The motorola g plus 5g hi, guys it’s, pablo and i’m gon na go for another quick, unboxing and first impression hands on reviews in a bubbly. The smartphone brands of filipinas, which is the motorola and also i think this – is the most affordable, 5g smartphone. A pretty moon will hit some market today, which is the motorola g plus 5g, and, as you can see guys, we have a color blue naritas box, parasati motorola g plus 5g, and you for this phone is the eight gigabyte of ram and 128 gigabytes internal storage And you call it the meron tire for this phone is the surfing blue. So without any further talking, let’s go ahead and unbox the phone Music, so right away, guys seno a motorola g plus five gina smartphone, so it’s set aside moon and nothing guys at night. Installing and actually we have a small box here and yeah maron tying pin ejector, and we also have the paperworks like the warranty card and also the user guide manual, that’s, motorola g plus 5g. In a retail box. We also have the usb type a to usb c in the cable, the headset and also the wall charger. So a set aside, the knot in the acting box and the accessories and let’s remove the jelly case. I think you need at para majita natin for the first time i’m, adding motorola g plus 5g Music, tangalina nathan, i’m, adding jelly case and sobrang gandang surfing blue in the color motorola g plus 5g plastic.

So this plane i’m adding motorola g plus 5g and, as you can see guys, we have a dual front: camera or selfie camera parasating, smartphone and before nothing is set up on phone at the pakita senonquix we have the volume rocker. You also have the side mounted fingerprint scanner, which is also the power button, and i think smartphone it’s a left apartment guys. I think this is the google assistant, the sim tray and also the upper partner. I think phone we have the microphone it’s a lower part. No matter, i think, motorola g plus 5g. We have the speaker, grill microphone, usb type c port and the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. So, while setting up the phone here’s, the quick spec for the motorola g plus 5g Music, so i’m done setting up the phone guys at the download apps 5g. So i’ll be using this as my daily driver, starting today and so far when it comes to the display and material nakinami parasa motorola g plus 5g, so young design, you guys, i really like only code, but i think motorola g plus 5g. As you can see, you guys found my holographic effect. You can design silicon, i think smartphone, and you will actually see here the logo of motorola and one thing that – and this one actually gave me that satisfaction when it comes to the aspect ratio, because we have a 6.7 inches the display. Now. My 21 by 9 aspect ratio, so i think motorola g plus 5g, and not only that guys saw brown, vibrant and very crisp and color, but i think smartphone guys so wrong.

You guys, and one thing that again is we have a 90 hertz refresh rate parasating motorola g bus 5g at the things is chipset guys feature proof narendra. I think motorola g plus 5g, as this phone is powered by a qualcomm snapdragon 765g, which is a tester. Nothing you overall, 5g. Imagine connecting guys the american tie in quadruple camera setup, parasitic smartphone now my 48 megapixel as a main camera for the front or in cell phone guys, as you can see, metadata one punch, whole camera parasating, motorola g plus 5g, with a 16 megapixel normal camera and An 8 megapixel ultra wide so here’s the shuffle shot taken using the motorola g plus 5g Music, so Music, so that’s it for my quick, unboxing and first impression: hands on review, parasating, motorola g plus 5g, again i’m going to start using this phone today. As my daily driver, but at least my testing overall performance parasite, smartphone and c consulate about 16 nineteen, again that’s, a small parasa, i think smartphone, but so far guys when it comes to the build design and also you reso, parasating smartphone solitaire. So far guys when it comes to the overall performance, parasati motorola g plus 5d, so make sure that you and full review, but at least gon na go up getting a smartphone this year at gustanyon and future proof. The smartphone then make sure to subscribe to my channel guys and tap the bell icon, but i’m, a notification once uploaded the unknocking full review for this phone.

So again, quick, unboxing and first impression hands on review.