You just got a new iphone 12 and are watching that exchange period, tick, tick, tick down and want to make sure you got the right one for you or you’ve, had your new iphone 12 for a while and still want to make absolutely sure. Like indy, you chose wisely either way anyway. I’Ve got brian tong on the line to re review everything we’ve learned and experienced about both the iphone 12 and the iphone 12 pro. Now, today, more than two months later so hit that subscribe button and bell and let’s do this sponsored by curiositystream less than 12 a year and nebula for free for a limited time. So we’ve had a few weeks with the iphone 12, the iphone 12 pro. I know when they first came out. Some people looked at them and said there’s, not much difference so save yourself. A couple hundred bucks go with the iphone 12 you’re not going to miss the different builds you’re not going to miss the extra camera you’re not going to miss the extra ram and other people were like there’s. Only a couple hundred bucks difference you might as well just pay it get this to get the better build, get the extra camera get the extra ram what’s. What side of that did you fall on well as a creator. I’M gon na fall on the pro side, but for people that aren’t that don’t have creation as their priority and are still getting just an amazing camera.

I would lean towards telling them to get an iphone 12.. I would tell my mom to get that. I would tell my sister, i tell my nieces and nephews, but because you know, for these are tools right these these are quite honestly, more than phones. So for me, i obviously lean towards pro, just because i want as much versatility as possible and also now that they’ve unlocked pro raw. It makes me feel like. I now have another tool that i can play with and potentially use and put out even more exciting content for photos that the regular 12 can’t do so i’m on team 12. Pro do you have a preference just in the design? I know they both look similar, but you’ve got the aluminum on one side: the stainless steel. On the other side, do you like the new squared off edges and you have a preference between the lightness and the heaviness, because i am also team 12 pro. But i do like the lightness of the regular 12. for me going from an 11 pro to a 12 pro. I still think i love the design visually, but it’s still a little boxier and a little if you hold them side by side, it’s a little more awkward to wrap your fingers around um that kind of more squared off edge. It takes up more surface area, it doesn’t bother bothering me, but if, when i hold an 11 problem like damn, i love how that one feels so much better than this um, quite honestly, from the the weight and just even the build, whether you know it’s, the Um the the aluminum frame or the steel frame, i actually because most of us are rocking a case.

I was so excited to get a gold iphone 12 pro and i was like. Oh i can’t wait. I love i finally it’s my first gold iphone. I don’t even see that this this could be any color iphone. So from that perspective, that doesn’t matte that that actually doesn’t matter for me from the aesthetic standpoint, but i mean the the 12 – is a kill. The 12 is a killer phone, but i’m a 12 pro another one of the big things was just so much drama around 120 hertz that apple didn’t. Do it this year, uh, you know and there’s a few things like apple was not going to go just to 120 hertz, but also apple’s 60. Hertz is really really good, it’s better than a lot of phones, 60 hertz uh. What was your i, i kind of forgot about it. Like i love 120 hertz. I would take it in a second if they offered it, but i’ve barely thought about it since i’m 100 in your camp. I i love 120 hertz on the ipad pro it for, for whatever reason, it would feel like a lesser of a product. If that didn’t have it, and i think, because it’s such a larger screen, you, you actually notice the refresh rate and how smooth it looks. Overall, more often it did i didn’t even blink. Yeah people were complaining about i’m, like you’re, not going to notice it and 99 of users won’t even notice it.

They will, if you told them if we gave them an iphone with a 120 hertz refresh rate. I don’t even think you would hear most people even mention it right. They won’t say: oh my gosh. This is so much smoother. So, like you, i didn’t miss it. It doesn’t affect the experience of the phone in any way, shape or form i’ve, never even wanted to jump to another platform as my primary phone because they had 120 hertz either so it’s one of those stats. That is a nice check check mark to have, but it literally doesn’t really matter – and i do get the push back – the criticism that you know non nerds, don’t care about 120 hertz, but non nerves, don’t care about dolby, vision, either and apple did that, but it Just it feels to me, like you know, apple, knew that they could do that. Well – and i do have some criticism of how they did it, but they knew they could do that well and they didn’t feel like they could do 120 hertz well, yet they wanted the adaptive refresh rate like the ipad. They couldn’t get it this year because there just weren’t enough panels available to do it this year, so they’re doing it next year and they knew they were going to get dropped in the tech. You know tech review space, so i think that’s fine, i think like if you want to be ambitious, if you want to do features that cater to like the pro community, like pro raw uh, dolby vision, and you think you can do them well, that’s great, but I don’t think there’s any disparity in them not doing what they think they can do poorly and doing what they think they can do.

Well that, to me, just sounds like good product management end result with 120 hertz. It doesn’t really matter dolby vision, you, we love the fact that it’s there is everyone using it. No, how? How much is it even being used right now, probably not that much, but for me it was exciting, but again they they made sure to implement it. In a way that was at least simple, wasn’t complicated, it’s, just their pro raw is the same. Many people probably don’t even know the setting exists on their phone to to flip that switch on and that because in a weird way, right i’m, not saying it is a pro feature, but the it’s a little more buried. So that someone like my mom’s, like what is raw mean, why is this icon on my camera? Wait what i just pressed it i don’t even know what happens they don’t want their target market, which is the general consumer to ever even have to think about that stuff. I’M. Just salty and i’m gon na be salty for a while that everything has an on screen toggle except for hdr, which is a thing i would probably use the on screen toggle for the most just because universal support is taking a while to get there. And i forget, when it’s on and then i’m, like ah i’ve, got to deal with this now and i’ve, either got to grade it manually in final cut, which takes forever or i’ve got to find an old ipad to airdrop it too, so that it sends the Sdr version tone map instead and then round trip it to my mac to get the sdr version.

Likewise, with the iphone 12 and 12 pro, i think some people are upset with the 5g because it does add considerably to the price like qualcomm’s going to get paid and not everybody has usable or any 5g and it’s sort of like back. In the day we felt like we were all paying the the cdma tax for the qualcomm modem in countries that didn’t even have cdma, and now it feels like we’re paying the 5g tax, even if we don’t have it. I think what’s interesting with that conversation is okay, so we are definitely paying because this phone has 5g 5g is pretty much look. I haven’t, i literally have not within a 10 mile radius of where i live, have been even able to pick up a true 5g signal on my phone so to me, it’s just like whatever, but at the same time it would have looked apple, wouldn’t, be able To explain away like no no 5g isn’t ready if they came out with the if the iphone 12 lineup was a 4g phone, i think people would have poo pooed them on that right. So this is a situation. They got great 11. right right. So this is a thing where, in a weird way, it was kind of not really a win win situation, but the thing to do is just put 5g in there. You won’t have to hear people about it. Yeah it’s not ready, but it’s, not ready for everyone else, but at least it’s something that people won’t give us a hard time for it’ll help set things up for the future, but yeah.

It makes our phones more expensive, but they had to. That was just one of those things that they kind of had to do. It’S interesting to me, because i do have 5g, just in my little neighborhood like if i go two streets in any direction, it’s gone and i have um, i think it’s mid band 5g it’s um, it’s, it’s frequency range one. So i’ll get like twice the speed. I get an lte, so instead of 150 i’ll get 300 or like 350, something like that and it’s really good it’s. Just if i you know once i walk, two blocks it’s gone, so it feels like even now it’s a year too early and the modems are still really. You know uh, hot and thirsty, but we are getting there. I do. I do agree with you, though. I think that it would have been worse for them not to put out 5g phones, but it i just wish 5g had been more useful and i wish i could see like that. Millimeter wave was useful at all for anyone, except for verizon and at t at this point, yeah yeah for sure for sure so magsafe. That was one of the big new announcements that came with the phone. You can now do uh inductive magnetic charging. You have the puck, you have the wallet like it’s, not just charging it’s accessories too the wallet you have the magsafe duo. What has your experience been like with magsafe? I think magsafe is nice.

I it’s something that it’s a nice to have it’s. Still, not. You know a requirement for me. I think, more than anything that that little magsafe puck, because it kind of slides around on the table a little bit. I think they they almost need, like a a little more of like a not a stand, but some sort of a square thing to kind of keep it in place to to at least make it more pad. If you want, i love magsafe because of the implications for the future of how they’re yeah they’re trying to get to this portless iphone idea. The magsafe is obviously the gateway and the feature that allows them to get. To that point i would say, though, the magsafe duo charger, which i tried out, is a product that i see why they put it out there, but at 129, for what it does for the fact that you can’t take advantage of the full 15 watts of charging And you actually, even if you buy the 20 watt usbc charger it’s, you only get like 11 watts output. You have to buy a 49 30 watt power adapter or higher to get the max wattage, which is 14 on that duo charger, and that thing is 129 bucks. So to really get the peak performance of that little thing. Just talking about 170 70 dollars. For that and also the construction is, it feels similar to the airpods max case material, just kind of vinyly plasticky, not that great just there so i’m, not i’m, not a fan of that product.

So, for me, the air, the magsafe duo, i think it was a product meant for a world where none of this shelter in place existed. Where you had, people who were wealthy high apple affinity had a watch and a phone and just wanted something small and premium. They could fold up and carry around when they traveled and this charging speed wasn’t important, because it was mostly going to be used overnight um. But to me like the thing that kills. It is that even that does like. Yes, i took the charger out of the box and i’m still upset about that, but they don’t even have the charger with the charging. The two magsafe chargers that you can buy the regular and the duo and that to me, is just like two steps beyond come on: come on guys yeah, so uh, i’m, i’m. 100. There with you, i think, we’re we’re in agreement with the duo chargers, it’s total bad apple, it’s, it’s, oh it’s, a bad apple. You got ta. You got ta lean into that um, the the wallet. I think it was, although it’s not perfect, it’s, not great. I think there was obviously the the knee jerk internet reaction where they saw it slide off. It has slid off on me when i put it in my pocket, but it doesn’t happen every time, it’s something that i wouldn’t. I i bought it. I returned it because it just wasn’t good enough for me.

Peter mckinnon actually turned me around a little bit on the magsafe wallet. I didn’t pay too much attention. I just like tried it out uh and he’s a leather goods maker. You know, besides everything else, he does magic and photography and all that just so extra um that it is really well made, i think, on the smaller phones. It works better. I think when you’re using like the bigger phones, there’s more area for it to move around, but on the mini and on the 12, it fits really well, and i think if i did live, that two card lifestyle, you know i could see myself being all in On that i just need more cards. I still have more cards. I need to carry. You know, m o a r, more cards. I needed more yeah yeah. I do you make a good point about the whole uh. It would be nice on me. I mean it’s. Pretty much flush with it so yeah it comes off really nicely in that way. Yeah that’s a good one. So looking back sort of two months later and i’ll i’ll, let you go first and i’ll go. What is what is your perception of the iphone 12 12? Pro that middle size, two different options: uh, if people are looking at them, you know they haven’t bought, yet maybe their contract’s not up yet maybe they’re waiting. What is your recommendation on them this year? If you really need a telephoto lens, which is only at 2x, and if you really want pro raw, those are the only two reasons for me because i’m, even going to ignore the body construction that that doesn’t really play that much into my decision.

Quite honestly. For that phone it’s more about the tools, so those two things really matter to you. I say: go to 12 pro. If not don’t go 12, even explore the 12 mini. I think you’re going to be more than happy and you won’t need it. 200. Guess what to me that’s still a lot of money to make that jump up so save that pocket it put it towards more storage space, put it towards something else, yeah uh in the in the 12.. I think you can use that a lot more effectively, so that would be my recommendation for people that are trying to figure it out still because there’s, a look two months is not that long after an iphone releases there’s plenty of people that buy these phones. All the time throughout the year, so i agree 100 with you there’s one thing that i’ll add and it might just be my own intolerances and that is that’s six gigabytes of ram. If you use a lot of like more demanding apps, whether it’s like heavier games or any social media app, you know or photography stuff to not have it relaunched so often to be able to go longer to be able to switch around and not have to wait For like i’ll, say, pokemon go to relaunch or not lose my tweet because i’m in the camera app you know like if that has always driven you like bananas on previous iphones, and you have the extra money, that’s six gigabytes of ram.

Yes, it gives you uh dolby vision at 4k. 60.. Yes, it gives you pearl raw, just not having all those apps jettisoned to me. I would i’m ashamed to say: i’d, probably pay the extra 200 bucks just for that. You don’t have to be ashamed again. Like i said earlier, we all spend money in with what is important to us that’s. Why, right? I never i’m, not into shaming people for actually paying for the airpods max it’s. Just that they’re you, you got to really evaluate what’s important to you and that’s a legitimate reason, even if it wasn’t legitimate i’d, still support you, renee it’s, all good that’s. Why? I love you so much brian! I love you too bro. As always, you can find the full extended version of this chat up on nebula that’s, the streaming platform i’m building, along with my educational creator, friends like legal eagle, sarah z, ali abdal, thomas frank, braincraft, polymatter, and so many more it’s a place where i can put Up extended and bonus content without having to worry about the monetization or the tyranny of click through rates or watch time or algorithms or even ads, you can find all of my videos there completely ad free, including apple talk. My new podcast with psychotherapist georgia dao, which has a bonus topic every week, only on nebula. So what does all of this have to do with curiosity stream? Well, as the go to source for the absolute best documentaries on the internet, they love educational content and thoughtful creators.

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