The skin tones on those cameras were ridiculous over the top saturation. They convinced me that smartphones were nowhere near until this smartphone came into my life. Did you guess it right? Did you know that that was a freaking smartphone i’m blown freaking blown by men? All i want is the perfect camera. All i want is the perfect camera. This is one of my favorite cameras too. I haven’t seen the footage yet obviously so many times i talk trash in a video and then i get the footage back i’m, like oh everything, i said, was a lie for sure the other one looked better. So most likely the olympus looks better same equivalent focal length who handles the dynamic – oh god, oh, that is bright. That is bright. Oh you, can’t cover up the other camera that’s cheating, oh, the olympus advantage is never wrong. I look very red and diseased, but exposed now there’s some definite quirks about a smartphone that i don’t love. One is the ergonomics. Obviously i have this mirror hack up there, but, as i get used to this, i i won’t need that technically it’s, actually pretty good it’s, just like no flippy screen it’s, not great. This has a flippy screen, that’s fantastic! Look at this freak thing. Look at each other. Are you both in love? Are you seeing this? This beauty does not? Oh god, if i may interject here, the smartphone looks like hot trash today.

I think, partly because i was filming like directly into the sun flares everywhere and i don’t that’s. The only excuse i have we’re on it now, but a little olympus you did well today, my friend no smartphone killed you. No, it did not just so much more natural looking. I was talking because the video i filmed before looked pretty good on this. I was like oh look at that and then today, it’s like over saturated and you can’t change it in camera and the audio. I just updated the firmware on the olympus and that changed my audio, the lav mic wasn’t working it’s, like oh phantom power off. Did you want to keep that? It said it was keeping my settings. You lied to me olympus. I still love you, but seriously that white balance. My jacket was all blue. Sorry for this audio i’m, just using the phone. Oh, i should leave. What is this? What is that? Oh, oh god? Oh, why is that happening? Don’T don’t! Do that oh hey! I’Ll! Go! I also brought the gopro 9 just to see, because i think i compared the iphone 11 pro to the gopro 9 and the gopro kill or the 8 and it killed it killed the iphone. I don’t know english. I should learn one day. The gopro was better in pretty much every way more stable, sharper image easier to use, but now that i’ve tried this camera, i i’m blown away like it’s here’s.

The first negative, actually i’ve already listed a negative here’s. The second one. The ergonomics was the first usability weird flippy screen on the back it’s, the over sharpened image that there’s no settings you can’t tweak them there’s a bunch of different profiles, but it’s always going to be baked in sharpness. It does have a beauty mode that’s like fake skin version of barbie life, but i don’t want to turn that up it’s a zero. I don’t even want to look at it, but so far from what i’ve seen the color science has been: okay, i’m, a little red – i could probably tweak it but it’s the best smartphone i’ve seen the stabilization’s good got a couple lenses. I can zoom it’s more versatile and then the slow motion where you believe in that 7 000 frames per second, i must say i kind of regret not going with the mate 40 for a couple reasons. It had a wider front facing cam, so that could have been vlog worthy and you i could have seen myself very simple setup and that had 240 frames per second slo mo in that cam that’d be enough also it’s. So weird, this one has 1080p 240 frames per second in unlimited recording and then, if you jump up to 960 frames per second it’s, like a one. Second burst same with the 7 000, whereas the mate 40, i think, had 480 frames per second unlimited, 1080p and then 960p was 720p i’m confusing myself i’ll stop and there actually is some background blur.

Oh a little wobbly it’s noticeable it’s, not like the smoothest tone. Balls you’ve ever seen, we’re on the latest firmware for the e m1 mark iii. By the way it was just released 1.2, thankfully they improved the god awful stabilization that was unusable before. Is it any better? I was noticing. Actually, with this lens, there was warpy stuff. How the hell panasonic would never do that. So has the phone caught up to this stage? This is the best in the business. Pretty much is this just as good or better? Perhaps i got ta say that blinding light is bouncing off the back of the case. The silver frost in my eyes it stopped it’s back but it’s, pretty smooth we’re on the main cam, not the super wide one, just because it’s the same focal length as this, so i wanted to be equal but let’s switch on over to the gopro first. Did this kill the olympus i don’t? Imagine it did you can’t kill an olympus not without a silver arrow. The beauty is upon us, but the gopro doesn’t stand a chance. Now how we doing we got. I switched over to the wide angle same side as the olympus was gopro 9. Are we seeing it now? We got the wide lens happening, there’s, auto focus in here. I just shut off my screen because my setting was wrong that’s good times and the audio here’s, the gopro audio. I got a wind muff on there couple some hairy things and a foam piece of from china as well as this piece of from china.

I almost died how’s the audio here i got a little wind muff on the side, it’s, not great it’s doable and they do like computational videography audio for the wind and it ruins my life. It ruins the voice and i’ve noticed it’s slightly out of sync that’s. Annoying it’s just a little bit off with the video. Also you may notice that we’re in 30p, because this one can’t do 24p that’s fun. Even though i’m in pro mode professionals that’s a lie, i got ta tell you, even though it has some quirks. If right now, we’re witnessing it’s a better image than the gopro, this camera might have just killed off, at least up to micro, four thirds. If the p50 has 10 bit it’s over, our life is over, i think it could compete unless it didn’t even compete with the olympus. I still have to see that footage. It might kill off every camera ever made. This thing has 7 000 frames per second slow, mo it’s, a little tough to use unless you can take off that trigger and just press it, but it’s a one. Second burst the odds of you getting exactly what you thought you wanted to are not good. I was trying to play with my cat this morning and lead her into the string and have her attack it and then boom. Just nothing happened. Just the worst was better dynamic range and we’ll put the gopro away after this who’s doing it.

I could tell if the screen was still on but i’m a that’s unfortunate let’s. Put you away. Loser am i, as orange as i look on the screen to me: it’s like a sunny, orangey glow like i’m in california. This is how the ground looks in california. Right about now, i’m sure of it i’m sure of it let’s see if we can change some ship. Okay, beauty mode is at one instead of ten. It could be anywhere from one to ten. Do i now have teenage girl like abilities? I have a zip. Is it hidden? Are you aware of it? Is this mode? What i think it is is the world black and white and i’m. The only important thing is he black and white? Is he tony white? Is it smooth? Is there weird around my face? Did that just reveal, if i move really fast, is there brick colored things? Is this good content? No, i don’t mean to alarm you, but we have enabled background blur mode. I don’t know which lens to look at anymore. I thought we were in wide, but now it’s the middle one. I think am i looking at you right now. It looks like there’s smudges, oh that’s, that’s user error, hard that’s. Probably why nothing looks right? Will this ruin the camera? No, that made it worse. Oh boy, why would it be all, oh god that sucks there’s, just a smudge right on that fingerprint? Oh, my life is a lie.

Is it like autofocusing and getting blurrier? It seems like the blur stays the same it’s, not very realistic. All right, we’re back in just normal mode. I want to see if i can get a squirrel to do something interesting at 7, 000 frames per second it’s, honestly, a little ridiculous. No one in their right mind should ever use it, but there’s moments of potential there. It’S just so slow the pigeons were cool. My cat, not so much i’ll, get him one day. Her sorry kitty and i got ta find a way to get external audio in here. I think i have to order a usbc lav mic and that might work because, as loud trucks pass me, it doesn’t reject any of it. That’S. Actually, the quietest let out no, it was until they stopped they’re louder when they stop. Why it’s not cheap mine was cheap because i bought it used 900, canadian dollars 17 cents it’s funny part of me is thinking like. Oh, you can get away with a smartphone it’s more money than most mirrorless cameras, it’s, not even fair it’s. Stupid it’s, like i think it was like 1300 new plus tax, and i went to one store. Listen to this. They have a return policy. I was like okay cool 30 days. I get to try it out, i almost bought it and then i did a live chat with them and i was like so your return policy is cool.

He’S like yeah, you can’t return. Ui phones, though that’s the one. I want it wasn’t in the stuff. The manual of returns, i don’t, know english i’ll, learn it Music, Music, um, Music man. That is difficult to get a panicking squirrel up close, and you have a one second burst. If that might not even be that i’m trying to feed okay. Hopefully i got something i did that like six times. Good luck with that, but i got ta say i’m impressed. This is the first phone where i’m, like you know what phones might have actually killed off at least up to micro, four thirds aps c might still have a dynamic range, maybe not you’re, witnessing not that you know what i mean until i get a mic it’s, Not perfect, i cannot declare you the perfect camera, but you’re close you’re, damn close and you’re, damn fun, it’s a little too slow, but being honest with you that 7 000. I try to do a street crossing it’s like you’re, not even moving that’s. You need wildlife that are super fast and you can slow it down, but it’s, just not meant for slo mo street crossing, unfortunately, admittedly that’s. The main reason i bought the phone to run across the street that’s too slow. It was a hard 900 loss that hurts that hurts. My cat. Food only eats organic. The bills are adding up, oh boy, so let me know what you think affiliate links down below just be wary.

Some of them are like international, only version. I don’t know what the hell that means might get the menus in chinese or something have fun with that. Switching the modes i’m going to leave thanks for buying a camera, conspiracies t shirt.