Looking through the lens. I know you guys are watching me interested what i’m about to say today and today’s video i’m, so stoked about because it’s an interesting one w, and i collaborated with three other tech tubers – to make this video possible and we’re talking about the best budget smartphone of 2020, so uh we have three tech tubers here, uh each one of them with at least one smartphone to share with you my very first smartphone uh best budget device of the year 2020 is a brand that i know you guys. Don’T actually use not familiarize yourself with actually not a popular brand in this region of ours, it’s the oppo a72, and look what you’re talking about cameras in a very cheap device. This device is one you cannot miss. The opposite, gives you crisp sharp images uh. It does well in low light as well, which i’m impressed about a lot of high end devices struggling with that so it’s kind of good that we’re seeing a budget device which actually performs well not the best, but then it’s, actually just really good uh in low Light and night scenes and light shots and night pictures or whatever it is, but it does compromise on the panel, the uh, the display, which is a 720p lcd panel, but coupled with all of these other great features, it’s actually legible, so yeah that’s, my device of The year the budget device of the my very first one by the device of the year from oppo, the oppo a72 moving on to the first uh person we have here, which is victor from praise, tech and let’s, listen to what he has for us today.

What’S up guys it’s victor here again. Thank you. Thank you max for having me on channel and complement of the season. So my favorite budget smartphone of the year 2020, would be the vivo v20 it’s, not so much a budget phone. I mean it’s almost living the budget frame and at that price, it’s, offering 8 gigabyte of ram an oled display, gorilla glass protection on the back and on the front, usb type c, 3 watts fast charging and the camera system. That is just here to impress very, very fantastic camera, so the vivo v20 is my favorite budget smartphone of the year 2020.. Thank you once again, delphian wax for having me wait. Did he say i had him say wax? Where did he say why? Thank you once again, delpie and wax for having me he didn’t say what he said: watch dude. How difficult is it to say what it’s doubly a double z right? There picked up from praise tech with the vivo v20, also an impressive device, also in another brand, which you guys, aren’t familiarized, with just like the oppo a72 and before the next guy comes in i’m. Just gon na give you the second, my second budget smartphone of the year, which is the motorola one. Fishing plus and yeah material still exists, and one of the best devices is yeah. Impressive, processor and storage. Five thousand milliamp hour battery look you’re getting 200 degrees of storage with about six gigabytes of six gigabytes of ram.

It does comprise on the display, like also like the oppo a72, but that’s, not also bad, because it’s, you know, coupled with all of these other features. Just makes it a very good device, it does really good and it’s camera department, but actually not quite as good as the oppo a72. This is also another budget device and i’ll just push it to the next guy, which is one of the few youtubers. With a phd uh in in whatever it is that he does what this is: uh johannes from tech phd let’s check him out, hey there attack hats, johannes from tech phd here and shout out to delphian walls for having me on the channel. Now my favorite budget smartphones for 2020 – and i say smartphones because i’m, going to cheat a little bit – are the google pixel 4a and the samsung galaxy a51 now before delp cuts. This short, the google pixel 4a, is the best budget smartphone that you can get this year, especially for two reasons: the camera and the software, the camera qualities are the best in class. You cannot get a better camera for even double or almost triple the price that it comes in at 350 dollars and google’s software capabilities are just amazing. I made a full video about that. If you want to check it out on my channel, but in case the google pixel 4a is not readily available in africa or in nigeria, or wherever you’re watching from you can go for the samsung galaxy a51.

Now that is another amazing smartphone, which i reviewed earlier. This year, it’s got great cameras. Great software samsung is even gon na update it for three years. It’S got a good processor and it is just amazing for the price which it comes in at sorry for taking more time than i should have. Thank you so much delphian was for having me and i’ll catch you guys in the next one peace, so that was tech phd with the pixel 4a and the galaxy a51, with impressive devices like you had him say: i’m gon na talk about another samsung device before The next guy comes in, which is the samsung galaxy m31s. I so love this device it’s one of the best, if not the best budget smartphones you find out there impressive features all around the top of the display. Some samsung’s amulet super amoled, not amulet samsung super amoled panel, uh samsung’s, very own processor, exynos 9611, an impressive battery 6 000 milliamp battery the biggest amongst the smartphones i’m, going to talk about today, it’s just impressive, all around i’m just going to end there it’s just So much so much deal with the mtx1s. The next guy coming up is cyber reviews. I love everything about this. Guy’S channel name, youtube technology, smartphones himself, the internet. Everything is just bundled up into this title. This name you cyber reviews – and this is cyber reviews with his best budget smartphone of the year hi guys.

So for me, the very best phone of 2020 when it comes to the budget or mid range division, has definitely got to be the poco x3 nfc. Now this phone is just amazing. First of all, it has a 510 milliamperes battery capacity, so it means that this phone is more than a power bank. This phone is also better than your remote control because it has infrared and you can use it to change your tv, your air conditioners. You can use it to control all the appliances in your house which have a remote. It has a quad camera set up 64 megapixel lens for shooting videos, and the front selfie is also very good for vlogging. In fact, the cameras on this phone are so good that i actually chose to record this entire video on the poco x3 nfc. You don’t believe me there, you have it guys: the poco x3 nfc thanks very for having me on the super epic collaboration, season’s greetings and a happy new year to you all, so cyber reviews with the poco x3 nfc, look if you’re, like as an apple user, Are you thinking you could expect that at some point in time? Not me though, but then you know it’s not me, but someone else is going to mention an apple phone or an iphone or look it’s not going to happen. I don’t think so. So the exit is right. There you can take the exit or you can sit your ass down and enjoy the video like everyone else.

The next smartphone before the final last person comes here is the oneplus node. I am so stunned about this device. This is one crazy device, one plus node, the biggest storage so far, the biggest amount of memory, although with the smallest battery size, 450 million power battery but the fastest fast charging 30 watt fast charger. 256 gigs of storage, 12 gigabytes of ram 1080p display the selfie camera shoots. 4K. The selfie camera shoots 4k snapdragon 765 everything good about this device. I don’t want to say much about it because i’m going to keep talking about it. Our next guy coming up is delphi from dopey and wilds, and he has i’m just going gon na. Let him say it so my pick is going to be the infinix note. 8. Now a note without a pen is not a note but hear me out the infinite note. 8 is one device that i find so much interesting after the release. The note 7., i mean it’s an lcd panel, although but yes now they have usbc with fast charging. A bigger battery life good performance, helio, g70 processor – it does so much with processing power and long lasting battery life. This is why i’m picking this device and nothing else i mean there – are other devices like the a51, the a71, but on mine infinix, is the best. Although, if you want to go for that device because of camera quality, i wouldn’t advise you to do that.

But if you’re somebody who’s on a budget train on a chip train and want a very strong and solid device that can give you the performance you want and the long lasting battery life, the infinix note 8 is the best for you, i’m delpy, eduards we’ll, be Taking it from here so that was with the infinix note 8. I was waiting for someone to mention a brand uh device from infinix or techno and then yeah. He mentioned the infinix note 8.. I have two more devices but they’re, not part of the budget. Smartphone list these are just you guys. I thought it was mentioned. So honorable mention number one is the galaxy a31 as one of the most popular, if not the arguably, the most popular, most common uh model, from the a series uh the a31s and for the price that it comes with. I find the camera amazing. It comes with good camera and a big story bring about the storage with six gallons of ram as the max and though it compromises on the display, which is an lcd 720p, not in not it’s, not good at all, it’s, not good at all. But then, coupled with all of these other features with uh that kind of price tag: it’s it’s. Okay, in my opinion, though, the next one is the common common 16 premiere from techno and top of the line from techno. Just like the note 8 is the top of the line from infinix impressive device.

The fastest charging amongst the devices i’ve mentioned so far, 33 watt fast charging three, while faster than the on plus node and 4 500 meter per battery impressive battery size as well. It does come with an lcd panel, but has 90 heads refresh rate, so uh you can kind of ignore that it’s an lcd panel, so the processor is actually a gaming processor, so you’re having that speed and everything required for gaming. So if you don’t use it for gaming you’re still getting that much kind of like bonus added to it, because it’s made for gaming and stuff like that, the g9t from uh mediatek, the helio g90t, so impressive specs from these two devices just thought. The word you’ve mentioned and look a lot of people just kind of sign out with uh. Hey i’ll, see you in the next time we’re having this project the next time. The next video is going to come out like i’m, not doing i’m. Tired i’ve done this.