We will evaluate the performance of nokia 2.4. When i talk about performance, not only the basics, we will also talk about multitasking, browsing gaming, etc. How the multitasking works when there are like multiple apps, including games, uh multiple browser tabs open in the background, so that gives you a fair idea about how the device will behave under normal circumstances, when there is not much load how it will be have when you Have uh heavy load on this, so nokia 2.4 actually belongs to the uh. You know like budget category, but still usually you will expect a nokia smartphone to really behave well, even when it’s in budget category, because it comes with pure android stock, android, so that’s, where actually many of you requested us to uh. You know post the performance review of nokia 2.4, so without much delay. Let’S start so coming to the basic navigation part. Nokia 2.4 does not disappoint. It usually works well, the basic navigation things those are sorted out. I don’t see any issue in them. Even now you can see that there are many things open in the background. We will go to that we’ll go to the multitasking part, but i just trying to give you an idea about how the basic stuff, like this navigation, it is etc, works here. So it all usually will work. We have very, very well without breaking sweat. So if you go to this google play so we can send it to the background let’s see how well it resumes from the background see it resumed.

Well, you can see how many things are open, so we have app settings. Then there is a game. Open here, youtube photos app. Then we have the browser open. Here then we have the camera. So let’s talk about how the camera works like with many things open in the background, so as you can see, camera can okay let’s resume the camera. Okay let’s see how well it is so resumption is very quick, actually instantaneously. I think so. Let’S see how the short to short timings are: okay, if we make the flash off and it is near instantly okay, so this is with a kind of load here on the nokia 2.4. Already, as i said, there are things open in the background, so let’s go to this game, which is just open here, and i think this game has resumed very well. This is gta y city it’s, a heavy game and it’s resuming quite well from the background, which is a like hallmark of a balanced smartphone which good software optimized software, so that at least the ram management is good. You don’t see the game resume. I mean kind of like restarting it’s resuming well, so if we go to the youtube let’s go to the browser, let’s see how the browser behaves. So, as you can see, the browser scrolling etc is quite good. Okay, i think i don’t think it’s browser it’s. Okay, so browser is here even it’s, not okay. So now in this is the browser.

If we go to see the panning zooming etc. So it looks really. Nice scrolling is good, fast, quick. If we go back let’s open, multiple tabs. That will give us an idea about how it works like so we will open around 10 tabs and then we will try to see how things really look like after that. Okay, so let’s begin with the last one. So, as you can see the uh, i mean the browser loads stuff very, very quickly. It also depends upon the connection how good the connection is, but at least here i can see that with good connection. The load is really really good. It is rendering the pages very, very quickly so page rendering, and we will quickly check so. This page has just rendered and let’s see how the scrolling works, like the scrolling is really good. Very, very fast. I don’t see it kind of start, stuttering or stacking anywhere. So panning zooming is also good. So basically, as i talked about the ram management, so it looks like nokia, 2.4 comes with quite optimized software, so i don’t see anything to complain about as such, okay let’s send it to the background now time to check other things. Good, it also resumes which is good. So what is appreciable here is that, with a game, heavy game open in the background with 10 browser tabs open. In the background, i don’t see that it is, you know, stuttering or giving any kind of issues.

It is working. Fine, so that is what actually you want from a you know. Smartphone to do, and this is a budget end device, so let’s let’s see how now going through the normal routine stuff like looks like because we already have a load kind of load there. In the background, as you could see, so there is a bit of load with a heavy game and browser 10 browser types up in the background, but i don’t think it is doing anything stupid. It is working fine, i mean even now it can take some load. It looks like that: okay, so uh. This is how the nokia 2.4 is in terms of performance, so it’s a as i said, it’s a budgeting device and in its price range at this, it is giving you uh. You know kind of good performance because the performance when we say that multitasking is really capable. It is handling. You know, games open in the background the browser taps open in the background it’s, not stuttering. I don’t think it’s giving you like uh stuck it’s getting stuck anywhere, so it is remaining kind of smooth. So that is, that is what we expect from a good smartphone with android stock android. Actually so we we can recommend nokia 2 for 2.4 uh on the basis of what we have seen in terms of performance, because we now will have like put it uh in play for like more than 20 days, we have used it as our daily driver and We could have seen that we have seen that it is really it really works, fine, even under load, it does not start stuttering or you know, and give starts hanging, etc.

So it’s quite a quite a you know like capable smartphone for its price range.