Um it’s kind of larger at the bottom then gets more narrow. As you go up, you know to the top um cosmetically on the back. It has this kind of soft material i’ve, never seen that on any other phone and has a speaker here on the top. You have a 3.5 headphone jack and i guess it’s a mic. There – and you have your sensor – sensors here, excuse me and your uh 1.2 megapixel front camera and your 2 megapixel back camera, so that’s it and no, it doesn’t sound, very appealing, but you have to understand the last unimax phone was horrible. This is a huge step up people. This phone right here is the unimex 683 cl and it is a complete piece of garbage um. You know i’m, not real picky. When it comes to phones. You know i have a good phone that i have this phone as a lifeline. You know, and you know it doesn’t – take much to satisfy me and that phone the uh 683 cl from unimax i couldn’t i couldn’t deal with it. It was almost completely unusable. It crashed, it only had one gig of ram. It had go edition, oreo android, 8 gigs of random, automated memory um. You know it had a shitload of bloatware, so i mean you, you really could only use it to make phone calls you know or whatever, but this phone this phone they have stepped their game up, um, no it’s, not a great phone but um.

You know it’s. Even got a metal, this real metal folks metal going all the way around it. It’S got nice weight to it. Um it’s running stock with android pine. This time, it’s not go edition um. This is actually Music android pie and here i’ll show you guys we’ll go to the easter egg, so i can prove this theory and android pie is starting to get a little bit outdated. But you know we all know. Andrew android pie is acceptable for a budget phone it’s actually kind of good. You know a lot of times. You get budget phones, you know sometimes they’re, not even smart phones. Um let’s see here all right. Android version, none. Okay, so there’s your hypnotic uh pi easter egg. So then there’s your you know: drawing board easter egg, so um the specs on this phone i’ve already discussed the camera. It has a um it’s got a qualcomm. I forget the model but 853 64 bit um arm. Cortex quad core processor um, which is really kind of impressive for this phone. It has two gigabytes of ram instead of one like the last phone um. The resolution of the screen is only 480, but it looks, looks a lot better than the last phone that was 480. um. It doesn’t look bad um, you know for 480, it actually looks great um let’s see um the um. The phone is expandable um. You can put a 32 gigabyte memory card in there and um save your apps on there or save your you know your songs or whatever you want to do um it like.

I said folks compared to the last phone. These people sent people. This phone is a absolute beast compared to this that doesn’t say much, but i really sincerely think this is the worst smartphone over here. The 683 co unimax ever made by anybody. I could be wrong, you know, but i don’t think so. I don’t see how there could possibly be a worse phone but anyways. You know it’s pretty basic that’s about it. You got some bloatware um. You have amazon, pre installed tick, tock pre installed um these games up here, preinstalled and let’s see. I think what else find my devices pre installed: uh, all your google stuff. You know your youtube youtube. Music. You know your account information for the the company, your account app excuse me, and these things these featured apps, which are games so that’s about it. Folks, um, you know not much to this phone, but for anybody that had the other unimax phones, this thing, if you can upgrade you know, if you can contact insurance wireless, just tell them, you lost your phone or tell them that your phone broke and you need Another one or just tell them, you don’t, like the other phone and they’ll, probably send you one of these, and i would highly highly advise doing that um, because this thing again it just blows the other one away but anyways. Thank you guys.