Music. This is a video that ties together. Three things i like and that i want to share with you photography, cars and accessories, and so in a moment, we’re going to look at what happens when a company famous for designing camera accessories takes a go at designing a smartphone mount for the dashboard of your Car little background first, every week i work with camera guy james to make videos about cars and driving, usually he’s, using the big sony or a gopro while i’m on one of two olympus, omd bodies or my trusty old nikon. All of my cameras have these little red thingies on them and that’s, so that i can easily attach accessories to them that come from a company called peak design. Different straps and leashes, and clips and plates mean that my cameras are always at hand while leaving the use of my hands, and i can even wear my cameras on my backpack straps or wear them like a glove. I spend my own money on peak design, camera accessories because i love how they make it easy to keep my camera handy, so i almost always get the shot. Recently i had the opportunity to try out some pre production prototypes of some completely new accessories, that peak design have been working on for a very popular type of camera. The smartphone, the star of the show, is the peak design car mount co starring the peak design smartphone case to me both give the same first impression i expect of peak design gear discreet, looking very high quality feel and specifically heavier and more solid than you probably Think for the size nicely finished and beautifully presented within its packaging and, if you’re, the sort of driver who appreciates a premium product and you’re.

Looking for a way to secure your smartphone at the wheel with a mouth that doesn’t take away from the look of your car’s interior and maybe even adds to it, then i think you’ll like the way this is set up. This is the iphone 11 pro and it’s largely held as about the best smartphone camera. You can get it slips into the case, there’s grippy fabric, and it feels tough and nicely finished. But the big news is the little square it’s smoothly molded into the case for snag free pocket insertion and in use the little square is how you hook it up to different things. Just like the red thingies on my camera from earlier we’ll attach the car mount as the first example in this cts it’s sort of an upscale interior. So you want a mouth that matches the scenery. Powerful adhesive makes for a smaller base that you should find a spot for pretty easily the solid friction ball action allows you to position the mounting plate at just the right angle. Easily yeah see how strong that magnet is. So it really gives it a good uh. It’S on there be careful dave, i don’t think that’s coming off all right. Music that’ll hold for like 30 seconds or something yeah, oh wow. It really grabs it. Out of your hand like, like you know, that’s on there good good bit of a tug to get that off Music, it really doesn’t want to.

Let it go. I mean it’s not difficult to remove, but it definitely lets. You know that it’s on there you don’t have to like worry about trying to locate it. You know what i mean like it, just it finds where it needs to go like fiddling around you just like throw it up, and it just clicks into place. See i’ll put it on here a bit wrong and it sort of just walked its way in ultimately it’s pretty discreet. Looking when empty, though nicely finished and nice to look at. If you like, you’ll, hear back from me on the matter if the adhesive fails at 35 below, but i can tell you at every step of the connection between the phone and the dashboard feels very solid but here’s the part i really like and that i think You’Ll really like too, if you’re, someone who loves cars and driving and filming and photography like me, the mobile tripod it’s, the typical peak design experience the packaging is fantastic it’s like opening a little treat the device is clean and sharp looking smooth, very heavy and though It’S little, it feels very solid. With this i can move my phone from my dashboard onto a mobile tripod that fits in my pocket. Making it easier to get time lapse, photos, videos or to record footage for a vlog if you’re starting to get into photography or visual storytelling a little regardless of what you’re shooting you’ll quickly learn.

There are a lot of new shots possible and you’re, able to put your phone on a tripod and switching from car mode to tripod mode does not get any easier than this or easier to travel with either. Oh practically just grabbed it. Out of your hand, it looked like i’m kidding around see the man behind the camera, the man behind the camera, probably just unsnap it and re snap. Oh look at that wow. That was easy folks. I have never tried one of these before this is not my phone and uh, so you’re actually watching us kind of discover how this works for the first time and like that was just super super easy let’s see if you can show us how much grip that Magnet has on there like, like you’ve, got to give it a good, a good tug right in the car yeah. It seems like it wants to like it’s grabbing it from half an inch away, that’s a good looking phone case. Oh, it even comes with a little pouch yeah other stuff there’s a little post, no kidding i’d, probably just put my phone on that to display it on the desk and yeah let’s fold it up there. So can you get that in and under your pocket, with the tripod on without the tripod coming off, like what’s, that, like going in yeah, but it doesn’t feel like it’s about to come off like the style of it? I think it looks good with with the phone the materials and and the way that it lines up with the bezel around the screen, it’s very clean.

It looks very high quality that’s. What you expect from from peak design. You are going to be paying top dollar for this compared to other phone cases, but it really does have a nice finish. Look to it. I can attach the universal adapter to just about any phone and other accessories like the bike mount pro and wall mount. Let you clip and clip and clip your phone into position going from wall mounted to car mounted, to handlebar mounted literally in a snap Music, so some lovely stuff for folks who want a great looking smartphone dash mount solution for the car that also lets.