What up? What up my beautiful people, your boy, kevin back again with another video? First of all, i hope everyone’s doing good and thank you for being here today. I got another budget phone for you guys. I got the fiji note. 11 pro this phone costs only around 90 and the cheapest place that i found this one was on aliexpress. You can pick it up from amazon, ebay or uh some other websites, but the cheapest place that i found it was on aliexpress. What we’re gon na do today guys we’re gon na unbox, this we’re gon na see how’s the performance on it. We’Re gon na see how’s the camera on it. We’Re gon na do a gaming test on it we’re gon na see. Is it even worth it for the money or not, but before we start this video guys make sure you smash that subscribe button right there and there’s a little bill at the bottom right in the corner? If you want to press that so every time i make a new video, you get a reminder, so let’s open this that’s how the box looks like guys put that away. So you get a cheap silicone case. Nothing special we’re gon na test that in a minute and you get manual, books and they’re all in english, let’s see what’s in here. Oh, you get a screen protection on it, so you can grab it and put it on your phone just like that, but i think it does come with one yeah.

It does come with one already so let’s put this away, you get cables and you get a euro charger. What else in there? Nothing else in there let’s put that away. Let’S get the phone out and you get a sim key right. There tell you guys right now, it’s on the heavier side, but remember this phone is equipped it’s, a 5 000 milliamp battery. If you guys can see it’s got a nice uh triple camera, set up right there and main camera it’s a 16 mp and your front. Camera is 8 mp and this phone can record up to a 1080p and you got your uh on and off buttons right. There your volume button right there and your sim tray right there, and this one is dual sim speakers right there and you got a headphone jack on this phone and this phone is equipped with a fingerprint scanner right in the back right there, and it says right There, fiji and it says, design for note series you guys can see it says right. There overall looks pretty good. The only thing i just don’t like about is on the heavier side. You guys know me by now i don’t, like heavy phones, now let’s test the phone case. Let’S put it on, does a pretty good job. It protects it all around so it’s over the screen and it does protect your camera because it pops in more. So if you guys can see just drop it, it does a pretty good job and you will not scratch your screen or your camera.

So now, what we’re going to do guys is go through all the specs on this phone you get 6.55 inch display 60hz. Refresh rate running on android 10. chipset is running on helio p22 Music for memory. You got four gigabyte: 128 gigabyte for front camera. You got 8 mp for rear camera. You got 16 mp. This phone can record 1080p for battery. You got 5200 milliamp battery the colors. You can get this phone is spring: green sky, blue, blue violet and space black Music, Music, Music. This phone comes with fingerprint scanner and face unlock the face. Unlock does not work. I keep trying. I cannot get it going and now let’s see how fast the fingerprint scanner works on this phone it’s not as fast as i thought it would be, it’s pretty slow to unlock it and you got to keep pressing it for it to work and uh. This phone comes with full google support like everything on google. This phone has it. So, if you guys can see, let me show you guys. This is all your google as soon as you open the box, that’s what it comes with. You got. Your google chrome, google play store, google assistants let’s, go to the left and there’s your rest of your apps. You got your clock contacts, calendar calculator, compass, sound record, fmam, radio, sim and file manager, and these are my own apps that i downloaded and uh. This phone comes with google assistants, so let’s try it.

Okay, google, open camera, okay, it’s, not as fast as your response, but it does work. So if you guys can see this phone is pretty quick does not have that much lag response. Pretty fast let’s, open, uh app boom see how quick that opens open this open. This let’s go youtube duo, so it does respond really fast type. Something on google see a quick response, so let’s open facebook – if you guys, can see very quick let’s go through the settings. Let’S start from the top, so you get your wi fi bluetooth, do not disturb flashlight, auto rotate battery saver mobile data, airplane mode and eye protection and that’s pretty much it for the top settings. Let’S go to main settings, so you got your net ports and internet, and this phone is dual sim. You got your connections and devices and bluetooth. You got your apps and notifications. You got your battery. You got display. This phone does not get that bright. So make sure you remember that let’s go to wallpapers, so you got your gallery. Wallpapers live wallpapers photos and wallpapers let’s. Go to this. Nothing special it’s better to download your own. Then you got your sounds. Let’S go down. Let’S go to ringtone sim one Music. Then you got your storage, privacy, location, security and accounts. You got your uh navigation bar. You got your digits and google dirt speed system and about phone let’s go to about phone. If you guys can see note 11 pro, and this m172 model number hardware imi number memory – it’s got 128 4 gigabyte and running on android 10.

that’s it for the this phone’s got 6.5 inch display let’s go see how they call the on the display on this Phone and how loud the speakers get Music Music, you got 60hz refresh rate and this phone’s got a helio p22. It should be okay for gaming, so let’s go download the game and do a gaming test on this phone. Music. Applause, Music, Music, Music, i’m. Really curious. 90 dollar phone – usually 90 dollar phones like really really cheap phone budget phones that don’t have really good cameras. Let’S go see, how’s the camera quality on this phone and go through the camera settings on this phone. So now we got the camera settings. The camera does not have much for me to show you guys so let’s see you got your hdr. You got your flash let’s go to video for video to get to settings. You press this. You go to settings here. Let’S go to quality, so max quality is 19. 20. 10. 80. let’s leave it as that, then you got your pictures for zoom. You only got four times zoom. Then you got your beauty, so you can adjust your nose. Your face your eyes and your uh tone, but it does not do that good a job. Then you got your bouquet. You want to take pictures, you can just press the back of the fingerprint scanner and it will take pictures so it’s just like that. So i can take pictures like i can go here.

I just press the back of the fingerprint scanner and it takes pictures and that’s pretty much it so guys this camera. I cannot take pictures and videos for you guys right now, because i’m having a problem with the camera, the phone is stuck in selfie camera and uh it’s, not just stuck in selfie camera it’s, stuck in selfie plus it’s upside down. So every time i’m trying to take a picture of myself, i am upside down and i keep resetting the phone to factory reset. I ran a software update on and nothing is uh helping it. So i cannot take pictures and videos for you guys, i’m, just going to show you guys. So if you guys can see, can now go to a rear camera. The button is not there supposed to be right here: it’s, not there, so it’s, only a selfie camera and i am upside down. So if you want to take pictures you’re taking pictures upside down, i tried everything to fix it. Nothing is working just wanted to show you guys. What do i think about this 90 dollar uh phone? Is it worth it or not? Would i recommend it? Obviously not. I am not going to recommend this one because after using it for just one hour you guys already saw, i showed you guys the camera leg dot he got stuck, so you can only use the selfie camera and the display on this phone is not that good.