, so i’m holding apple watch series 6, so it’s very nice box, so apple watch is written over here on the back side. If you turn, it is a space gray, aluminum case with black sport band 44 mm i’m holding this okay it’s a regular apple wash 6, so it is designed by apple in california and assembled in as usual in china, okay. So this is series 6, so we’ll see unboxing of this particular apple watch, so i’ll open it so very nice packaging, so i’ll turn it on. So all right. Okay, so is it like this? There are two boxes inside it. One box for apple watch so engraved apple watch. Logo is available on the box, so here series 6 is written. The model number is space gray, aluminium case 44 mm. So it is a 44 mm weight. On the back side. You will get your pc code and the serial number of apple watch, so you will get apple logo and all okay, so i will keep aside. Then you’ll have different banks, they have shown the diagrammatic representation of different bands and another box is that this is for case. So you will get a long and small case. Okay, uh straight. So this is for street. So you’ll get two strips bands: sport bands, so different categories. Are there sports band bracelet band sports band? Okay? So this is 44 mm? Okay and the type of band is black sports band.

So you will get the type here: black sports band, okay, so we’ll keep aside this sports band and we’ll check for the apple watch. Okay, so i’ll open the box. So inside this there is a user guide. Okay, user guide is available here right, so i’ll keep aside. This thing again. Manual is available, so this is the user manual so designed by apple in california and you’ll get the manual very nicely mounted, so how you can pair this thing, how you can configure this thing. Everything is written on this okay, so you will get wireless charger as well, so we’ll see wireless charger so keep aside. So this is wireless charger. Okay apple is providing just a wireless charger. There is no adapter, only a charging cable is available, so we can open this nicely packed. So you can observe uh. The charging dock is available here. Okay, so this is a charging dock, so you can take it out like this. So here it is a wireless charging dock and on one on other side there is a usb okay. So we can fix this. So this is a charging dock and a charging cable, okay and keep aside. Then we have here watch so here it is a 44 mm watch. Okay, so uh, i will tell you the features of this watch. So this is a metallic body. Okay, aluminum frame watch uh roller window is available here, so you can get ecg and all uh.

Then always on display is there okay, so backside the sensors? Are there so very good thing about uh? This apple watch series six uh. This supports spo2 as well. Okay, so i’ll tell you the features of this, so this is uh basically released in released on 15 september 2020 uh. The dimension is 44 mm by 38 mm by 10.4 mm okay, so this is 10.4 mm in a weight, so weight about weight of this is around 41 47 grams. So it is a glass front. Ceramic cover. Stainless steel frame is available. 50 meter water resistance. So this is 50 meter, water resistance, it is ecg certified and we can have spo2 calculations available, especially readings, then about the display it’s having the retina ltpo led display with the 1000 nip points, and it is 1.78 inches. Okay, so about the pixel right, it is 448 by 368 pixels. Okay, so then uh it supports ios watch seven watch os seven upgradeable up to what os 7.1 um. Then it supports apple it’s having apple chipset s6. It is a dual core with power vr uh internal memory about this is it is a 32 db variant with 1gb of ram internal ram is 1gb and the variant is 32gb Music. Okay, then uh it is having a loudspeaker inbuilt. We can receive a calls: wi fi, inbuilt bluetooth, inbuilt with 5.0 bluetooth and wi fi as well, then uh. It comes with two variant: one is with the just e sim and without e sim.

So currently i am holding without ecm. If you have e sim, then there is a red color ribbon on this particular dial. Okay, then, about the sensors. It contains accelerometer, gyroscope hydrate sensor barometer, then always on altimeter, always on display uh, then spo2 sense sensor. The natural language commands detection that is mic is available uh about the battery life uh. It is lithium ion battery with 303.8 milliampere hour. It is non removable battery with a wireless charging capability, then working time or working span of a battery is just about 18 hours by mixed use like we can use it for call and all about you’ll get 18 hours. So you will get this in three different colors, so silver, graphite and gold. Okay, so there are three colors available and there are different bands available. Okay, so right now, we’ll see how we can fix the band for this, so this is 44 mm, always on display. Once i click on this you’ll get different apps here, okay, so all the apps are available. We can play the music music is available. Here we can attach music or we can go to your iphone and play the music. Then here it is a message window. So you can read different messages available, so it is pop up it’s, very nice display and touch available. Okay, also uh. We can have here uh working like activity tracker and all so you will get uh how much calories i have burned and all i can join with my friends as well, so this facility is available here.

Okay, so here you will get different awards and recognitions with this. So this is very nice. Well, nice feature, so this feature is available in earlier app watches as well. So this is about outdoor walk, and so there are different workout modes, so we’ll have outdoor walk outdoor run. Then outdoor cycle, then we’ll have indoor walk indoor run. Then indoor cycling, elliptical, rowing machine, then staircases, high intensity interval, training, hiking, yoga, then functional strength, training, dance, uh, cool down, then core training, uh pool swimming open water swimming and all so also, we can have another feature like add the workouts okay. So this is a workout feature. We can have a call feature as well, so you will get a dial keypad, so you can dial with your contact number like this. So there is a call option available, so it will call automatically from your iphone. Then we can get here. Your contacts from your iphone automatically popped up here. Okay, so this is vice version. A nice feature available. Okay, also, we can have a map, so here we can get a map and the announcements of the map is available, so that is there. Then we can have a camera, so we can sync. I am not synced with the with my iphone that’s. Why it’s not displayed so you can get photos from the iphone as well? We can put the alarm calculator is available here, so we can do some calculations and all then um there is a setting icon available.

So we can do a settings here. Okay, so these things, okay, we can play mx player, all the things and a very good thing about this. Is it supports spo2? Here it is a ecg, so we’ll get a heart rate measurement and ecg? Okay, so, on the back side, you’ll get two different leds. So here green led is available for ecg measurement and there is a red led is available for spo2 measurement. So i will show you that as well, so just turn on the spo2 measurement. We can have a pinging of this as well, so we can zoom in and zoom out. Okay, nice feature, okay, so i will we’ll check with spo2 measurement as well. Uh we’ll fix up with the stripe first and then i can wear, and then i will show you so i will take out the strip. So here it is box for a strip, so i can open it from here, so i can take it out like this. So here it is so there are uh two strips available, one is with m version m variant and another is with small variant. So length is small. Length is big, that is medium length and small length and one common strip. Okay, so i can take it out. This particular stream, so you can fix uh previous uh strips as well, so the same thing uh. This is apple watch series, 3, i’m, having with nike edition so the same strips also fixed uh will be attached with the apple or series 6 as well uh.

There is a little bit length difference. Okay, so earlier apple was uh. Three comes with 40 mm. This is 44 mm okay, so i can uh fix like this. So here it is notch and not capability. So we can fix the notch like this. Okay done then, on this side, we can do like this it’s done. I fixed in wrong way so to remove and then connect how to remove for removing. There is a button available, just press the button and just release the strip, just press the button and release the strip. Okay, i need to fix this strip on this side. Music. It’S done. I need to fix this strip on this particular site. Okay right now it’s correct, so i can wear the watch. So is it like this? So i need to just put this and put my strip inside that’s it. The app looks like this watch looks like this, so this is always on display uh. This is series 6 i am holding, and with this i am having series 3. So i need to tap or i need to open the wrist but move the wrist, but for this series, 6 no wrist movement is there, so we can have different screens. So i can change the screen: okay, so uh different languages. It supports different screens and parameters, so it’s having very good display. So we can customize this okay. So, like this okay, now we’ll, i will show you by measuring spo2.

So here it is a blurred or two measurement, so i can just hit a start button. You can observe it will take 15 seconds to measure oxygen. So currently the oxygen level measurement is very important, so it will display automatically so nice it’s, 99 percent. Okay, you can do done also, you can take ecg, so there is a ecg available, so ecg waveform is available on your iphone. Okay, so nice animations we can get so here. It is a battery life and all okay. So you can use same charger so uh. This supports series three charger and series: six azure as well, and wireless charging functionality is available all right, so, okay, so about the features. If you speak about the features of this, so this is the blood oxygen measurement on a wrist. Then i’ll show you that leds. So if i turn on the blood oxygen measurement, those leds will turn on so here it is a blood oxygen measurement. So once i hit the start button you can observe the four leds will turned on so automatically. It will show unsuccessful because it tracks the blood flow. Okay, once again, uh. If i hit start button, so four leds will turn on immediately. It will display that so very good accuracy, okay, so this is about the unboxing of apple watch series 6.. So if you like this particular video, please press like button. If you’re not subscribed my channel it, please press subscribe button and also press notification bell icon for next upcoming updates.

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