You know. As time progressed, i did get into some mid rangers and a couple of flagships here and there, but today’s video. I want to be giving you my pick of the best budget smartphone of 2020., okay, so my pick for best budget phone of 2020 is the moto g power and for a lot of reasons, i have used quite a few budget phones here in 2020 and for Some reason the moto g power, always stuck out to me, is having all the features that i personally need in a phone that i really want in a phone and for a price that you really can’t beat so today, i’m gon na give you some reasons on. Why you know i chose this phone now. Of course everybody has their different prices, price ranges for budget mid range flagship or whatever the case may be this phone here you can get for under 200 right now. This phone did release at around 250 um earlier this year. I do believe, but now you can find it for 200. and if you buy it on straight talk, which is this is a straight talk variant here. You can get it for 129 right now, currently at, uh that’s, the price, as of you know today december the 30th 2020, so yeah let’s go ahead and get into some of the features and some of the things and reasons why i’ve picked this phone. As my best budget phone this year number one we’re going to start off with the battery.

This phone has a 5 000 milliamp hour non removable battery with 10 watt fast charging, and i got ta say you’ll – have no issues, no problem whatsoever getting through two to possibly even three days on battery life. Here on the moto g power, i mean i have done like some. I would i wouldn’t call it like an endurance test, but i gave the phone a full charge. I turned on wi fi, i got on youtube and i felt like a seven hour. Nature. Scenery type video and i just let it loop and loop until the phone gets about five percent and i got some pretty impressive battery life. I got a couple screenshots. I want to show you right now. You’Ll see here. I was at five percent battery full charge. Lasted 19 hours and screen usage was 17 hours and 30 minutes of straight usage. Looking over here, you will see screen on time with 17 hours and 30 minutes, and i was on youtube for 17 hours and 23 minutes that’s, pretty impressive, now it’s down to 5 percent. Now that was in full 1080 uh watching it continuously. It did stop for like an hour or something like that. I think before i restarted the video at one point, but the phone was never turned off or nothing like that, so you’re seeing there’s the battery times now, of course, that does not. You know show your your usage from day to day, but that was just continuous usage and honestly that’s.

Some pretty good battery life second of all, is the display. Now the display is nothing like super amoled. Nothing fancy like that. You know this phone has a 6.4 inch ips lcd display coming in at 1080 by 2300 resolution with a ppi of ‘9., and i got ta say this display looks really good okay. Now it may not be the brightest display in the world. You see i’m here in the house, it’s about 60 brightness and i mean it’s bright enough now, if i create the brightness all the way up here to 100 percent, you know in here it does look pretty bright. Of course, if you’re out in bright sunlight, you know you’re gon na it’s gon na suffer a little bit um, but for what you’re getting here, i think the display is beautiful. Watching content, you know on youtube or on netflix or whatever you’re gon na have a very good um viewing experience a little notch, a little pinhole camera up there at the top and a 6.4 inch display. I mean it just looks good good, good balance of color and good viewing angles to me. The display looks great and thirdly, with a great display. You need great speakers and the moto g power definitely does not disappoint. This has dual stereo speakers. You have one down here at the bottom and one in the earpiece. Now, if you listen to a lot of phones today, that has stereo speakers a lot of times you get like that 70 30 feel.

You know where, like 70 of the volume is at the bottom and like 30 percent out the top, but not with the moto g power, whenever you’re sitting here like this and you’re listening to music. Now some may ask why i don’t play video or why i don’t play audio in my videos that’s, because you can’t get the true experience of how it’s going to sound in real life. I did actually try to record some audio and play it back and believe me, the the it just could not do it justice of how good these stereo speakers sound. Now it may not be the lowest punchiest. Sound of you know that you’re going to hear on the market today, but if you want something that’s loud, something that you do, that 3d experience. If you’re holding a phone like this and you’re listening to music or watching the video it gets very loud, it gets. I mean it’s 50 50.. You can plug the bottom speaker up and it sounds just as loud come out. The top is, if you cover at the top and hear the bottom, it sounds amazing and if you want, if you want listen to music, i mean it has all kinds of really great effects to it. Here, as you see there, i got moto audio on custom and believe me, i got it sounding good personally, so yeah the audio quality on this device here is top notch and for a phone you can get for under 200 right now, there’s some phones out there Um that has bought them just a modifier speaker that costs five six hundred dollars – galaxy a71.

5G. I just you know i just picked up. You know: 600 phone with a single mono bottom firing, speaker and you’re. Seeing this phone here for under 200 bucks it’s got amazing sound quality and that’s. All i want to say about that. Next is the cameras we have a triple camera set up here on the rear, with a single pin hole camera in the front. Now, as far as the specs for the camera goes, you got a 16 megapixel wide lens with aperture of f 1.7, an 8 megapixel ultra wide lens with 118 degree field of view, with aperture of f 2.2 and a 2 megapixel macro lens aperture of f 2.2. You can record at 4k 30 frames per second on this device or 1080p at 30 and 60 frames and the front camera is a 16 megapixel wide angle lens, with aperture of f 2.0 that can record 1080 at 30 frames per second and jump in here into The camera app itself, you got a lot of a lot of features. You got the portrait mode, the cutout, the macro, the spot, color live, filter panorama, cinemagraph video modes, you got macro, slow motion, time lapse and ar stickers. You have, of course, your camera mode. Here you got 1x and you got 0.5 x for your ultra wide and they do a very good job up here. Get your flash your self timer this button here for your active photos owner all for auto your auto and manual mode and, like i said, a 16 megapixel camera here on the rear.

Different aspect ratios video size, full hd, 60 frames, 4k, 4k, 19×9, yeah, really nice stuff there and, of course, on the front 4.3, 16 by 9. You know, whatever case may be now it has 16 megapixel or recommended – is 16 megapixel, 4 megapixel quad pixel. I have no idea what all that means here on this device. I just kind of leave. It recommended there uh so really nice stuff going on there as well. Video size is full hd and 19 by nine, full hd and hd um, so no 60 frames per second no 4k on the front. Nothing like that. I mean this phone is sub 200. Okay – and you know you got to you – know the twist capture and you got the chop chop motion for the for the flash there, which is really nice. The twist which you know opens up your camera uh, really a nice cool feature here on moto devices. Now i do have a few samples here: i’m, going to show you right now from the rear camera, just a regular, uh lens and then the ultra wide lens, as well as a selfie photo and a selfie video. So let’s go ahead and check that out. Right now so here’s the front camera of the moto g power recorded full 1080 at 30 frames per second audio is coming from the device itself now. For some reason, the front camera on this phone just looks a lot darker than most phones.

I’Ve used okay while i’m. Looking at it right here, it does look very clear from what i’m seeing a frame rate looks to be good here as well. Now, of course, if you’re outside in bright light and you’re, probably going to have this kind of issue. But if you’re indoors, the front camera is going to look dark, like i said from what i’m seeing right here, it does look clear. I mean i even cranked up my ring light in behind this phone and it still looks dark um. But you know: if you want that darker look, you know um, where it don’t look so bright, then this is going to be good because in my opinion the quality still looks pretty sharp and clear so uh yeah. Your experience is going to be different depending on your lighting, of course, if you’re outside a lot of the times, but uh moto g powers front facing camera here, 1480 30 frames per second. What do y’all think so, in my opinion, camera quality is good. You know it’s not the best on the market. Don’T expect you know, pixel type, you know quality photos or iphone type videos, nothing like that here on your moto g power, but for the pressure pan. In my opinion, it takes great photos. It takes great videos so yeah, i personally don’t think you’ll be disappointed next up. What would a phone be without having good call quality and good reception and you’re gon na find both of these to be excellent here on the moto g power reception on this is one of the strongest i have seen on the verizon network and the audio quality Is also really good, speakerphone is good as well.

Next up is the performance you’re getting the qualcomm snapdragon 665 processor, with four gigabytes of ram. Now that may not be the highest specs on the market, but for the price point i think the c65 processor four gigabytes of ram with 64 gigabytes of onboard storage. You can expand that with a micro sd card as well you’re getting a great package here. As far as performance goes, i mean, like i said you know great display. You know great new, pretty good cameras, you know, and then you have the performance which, honestly, in my opinion, is pretty snappy i’ve not really had any slow downs. Any hiccups um. I do want to play a game asphalt, 9 and i play asphalt 9, a lot on a lot of these um. A lot of these phones for review, because asphalt 9 is very graphic, intense and if you can play asphalt 9 you ain’t gon na have any problem playing anything else. Let’S go and load that up right now, so the game loaded up pretty fast, i mean it looks good. The screen looks good. I mean it. Don’T look blurry! Nothing like that! We’Re going to see how the performance is here while playing the game. If there’s any drop frames, any freezing the speakers are up a little bit, not they’re, not too awful loud right now, but want a little bit of volume in there. You know you know i’m, seeing a few drop frames here and there um definitely not going to hinder your performance.

Some. You know the performance of this game and your ability to play it it’s going to actually be very good. I mean, like i said if you can play this game right here, smoothly, it’s going to be able to play what anything else that you want to play: okay, um, so yeah there’s, asphalt, 9. Everything looks good. We’Ll play it for a few more seconds here. To see if there’s any drop frames, when you’re freezing and honestly i’m just not really seeing nothing this bad here so yeah that’s about nine i’ve also played games like call of duty, uh pub g and it plays those games good as well. No issues so yeah. The moto g power, my pick for the best budget smartphone of 2020 – you know it’s just my personal opinion, um there’s more, i can say about this phone, but for a second time i’m going to try to cut this off right here i mean just a few Extra features here before i leave fingerprint scanner here on the rear works. Great it’s, always accurate. You know it has. You know stereo speakers, usb type c, headphone jack on the bottom, and this phone has android version. 10 it’s got the plastic back. It says aluminum frame really not sure about the frame being aluminum, but it says it, but the back is plastic. I mean a stock android. I mean it’s, just a really good phone. The case that i picked up for this g power is this rugged shield case i’ve had this case forever.

Uh bought it for like under 10 bucks. I think it’s like eight dollars right now on amazon, something like that and honestly. It does look, and it fits very well here in this rugged jill case, um, very good protection here you can’t go wrong. Buying the moto g power, my personal opinion for everyday usage. You won’t be disappointed with the moto g power, so that’s, where it’s going to end off at right. There just helpful, informative anyway, hit that, like button leave any questions you may have down below. Tell me what you think of the moto g power. Do you own it? Are you planning on buying this phone? I would love to know down below in the comment section also, if you’re new around here be sure and subscribe, and click that bell for future videos coming up very soon.