In 2021, after the launch of iphone 12 series, the price of iphone 10s has dropped considerably and can now be bought for as low as 570 dollars or 50 000 indian rupees or in for 30 000 rupees in the used phone market and it’s still a beast For its price and if you are confused, whether you should go for a premium mid ranger like oppo renault 4, pro oneplus, nord or the entry level apple flagship, iphone se 2020, then you should definitely watch the full video, as this may help you to make the Right choice: i have compared it to many premium, midrangers and flagships on my channel and iphone tennis won in the gaming test and the latest one is. I compared my iphone 10s to 2020 apple flagship, iphone 12 pro max and it performed really well. You can watch the video by clicking on the card on the top right corner. This phone has been recently updated to ios 14.2 and will most probably be updated in ios, 17, so that’s, a good news for existing and future owners of iphone 10s and since it’s working on ios 14. You can see the widgets and app library and ios 14 has brought some really great features like picture in picture mode for youtube and drop down. Call notifications instead of full screen notifications and a whole lot of new features and ios 14 has been really optimized. Well. For its premium devices – and you can see there is no delay in touching and opening of the apps.

I have used iphone tennis for a while now, and one thing i like about this phone is that it’s still a beast and can handle any task easily. Although this phone is more than two years old and have received two major updates from ios 12 to ios, 14 and i’m, amazed that i’m still getting eight to nine hours of battery backup with full day wi fi, whatsapp, facebook, instagram and some youtube usage, as it Has just 2658 battery, which is quite low compared to today’s standards? It also supports fast charging and can charge up to 50 in just 30 minutes, but sadly it doesn’t come with a fast charger out of the box. The phone looks premium with front and back glass body with stainless steel frame, and this gold color of iphone 10s is my personal favorite it’s also ip68. Certified water and dust resistant at the bottom is the speaker, grill mic and lightning port. You get the lock button and sim card slot on the right side, and this phone also has a e sim feature on the left side. Is the mute, unmute button and volume buttons at the back? Is a 12 megapixel dual camera setup with cord led dual tone? Flash at the front is a 7 megapixel camera 3d biometric depth, sensor, proximity sensor and earpiece, which also acts as a speaker. As this phone has stereo speakers talking about performance, it is still a powerpack performer and can handle latest high end games without any issue.

Iphone 10s is powered by apple a12, binary chip with hexa, core processor and apple 4, core graphics, gpu, iphone 10s comes with 3 storage options, 64gb 256gb and the top of the line 512gb. All paired with 4gb of ram and gaming on this powerful device is an amazing experience. Same goes with freefire freefire works on ultra graphics, with everything set to full settings, the graphics look, stunning: the game runs smoothly, there’s, no shuttering or graphic loading issue of objects that are far away, but the only downside is that, while playing free fire, it gave just Fires of battery backup, also being a glass and metal phone it heats up slightly, but that doesn’t affect its performance and that’s, not a big issue as it’s a common story with every glass and metal phone it’s a delight for pubg lovers as well as this phone Can run pubg at hdr mode with extreme fps, so this is the gaming beast. Social media apps like snapchat and instagram works flawlessly as they showed on a flagship smartphone. The filters load quickly. There isn’t any lag or anything and same goes with instagram scrolling and swiping feels buttery smooth on iphone 10s. Now, talking about the camera, this phone has a dual camera setup: a 12 megapixel, f, 1.8 aperture, wide angle, camera with dual pixel face: detection, autofocus and optical image; stabilizer and a 12 megapixel f, 2.4 aperture telephoto camera with face detection, autofocus optical image, stabilizer and 2x Optical zoom, there are some basic features in the stock camera like time lapse, live, photo, auto, hdr mode, live filters, panorama and 240 fps slow motion video.

You can shoot 4k videos up to 60 fps. You also get the portrait mode and apple, has nailed this technology and is one of the best phones in the market for capturing portrait shots. You can also edit the depth and add portrait lighting effects to your photos, even after capturing them at the front is a 7 megapixel, f, 2.2 aperture selfie camera, which can shoot up to 1080p at 60fps. You also get live, photo live filters, portrait mode with intensity adjustment, portrait lighting effects and time lapse in the front camera as well. So let’s check out some camera samples. Iphone 10s has a powerful camera setup and that’s evident. Looking at the camera samples, the colors are saturated, there are loads of details and the daytime pictures on this two year old device are just phenomenal and since iphone 10 is a smart hdr, it automatically captures multiple photos at the same time and then combines it for A perfect shot and that’s why photos in normal sunlight are impressive and even under direct sunlight. The details of the foreground and background are well maintained. The sun area doesn’t get overexposed the best. One are the portraits. They look amazing and even in 2021, most of the android phones can’t match the color accuracy and background depth of the iphone portraits indoor photos under artificial lighting conditions. Look great, the low light photos, look good, the lights, doesn’t get overexposed and even in extremely dark conditions.

This phone still takes good pictures, but one thing i miss on iphone 10s is night mode, even selfies look good. The color tones are well maintained and even in indoor lighting, there’s no noise in the photos for security it comes with face id which is fast and most secure in the smartphone industry. Watching videos on iphones has always been great thanks to the regular displays and it’s. True, with iphone 10s as well, iphone 10s has a 5.8 inch super retina oled display with 1125 by 2436 resolution and 458 ppi density. The videos look crisp. It also has true tone display dolby vision and it’s, also hdr10 compliant that’s. Why the colors look saturated, displays bright and has an amazing contrast ratio. The viewing angle is also great by the way and to sum up, in the end whether you should buy iphone 10s in 2021, then yes, it’s still a powerful smartphone which you can use for high level gaming. It can easily do your daily tasks and has an amazing camera it’s, still a much better choice than premium mid rangers like oppo rana 4 pro or oneplus. Not and if you are confused between the iphone sc 2020 and iphone 10s, then i will suggest you to go for iphone 10s as it has a bigger and better display comes with telephoto camera, so better portrait shots. It has a better battery, backup and performance. Wise iphone s is just marginally better, like half a second quicker in opening high end games.

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