Does tech where we do tech in your life in style, in this video we’re gon na talk about yet another wearable. The me watch light. Yes, we just talked about xiaomi’s wearable. The me watch, but this time around we have an even more budget friendly version as to what it can do, how it looks and well all other things we want to know about this new watch, let’s unbox, to see for me watch light everyone. It comes in this really nice compact blue package, nothing on the sides, except for more branding on the back. Some features like built in standalone gps, multiple fitness modes, water resistant up to 50 meters and swimming and stroke recognition screen, auto brightness 1.41 inch, colorful hd, touchscreen and 24 hour, heart rate monitoring, ta da. I have a sword the better to open packages with. I have moved up in the world: wait it’s, not even opening it’s, not a very sharp sword. I’M thinking we got the blue version. It says on the plastic designed by xiaomi. Oh it doesn’t pull out. How do i get to the watch at the bottom here? There’S, a tiny little watch sign, so is this where oh there we go on this side, we have should be the charging port. We have the pins over there and a usb. We also have user guide. Finally, we have the watch like we saw earlier. That thing says designed by xiaomi: there we go, we are seeing the sensors so it’s.

Looking like these traps are removable. We have buttons down here on the right there’s one button, so the case is matte and pretty lightweight so i’m. Pretty sure. If you wear this thing, it’s not going to be heavy, that is a silicone, strap that actually fits um. I was afraid that it’d be too big for my teeny wrists, but the tiniest hole is just right. That is a pretty lightweight watch doesn’t. Look too big on my wrists let’s power: it up Music, so it’s pretty easy to connect. This watch to your phone basically scan the qr code on the watch and then you proceed to download the xiaomi ware app. So what i’m gon na do is i’m gon na go to devices, add a device, and then this is the b watch. Light right, agree done and we are paired. And yes i get you, it does seem pretty new, because this is different from the me fit. App that we’ve been connecting our wearables, like the me band 5 to, and so yes, this is the app we need to be downloading, the xiaomi wear app, and that is a cute lady right so from here it gives you your profile and yes, i do have Two watches connected here, which is pretty cool because i’ve connected the me watch to another phone with this same account and when i downloaded it to the second phone this phone, this shows up so yeah also watch my me watch video.

You can check battery life details and all the different watch faces. So, as you can see here, all you need to do is apply quickly and you’re good. We even have more watch faces over here like way more watch faces. So point is: there are a lot of cute options and then here you get the customized app notifications that shows up on your wrist calls user guide permissions additional settings. You can even manage the widgets on your watch and you can also check out workout details, and then you have all the stats that your watch takes note of over here. Oh also, you can sort all of that, according to your liking, now let’s check out the actual watch. This watch is nice and light. I like that, because that means it’s easier to keep it on your wrist even at night, when you sleep, and that makes sense, because this thing has sleep tracking more on what it can do later. But yeah it does look like your standard square. Smart watch that dark blue looks good. Oh td, wise it’s, okay, it’s, not atrocious! On my wrist, it looks like a smart wearable right so from here. If you swipe down you get your phone notifications swipe up, gives you all the different settings like flashlight race to wake. You have an unlock screen. Wait. What did i do? Okay, so you i basically just locked my screen there is do not disturb mode.

There is wake for five minutes and then you have watch face settings on here and depending on which watch face you use, you can even switch the stuff that you can see on the face. So, for example, i want to put heart rate here. You can change that battery. You can change that. You get what i mean and then you also have brightness settings. There is an auto adjust brightness setting so that’s good and you can do brightness settings from one up until well, six, so under settings you even have like heart rate monitoring it’s set to 30 minutes right now, but you can do as little as one minute frequencies And then you have heart rate alerts which allow you to alert every time your heart rate hits a certain number. You have idle alerts, which is basically your wearable telling you to get off your butt and do something because you haven’t moved you have auto lock. Oh password, you can set a password and then finally system settings swipe to the right gives you heart rate. So this allows you to measure your heart rate. Just whenever you want there you go and then we have sleep data temperature, so hot calories. So these are your steps and standing minutes i’m. Assuming those are minutes, you have your music control and back to the watch face. If i go the other way, it gives me the same thing tapping on this button on the right gives you this quick menu.

You have exercises here and this thing has gps. Actually, you have activity records, you have all the data heart rate sleep breathing, so this gives you breathing exercises because sometimes guys we need to be relaxing all right. There is a compass what’s, this air pressure, interesting and then music control what’s. This alarms stopwatch timer weather notifications, always always Music useful for people who always lose their phones. This is really important. Flashlight what’s this help and finally we’re back to the settings. First of all, there’s, a pink version of the me watch, light totally a selling point for me that there are different color options. This watch is priced at 50 euros or around 61 us dollars, that’s, definitely a good price for all. It does and it’s a tiny step up from the cheaper me band 5.. It gives you a more tactile experience because there’s more screen – and it gives you more features like gps, for example, which is a very big selling point for an affordable device like this. But, unlike the more expensive me watch, there’s no spo2 tracker, though some would argue that blood oxygen, trackers on wearables, aren’t, really medical grade and thus of little use. Though that’s a different conversation altogether and sure the me wash light gives you a bigger screen. But if you want a more full on smart watch, experience i’d say check out the me watch i’m, also missing the menstrual cycles tracker that xiaomi introduced on the me band 5 on both the me watch and the me watch life.

Nevertheless, there are 11 workout modes on this thing. Xiaomi claims 9 days of battery and 5 atm waterproofing. I say the meatband light is a capable basic smartwatch for those who want a more tactile experience when it comes to their wearables. That was our first look at the me watchlight. Definitely, a great value for money device, it’s, a great lightweight wearable. If you’re looking for something to start your new year’s resolutions with, of course, it’s just my first look at this device to test out all other features, i’d need more time with this. Let me know what your questions are down in the comments section below. Let me know what you think about this watch.