But there had to be some changes this year, but i think for the better and it’s, not because the other phones that they made weren’t necessarily good. They just weren’t attractive in the open market like people who want to buy them. They had some problems here and there, especially when it came to battery life, especially with last year, and i think that maybe the name just didn’t tread water at the eight nine hundred dollar price point. So now we have the pixel 5 at the 6.99 price point, and i got ta say this is i think this has been the cinderella phone for them this year. I think this is what’s going to get them back on track. In 2021., see they went back to the drawing board, the secret sauce for the pixel series and decided to go with this mid tier premium level, category phone and i think that it lines up really really well with. I think what they’re trying to pull off and we’re going to talk about that in this video, but before we get into that, i do want to say if this is your first time stopping by the channel. I appreciate you being here if you enjoy the video please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell. If you want updates, when new videos come out now, let’s talk about the pixel 5. Music, so the pixel 5 has been one of my most favorite phones of this year and even when trying to figure out what the best phone of this year is, this one Was in the back of my mind, it did a lot of things right i mean it did a lot, a lot of things right and it got a a good price point, which is these 699 dollars.

Snapdragon. 765 g. I covered a lot of phones this year with the 765g, the lg velvet fantastic phone, the a715g fantastic phone, the tcl, 10 5g uw fantastic phone – and this one right here is the king of the snapdragon 765 world, and it does really really well see. There were problems with the pixel 4 and the four xl last year. The battery life was pretty darn terrible had the solely features in there, but i think the most terrible thing that people couldn’t really live with was the fact that they were like eight nine hundred dollars, which was a ton of money, especially whenever you’re not a phone Made by apple or samsung, google does really really well and they make really really good phones for the most part built on the software and services side of the house kind of like what apple offers. Google really brings a lot to the table and then they have their phones, which yeah, like the pixel 3, had the notch problem. The pixel 2 had like the blue tint on the uh on on the screens and that had some other issues with those phones as well. The pixel 4 series had solely which a lot of people didn’t like and thought was gimmicky also battery life, absolutely pants so and actually the pixel 4 xl was my number one phone of last year. For my pick – and i thought it was amazing, especially once they came out with some software updates and fix that, but they’ve just never really been able to sell massive amounts of phones, but they haven’t really needed to because they’re google google is filthy, stinking rich.

They don’t have to sell phones, like some other companies, do it’s kind of when you look at lg they’re one of the biggest electronics companies in the world. Would it be great if their phone sold? Yes, but i feel like they kind of just make phones to compete in that space as part of their overall plan and presence in the market. So this phone right here fundamentally philosophically different, so instead of having an 8 series snapdragon processor, instead of going with the we’re going to make an extra large one we’re going to make a normal one, they stuck it right in the middle six inch screen and then They also put a wide angle, camera lens on the back, which is a big shift from last year, because it had that telephoto lens the telephoto lens was nice. I still don’t know why we don’t have all three, but really not the end of the world, because the zoom that we have now on the cameras, especially with the digital zoom, a lot better, especially when you get up to like three to five times zoom. So i don’t think that it’s absolutely critical. You can’t replace that wide angle industry leading camera in here again you can shoot 4k on the back now, which is nice 1080p on the front and they’ve greatly increased. The video capabilities looks a lot better sounds a lot better, i’m glad that they did some of those things. This phone 90hz refresh rate amoled screen 1080p display wireless charging, reverse wireless charging.

One thing i totally love is the fingerprint sensor on the back. It works so well and that’s. One thing that pixel is always good at, like the fastest fingerprint sensors ever in the history of mankind, usbc charging kind of stereo speakers. It has two: it has a speaker on the bottom and then has the one actually under the glass, so it’s kind of interesting. The way that they went about that – and there have been a lot of question – marks a lot of concerns. I think this sounds just fine folks, i’m. Not going to get in that argument, really it’s a solid device. I have no complaints really about it whatsoever. I do kind of wish there were a larger one, but the hinge on most people’s arguments when it comes to this phone now. People really had a hard time with is it has that snapdragon 765 most people that complain about that have not used one? I have used it in four or five phones this year, absolutely love it and i think it’s, the winner for people in the consumer market, because for the longest time we’ve been led to believe that we got to buy these thousand dollar phone. So we can have the best phone and the best phone experience out on the market, not true at all, and this phone is the epitome of efficiency. A balance of power cameras feature sets, and you know, if anybody’s going to give you a good experience.

It’S going to be google and if you look at what’s going on with other phones case in point, you look at the lg velvet. You look at the lg wing 765 jeep. Just like this. You look at what they did with the tcl 105g uw, totally love that phone under a 400 price. Point. 5G. Amazing performance, good cameras there too. So this is not a talk about the overall landscape of the 765g, but what it does in here this phone works, and it feels just like the pixel 4, the pixel 4 xl, like you’re, not missing anything. The only thing you’re missing out on is the top end speed, which is what’s going to give you like a better gaming performance which the batteries were terrible on the other phones anyway. So you couldn’t really do that. But if you want, you can still play pub g on here call of duty mobile. You can even fire up. Fortnite it’s not gon na, be the greatest experience, but i really love what they did here and i think google was like look we’re going to give everybody a really good phone at a really good price point, and the battle we have now is not. Is our phone worth the money or do people want to buy our phones it’s letting people know that the experience is just as good. You don’t need to spend a thousand dollars and i wouldn’t really think that google would be the one leading the charge in this price war battle when it comes to specs and performance because yeah you look at the flagship phones in samsung and apple still, yeah.

Very very expensive: now they have the iphone 12, which is not flagship. I guess i mean they’ve got the pro. The pro still 9.99 very much worth it, though very good phone i’m recording this on my 12 pro max. Now totally love it uh. You look at the samsung phones, the s20, still over a grand. So when you look at pixel and pixel really did compete with those guys neck for neck in the price war kind of they were about 100 less. But i don’t think a lot of people, especially myself, just didn’t want to spend that kind of money for those phones and they just didn’t, sell really well so interstage right we’ve got the pixel 5 building off of the success of the pixel 4a. The pixel 4a is one of my top phones, it’s, not maybe even the best overall phone for most i’d like to say most people. A lot of people really want premium phones, but the pixel 4a, like really had people reimagine. What the idea of a 300 phone could do, such good things in the performance category in the camera department that legendary pixel camera in such a inexpensive price point. They did such a good job with that and then followed it up with this, so pixel, the pixel lineup and google are capable of doing some really really good things. Of course, you get the monthly security updates. This is already running android 11, which is fantastic.

It’S already had a couple security updates. Since we got android 11. you’ve got the camera, you’ve got the overall experience and the battery life is top notch it’s one of the best battery experiences i have had all year in a phone, and i think this has really had people re examine their relationship with The idea of pixel phones and what they bring to the table and what they’re worth so, maybe before, where it was like, hey, you know, johnny on the streets like look i’m going to best buy and you know i guess i got to spend a thousand dollars To get a good phone you know i got to spend that to get a samsung, i got to spend that to get an iphone, and now you have this guy right here. You’Ve got the google name recognition and then people walk over. They go wow. This is, this is only 6.99, i mean only 6.99 that’s still a lot of money, but i i think that they did a good job. I think that they brought the best of the pixel 4, which was still a phenomenal phone and put it in this body. Dropped that 765 g in here dropped the price point and gave themselves an opportunity to shine in a segment of the phone population. That really is kind of sparse right now, and they can make a name for themselves there as like the premium, not thousand dollar smartphone and you’re, not missing out you’ve got everything that you could possibly ask for here.

Enhanced refresh rate, on top of it, with the amoled display and crazy good battery life plus, like i said, amazing camera. So i really love this phone and yeah that’s. Why? I called in the video title the the christmas miracle, because it really is. I think this phone is really going to prime google for success when we look at what the pixel 6 might be this next year or whatever else that they decide to do. This is going to make that possible because had the pixel 4a and then the pixel 5 not been widely regarded as successes this year. I think it really would have hurt them and their prospects moving into 2021 trying to still cell phones to people. So this right here is going to lead the charge into 2021 and i think it’s going to prime google for more success in the pixel market and get people more on board with these phones plus the win win for us in the value category. The consumer, who gets a great phone for under 700 bucks and don’t, have to spend a million dollars to get a really good phone, so that’s it with regards to this video a lot of opinion piece really, but i really wanted to talk about this, because i Really do love this phone one of my most favorite phones of this year, and it just does so much so well, and you wouldn’t expect this price point, or this shift in strategy from google to attack aggressively the premium mid tier sector and give us such a Good product at such a good price, especially when they wanted so much more before, if anything moving forward, i wish that they would give us expandable storage.

I don’t, like the whole one size fits all storage thing and not being able to add more in there, especially since you can record in 4k now so maybe they’ll get better in that department moving forward, probably not because of google and that’s, not what they do. But either way, i think that this is a solid phone. I think it’s done a lot to refresh the image and the confidence in the google pixel series moving forward. So that’s all i’ve got in this video. If you have any questions or comments about pixel 5, please feel free to sound off in the comments section, i will get back with you if you enjoyed the video, please hit the like and the subscribe button and the little notification bell.