For example, in the new 3008 – and i want to go a little bit through the details of the menu to the eye, cockpit from pejo and it’s, one of the best on the market. In my opinion, it looks really really good and also in combination with the interior of the new 5008. It looks really good. Also, you have here the controllers on the steering wheel from different function, it’s very, very similar it’s, actually the same as on the previous version. So, for example, here you can control the telephone and also the radio and all that kind of information. As you can see right there on the multimedia system and from other side, you can control the volume. Also, you have this voice command. I’M. Not a big fan of it, so i’m we’re not going to test it right now and then here down here with this wheel, you can change different function, very simply right there on the cockpit. So i think you can see from here how simple is to change it now we will start with the cockpit. In my opinion, you have a very, very good visibility uh around the car, and also i like this small steering wheel, uh also i’m, a big fan of this patio steering wheel and of this visibility. So, with this kind of visibility, you don’t need a head up display now going forward right there in the front guys – and i will change a little bit.

I want to show you uh the option that you have the cockpit it’s beautiful, beautiful colors beautiful resolution it’s. One of the best on the market, in my opinion here on this dial, you can customize. You have a few options to customize it in these dials. You can see the speedometer actually the rpm and also this thermometer right there on the side speedometer thermometer, then in the middle you can see the speed and also the car can read the traffic speed limit going to the driver mode here on the driver mode. You can see the adaptive cruise control and all that lane assist and information about the driving assist. Then you have the navigation on the navigation and i think you already know it. You set the navigation and you will see all the information right there. The map, and also the road ahead of you uh also it’s it’s, one of the best navigation, and you have some beautiful views right there. Then you have the consumption on the right side and all kind of information is the personal you can customize the way you want it. Then you have the minimal the minimal it’s just minimal. I mean you see only the speed limit and um yeah that traffic speed limits. The dials are, as we see before, so you have a few options that you can customize here uh, but my favorite part is the navigation system. It looks really beautiful and when you are on the highway it makes it really make a difference.

Um anyway, now let’s go forward here in the middle to the multimedia system. As you probably know, you’ll have some shortcut button down here where you can go in different different settings. For example. Here is the multimedia here’s, the climatic system. Then you go to the navigation. Then you go to the car information. Then you have this um telephone and then you have the application. We will start with the connectivity and application, and also here, as you can see, you can connect it with android, auto apple carplay. This is great to have it on this screen. It’S a big screen. Actually, i think it’s 10 inch display – quite quite quite quite big, in my opinion, really big old 12 inch display. I have to check it out for you anyway, it’s a big screen perfectly positioned to the driver, and i like the way it looks so, as i said, android auto apple carplay. You can connect it very simply from here. If you go to option also, you have some option to the wi fi and also manage connectivity and stuff like that. You will find it right here under this menu now um let’s go forward guys. If you go here and you press this setting button, you can change the audio settings. For example, you can go here and you can change the ambient uh, the loudness, the balance, the sound the voice and ringtone. So you can change it from there then turn off the screen, and then you have some profiles here that you can save your profiles going to the options in the options you have the system settings here, where you can change the kilometer miles.

Fahrenheit and celsium depends how you want to have it in factory settings. You can reset it from factory system info private mode. Here only data sharing and stuff like that you can change how you like to share the language it’s already in english, but you have plenty of language here. Whatever language you want, i think there are over 20 languages, then set time and date pretty simple, pretty clear screen configuration here. You can change the brightness and stuff like that. If you want to brightness, it will show you a little bit more brighter uh then take up by the way there. It was also the animation automatic scrolling or not. Then you have the instrument panel that you can customize the way you want it by individualize. You can put media, you can put navigation, can put whatever you want on the personalized, so you can see it right there. If you go, you see the navigation there, and then you see the consumption, so you can customize and setting the profile. As you see before, you can set your profile right here. If you go here and press this on the right side, it will go to you to the connectivity that you see it before now down here the shortcut button. I will use it first, one it’s the media here you have the media and also you have the settings for the media, radio, station music files, radio, setting audio setting and manage photos and stuff like that.

If you put it here with usb, stick and also you can hear music, the second one is climatic system. Super simple super clear: you can customize different functions here without any problem: air quality, auto mode and stuff like that, going forward to the navigation. Next, one is the navigation, as i said in my opinion, it’s it’s, one of the best navigation, even if it’s not so smooth, i mean it has a little bit of lag uh if you play with it like that, but once you set a destination, for example, You put a destination right here, you put to load, you press enter and then it’s go in no no time it will show you perfectly. It will load load very, very fast and it’s perfect and on the highway it’s show you really clear. Also, you can see it right there and you see the directions without any problem. So one of my favorite part, if you want to see it in details, check out my other videos. I have uh the 3008 for one week there you can see all the details, so navigation, pretty great. Then the next button is the car here and then you go to the car. You have star stop system safety system. You can turn it on and off parking sensors, blind spot technology, traction control under inflation. Then vehicles check here. You see, for example, vehicle check. You can see here when you have to make the service it will show you there on the screen uh vehicle setting down.

Here you have the parking settings here. You can turn off and on the mirror, so it’s adapt when you’re going reverse rear wipers in reverse, blocked off doors, mirror folding, so it don’t fold down um guide me home lights here, it’s all about light. It has an amazing led light. If you want to see the full review with this 5008 check it out on my channel, you will love it: the new 5008 beautiful exterior design mode, light, uh and all that stuff about the lights and tailgates and stuff. Like that comfort, you find it there setting safety settings emergency, brakes, speed, recommendation, driving, ascent and traffic speed recognizable, and then you go to the phone. Next one is connecting to your phone, your contacts. You will have it here with picture tools, kind of stuff, even the sms. You will see it here and that you already see it. So i guess kind of this is the multimedia system it’s not super complex, but it’s, perfect and and simple for what it does and, in my opinion, it’s one of the best in terms of clarity, usability, reliability and um, yeah it’s, quite nice, quite nice. Also, the navigation it’s awesome guys. I hope you enjoy it.