charger that’s, not a tesla charger, or maybe that isn’t a supercharger. It will let you know where those are and then just some other things as well. So some games – i don’t, really play too many games on here and then productivity and finance. For example, just things i’ve looked at or tried out nothing really exciting here. But if you want to pause the video at any time, you can do that and take a look at what’s on my phone if you’re looking for those apps hangouts, for example, i probably should delete at this point since google doesn’t really use it, but it’s just Things i have on my phone that i’ve had for quite some time, so that’s, really it for what’s on my phone it’s, not very exciting, really, it doesn’t change a whole lot. Until i find an app that i really like, for example like sitescape those apps where you can scan things using the lidar sensor are really amazing and i think they’re great apps, and hopefully this helped you out. If you were wondering what apps i use. Let me go one more time to the app library and i’ll just go through this, so you can see what i have, but if you’re looking for certain types of apps – and you can see some stutter with ios 14.

4 beta 1 at the time of this video, But here’s some apps – if you just want to pause the video and see what i actually use that’s on here again some slow down it’s interesting going through here and we’ll, wait for it to complete. I thought i was almost at the bottom here. I guess we have a little bit more ways to go: keep going oops we’ll go back. You can see those different apps, so i have a lot of apps. I don’t keep track of them anymore and there’s. Quite a few. I probably should delete like vava dash, for example, it’s a dash dash cam. I don’t use so there’s quite a few that i don’t use, but there’s quite a few that i still do but there’s everything on my phone and, of course, i’ll leave a link to the wallpaper in the description like i normally do.