So i had to kick this year off with my six month review of the lg velvet 5g variant. I’Ve had this device for six months, uh and uh we’re gon na go ahead and talk about it, show you the cameras again current day recent day, how it actually is performing still i’m just gon na. Do a brief discussion real fast, so uh here is the dual uh screen case right here: we’ll get into that in a little bit, because this is a device where you can snap on an extra screen, which is absolutely fantastic of lg, to offer that, unfortunately, there Are some limitations when getting this it’s kind of tough? To find you know only reason i have one is because lg sent it over to me, but finding the lg dual screen case can be tough depending on your location. Most companies are selling it with just the phone itself, so this is the display. This is a 6.8 inch, full hd plus display basically 1080p by 2460 and it’s ‘5 pixels per inch. It is an amoled hdr10 display, you’ve got a 4300mah battery inside and just for reference uh just so you know. I have been using this my sim card’s in here before i started this review. I want to go ahead and start using it just so you know so um. This is a mediatek uh version in the t, mobile version, but this is the snapdragon 765 version for a tnt uh.

The this is a 765g to be exact. Six gigs of ram 128 gigs of storage, only a hundred available to the user out of the box, but you can expand that with a micro sd card uh and you’ve got a 48 megapixel camera at f 1.8. So i’ve used these cameras to record lots of videos on the channel and you never know the difference. It’S fantastic. I love the camera setup on the back too right here. You’Ve got a wide angle and a depth center on there, as well. Of course, in 4k uhd, obviously you’ve got time lapse. Slow motion, lots of things like that, video editors and things on there and then the front camera is a 16 megapixel camera. That is the weaker side of this device uh for photos. But video is fine on the front camera but photos not so much, not the best uh photo quality i’ve seen on the device i’m still on android 10. I haven’t gotten any updates on this thing. Man, but it’s still it’s fine. You know i’ve always said that as long as the phone keeps working i’m gon na rock with it. So all that technical stuff out of the way let’s take a look at the cameras. So 1080p, 60 on the uh lg velvet uh, quick video sample, it’s, uh, it’s cold outside again, so just doing some footage in the living room. Music. All right now so you’ve seen the cameras we knew the cameras would be really really good.

Like i said, i have used this phone for so many videos on the channel. When i first got this device man, i think i was using this for almost all the videos. At one point i just put my camera down so uh. The cameras. Definitely solid photos are fantastic, there’s, a pro mode, a bokeh voice, mode, there’s, just a lot going on with these cameras, and they need to be recognized, it’s just really really good. So lots of settings in here i really like the camera setup in here. Video again super nice video. I just like it a lot because you can go with the bokeh basic or asmr recording and i think that’s important uh to know if you’re gon na use a phone for camera reviews and things like that or just use it to record footage on your channel. The velvet is a phone that you can actually do that with now, as you can see, i’ve snapped on the dual screen case, because why it has one you can. This is an optional thing you can get. You can actually snap on a dual screen and then thus it brings up uh. You know two applications at once. You know this is something that i think is really nice really taking advantage of all of this canvas you get an extra 6.8 inch display, and that is absolutely fantastic. This is something about this device that i’ve always liked. The v60 was a great phone, but having this phone i didn’t feel the need to keep the v60, so i got rid of the v60 last year.

I really loved the v60, but i just felt like what’s the point of having both uh. This one performs the same just about not as solid on the cameras as the v60, probably in the long run, but the performance and overall i didn’t see much difference. So i ditched the v60, not because it was bad again, because i had two of the same phone, ultimately and plus, i thought this felt better than the v60. That was one of the main reasons i got rid of it. The comfort and feel of this with the dual case on was much better than the v60 it’s a lot thinner lighter because it has a curved display. So the dual screen is an option that you can have, but you basically can do two things at once, and this is the advantage of having a dual screen now granted. I do have the galaxy z fold, which is the creator of the year phone for me. If you haven’t seen that video go ahead and check that out and then my phone of the year is the pixel 4 a5g. So if you haven’t seen that video be sure to check that video out as well. But if you’re wondering why i didn’t pick the v60 or the velvet, some of it comes down to price and availability um. Some of these phones, you just can’t, get and it’s kind of hard to recommend something: that’s not readily available and it’s, just not being pushed by the company to to make it even seem like they’re interested in showing showing off their products.

So while this is in a more expensive setup, it’s a nice setup for those that want to spend the money and if you can get this on sale and you can grab the dual screen case – you have a winner, you have a phone, you can use for Some years to come, you’ve got great cameras, fantastic battery life, and you have two screens. If you don’t want to spend two thousand dollars. This is definitely an option for you, because that phone i just held up a folding phone cost two thousand dollars, and so you need to consider that as well. So i feel like in this situation. The velvet is a win win. It’S really nice man you’ve got an in screen fingerprint reader you’ve got a nice color case. This silver case is much better than the one that’s offered on the v60. I really didn’t like that that color at all, but i had to switch to that color just to get the dual screen case, and then you got the in screen fingerprint reader, which i think is really nice. Unfortunately, the instagram fingerprinters fingerprint readers aren’t as accurate as a rear, mounted fingerprint reader, but they are accurate when they do work. I have yet to have any problems with this fingerprint reader over the last six months at all. No issues whatsoever – and i feel like lg, has always done a good job with their displays their software things like that in the options that they offer when they do it, they do it well now what doesn’t this phone have? Well, it doesn’t have facial recognition, which i think that’s pretty strange, because it definitely is an option that could have been offered on this device for whatever reason they chose not to, and you know that was a big thing for a lot of people.

I didn’t see the big deal about it, but some people really felt like they should have given facial recognition. Now i guess one reason they could want. That is because it has an in screen fingerprint reader, and then this is a big phone so having in screen fingerprint reader without facial recognition was kind of, like ah yeah that’s kind of a tough draw, but it doesn’t have it. So we got to move on it. Doesn’T have facial recognition, but i’ve gotten used to it, so it didn’t matter to me. I just really like using the device i like being able to launch two things at once, and i thought it was pretty cool that i could actually do so and that’s kind of the just of this device being able to multitask. Now the multitasking isn’t like the fold let’s, be clear because you do have a divider in, but you can attach and detach this display, and that is an advantage of the fold, because this can technically become a regular foam if you will so having the velvet using It on and off for the last six months, this phone, realistic usage for me just started again in the last two weeks and then um before that it got used easily for maybe of the six months of its life here in my possession. Maybe four months of that have been consistent, uh and even if it’s, not using it for phone calls or things like that i’m still using it for production reasons and um.

I just think, overall, with a good two and a half three months of using this phone for phone calls and texting emails as they made their main driver, even if it wasn’t in my main sim card, it was still a solid device and that’s. Why i decided to pick it up, put my sim card in again a while back and started using it. I was like this is just too good a phone to just let sit on the side, it’s too good a phone, and i need to tell people about it. I liked it back then folks – and i like it now now as far as voting something phone of the gear and things like that are just really worth it, like most phones for most people, it’s going to come down to price some people just don’t want to Pay the price and i’m not going to knock them for that. This is an expensive setup based on today’s market, for what it’s offering. But this is the only expensive setup by today’s market. If you’re, just looking at specs there’s plenty of phones, the pixel 5 got, you know, brushed off to the side and i think the pixel 5 is one of the best phones on the market. I think it’s a great phone but price, sometimes especially when compared to the pixel 4a. Those are pretty much the same phones and then you have to bring this phone in. This has the same internals, basically as the pixel 4a.

5G. If i take away the screen, these are a battlefield it’s going to go, but the velvet costs more and then the screen isn’t free. So that is where you start recommending phones, you have to start telling people. I got to be truly honest with you as much as i like this phone, and i do like this phone better than some of the phones i’ve listed, but it’s still on the higher side and it’s hard for me to recommend it for other people. So this is a great phone it’s, totally doable in 2021, because it has two screens something that a lot of phones just aren’t doing at all right now, and they really should be. There are rumors of apple’s folding device and all these different things, there’s rumors of a tri, folding, uh, galaxy, z, fold. Three. We shall see your man jay. This is the lg velvet 5g. Six months later. It is still awesome, man and i’m glad. I decided to start using this again because it’s a phone that has something a lot of phones don’t, have in those higher price tag, price tag brackets a headphone jack. This phone has an ip rating. I believe it has stereo speakers. It has great cameras, there’s. Just a lot going on here for the price so for some of us it’s totally worth it to purchase if we’re going to get the use out of it and some it’s not so issue.

Man j hope you guys enjoyed. The velvet is still very relevant in 2021 and if you can get one of these i say grab it if you’re into it into it, it’s on verizon it’s on a t and it’s on t mobile. But i tell you what finding that dual screen might be.