So this one is powered by the unisock it’s an octa core it’s, the t618. It has melee g52 graphics and the screen on this is ips. It is 10.1 inches. The resolution is 1920×1200. Now this screen is sadly not fully laminated. I didn’t know until i got it if it was going to be fully laminated or not so that means we have a gap between the digitizer glass on the top of this and then that ips panel below and the ips panel, while the viewing angles are okay And the fact that it’s non laminated it’s quite reflective, the brightness is a true let down on this one. It’S. Only 189 nets is what i’m measuring you cannot really use it outdoors and in bright environments. It’S fine it’s, fine indoors outdoors will be impossible with this one. There is a camera up, the top eight megapixels and here is a sample of it’s, not a wonderful camera at all. Now the audio that you are listening to is from the microphone in this one. So it’s, just one mic and the audio quality is average. So is this video quality it’s, nothing amazing, i’m. Sure your phone will do a much better job than the cameras that you get here, the eight megapixel ones on the teclast m40 and on the rear. We have another 8 megapixel camera as well, with pretty much the exact same quality, so this backing plate. This is alloy here, so that’s, the only part of metal that it does have around it.

The frame around the outside is all plastic. Now, if i do give it a bit of a flex, it does actually flex and there’s a little tiny bit of a creak there. So the build quality on this teclast m40 doesn’t seem to be quite as good as the recently reviewed, iplay 30 that i covered in the channel too, as well now down the bottom of this plastic frame. There are some cutouts for two loudspeakers. These ones are surprisingly loud. The quality of them is average, but it’s good that they’ve really improved in the volume, because before when i was reviewing this a couple of years back and even last year’s models, they were quite quiet but here’s a sample at a hundred percent volume of those dual Downwards facing loudspeakers and on the left we have a type c port, it doesn’t support, display out or fast charging. It will take about two and a half hours to fully charge this one and in the box you get a white charging cable, which is type c to usb, and our charger, which is 12.5 watts the buttons on the side here, they’re not loose so volume up And down and the power are made out of plastic, and then we have right up the top the 3.5 millimeter headphone jack. The quality is okay. If you want to use the built in hardware fm radio, you do actually need to plug in a headset. For this one and for voice calls, it can be used just like a phone.

I do recommend using a headset. Otherwise it comes through on the loud speakers. So the sim tray does take two nano sims and a micro sd card, i’ve, tested 128 gigabytes with no problems and all up the build quality is fine uh for the price. I think it’s, all right it just really. I do wish it came with a fully laminated display. Now the gestures are working good. This is the full android 10 gestures. It can be a little bit choppy at times, but it’s a stock rom here, and i think that is aiding in the performance. So things aren’t too laggy as to sometimes i’ve noticed the animations. Here it could be just a little smoother. It is a 60hz panel and it seems like the ui just at times, doesn’t seem to always be running at 60 frames per second to match that refresh rate, which, of course, is very important. Now your recent apps they show up here, fine and swapping over to them is relatively quick. It just can again feel a little bit sluggish in this action here to swap over to say his youtube, bring that up and then had to reload too. That has been in the background for a little while and scrolling again, doesn’t seem quite as smooth as it could be, considering we do have six gigabytes of ram on this model. So when you power it on and you take a look at what is pre installed on this no bloatware, so there are a couple of apps here that i own okay, gps test.

I installed and android bench. Those two are missing, but without that there really is no bloat, where you can consider maybe drive or keep notes or play movies something you may not use. But this is very good, so great to see. Manufacturers are still giving us roms at a stock android, because if it’s, a bloated launcher stock launcher as well, you could get a little bit more slow down a little bit more lag. So we’re going to have over 100 gigabytes free space. With this micro sd card support, dual 4g sim support with this as well. There is also fm radio on board and there are over there updates that are being pushed through from tech last, so this one came through recently, and that is just a bug fix. So good to see now battery life. This is a and not a particularly good score here. So i would expect at least eight hours, hopefully from a six thousand milliamp hour battery with uh, not an amazing, bright screen that this one has it’s a relatively dull screen and configured to 200. Brightness was almost in fact, was 100 brightness uh, not an amazing score. So i’m disappointed with the battery life. It should be a lot better than this real world use you’re looking around six to seven hours on this one, whereas the i play 30 will be more towards the 9 and 10 hour mark much better battery life there. With that one now the internal storage, not good it’s, been a while, since i have seen an emmc drive as slow as this one.

So this is emc 4.5 spec and we’ve got a sequential, read and write that are very slow and the random write speeds too. Quite slow, so the installation of applications a little bit slow on that end and it’s a bit of a bottleneck of the system. The ip30, which i am comparing to this tablet, a lot that one because they’re very similar tablets, both android 10, both opticals, both in the same kind of category, does much better with about three times faster internal storage. But this does have a much better benchmark score. If you love your synthetic benchmarks and 2 2 version 8 here is telling us that is about almost 50 000 points faster than the iplay 30, but that is synthetic benchmarks, real world use, they feel very, very similar and at times i would say pretty much. The same so the scores are one thing, but real world use definitely another of course, so white vine level, three served here. We don’t have level one okay, and i expected this. These budget tablets will not have the cert that we need. So this means amazon. Prime video is in standard definition, so is netflix and if you’re into disney plus it won’t even work because disney plus wants to have a wide vine level, one cert before it will so, sadly, if you’re buying this tablet for your kids and the other chinese tablets, They’Re not gon na work with disney plus without that cert gps.

This is actually working. Okay, it’s, not too bad uh. There are a few satellites it picks up onto and it can get an accuracy of one meter. As you can see here, i would rate it marginally better, the gps performance compared to the iplay 30 and the wireless, so the wireless, a little slower than the ip30. We do have a maximum speeds that i managed to get to very close to the router. Almost sitting on it uh 160 megabits per second, almost okay and then the point i always test downstairs 130, which is not too bad, i’m happy if it gets over 100 at that point, so at range it still manages to get decent download speeds, but it’s, certainly Not the fastest flagship tablets and phones can get around 800 megabits per second, so you can see there’s a big difference in those wireless speeds there. Oh, that was me, would just call it judy. I managed to get a win there and youtube playback. So the maximum option is available to us, which is 1080p 60 frames per second, and it looks fine. It keeps up and streams ahead. No problems with this tablet that is on wireless or on data i’ve, had no issues with this, but because the screen is so reflective you can see too as well here that they’re blacks, they just don’t, look as dark as they should be with this, and if We just go back here in the timeline.

You will see that it doesn’t really lag at all. It only takes just a few seconds to catch up, cache that data and start playing, so the youtube playback is perfect on this tablet. No issues all right and what about ebooks and pdf files? Well let’s open up a large pdf file. It hasn’t completely finished downloading. Here it looks okay on the screen, the sharpness is average. Definitely the i play 30 screen is much better for ebooks. I feel having tested both of these tablets now now the performance of it it’s, nothing amazing, but it’s going to be good enough. Okay, the ebooks, your typical pace. You would go at it’s not going to compete or beat an ipad. Of course they are the fastest. At reading pdf files, even really large video files, so double tapping here, that’s going to zoom in and of course you can use this in your portrait and landscape modes as well. So just put that in portrait now too, as well, which is quite good – and you do have options down here from the toggles, so you can put it into the reading mode and things like that as well. If you wanted to okay, the blue light filter eye comfort, they call it and that really does help out. So you don’t get as agitated or are you not feeling that fatigue there for reading ebooks for a super long time so for the pdf files? They’Re great let’s have a look at an ebook, so this one again loads in relatively quick there that wasn’t too bad at all – and the text looks good it’s good for this.

But if you look really really close at the text, you will notice the individual pixels on this particular screen here: it’s, just not the most highest quality that i’ve seen on a tablet. Definitely not the screen is there’s. The big letdown of this tablet, of course, so gaming performance here with the unisoc chip that it does have the eight cores. It is pretty good i’ll see if i can just get a kill right now got lucky there and the frame rate seems to be quite steady. I have it on the lowest settings and the highest frame rate option, and that does make the game smooth and playable. You get the occasional little frame dip now it’s, barely heating up. I have been playing now for an over an hour. This is like my third game here of call of duty, and it just feels slightly warm to the touch, so the thermals are not going to be an issue when gaming for long extended periods with the m40 here, all right guys so to quickly recap here. I think this is a very average tablet at best. I know it does sell for a really good price, which makes it an attractive tablet, but you need to look at the whole market out there. You look at the competition. There is the of course. I play 30 that i have reviewed in the channel as well. It has a screen that is three times brighter it’s fully laminated and it even has slightly better touch response and just looks sharper just better colors overall in general.

The screen is a huge disappointment on this we’re talking about a tablet here. A tablet must have a good screen, and manufacturers need to put the best screens forward that they can and all do cube is so tech last. You really do need to step up your game on that, because the screen is just not really there good to hear. The speakers are nice and loud. That is great we’re running android 10. We have a bloat free rom, which is another positive there very good, and what is on offer here. We’Ve got fm radio dual sim support, gps it’s a lot you can place voice calls a lot on offer for the price tag, but it just simply doesn’t. For me, better the competition – i know, if you look at synthetic benchmarks, antutu looks quicker, but really they feel about the same: the ip30 and this teclast m40. Here, the internal storage, another grey area, a very cheap drive, they’ve gone with so that mmc drive is slow, as i showed you very poor, sequential reads and writes: it’s not really going to hold the tablet up too much, but installation stalling your apps and loading amps. Will be a bit slower and i’ve noticed this are slower than the competition, so that’s, another one as well, so there we go now. You know the full story of the tech last m40 here, an android 10 tablet that could have been better if they just go with a better screen.

So i do hope to see you back next year, 2021 with more up and coming tablet.