Are we running yeah Music, hey rory here with and uh today, i’ve got something new to unbox, as you can tell it’s very small, this time, it’s not like a whole bunch of iphones or like a really cool limited edition. Smartphone, it is actually even more interesting than that, because it is something cheap, it’s, something pang lang tang, and you know like these kind of things like they really like, feel that today, i’m unboxing, the xiaomi me watch light it’s a brand new smart watch from xiaomi. I don’t know if you want to call this a smart watch. I know nick kind of refers to this as like a pseudo smartwatch, where it looks like a smartwatch uh, which speaking of nick nick was supposed to unbox this today, but then he’d howl on. So i have to do it anyway, so this is the me watch light and it’s the brand new smart watch from xiaomi um. The thing that makes this really cool, though, is that it is very affordable. So this smartwatch uh it went on sale for pre orders for 199 ringgit, which is like crazy, but you can’t get that at that price anymore, because i want to check the listing and it’s no longer on sale. But even the normal price of 249 ringgit is still like it’s it’s, still like pretty affordable for something that that looks. This good, uh and you’ll see that as we get into this, i actually haven’t unboxed it yet so i don’t know um what it looks like uh, so you’ll be along the journey with me, so around back you’ve got a whole bunch of like specs and stuff.

So it says built in standalone: gps, multiple fitness modes, you’ve got water resistance up to 50 meters screen, auto brightness screen a colorful screen and a 24 hour hiring monitoring, so yeah all right, let’s pop this open i’ve got a little cutout there for the watch. I don’t know if, like they actually made the box, then they realized they couldn’t close it and then they’re like cut out the hole. But you know it is what it is uh right here you get to see the watch, which is nicely wrapped in plastic. You pull it out from the little hole i will set it aside. First, i feel like sometimes they make the boxes unnecessarily difficult to open, like i don’t know how to open, like i don’t even know like how i’m supposed to open this like is it here? This is why this is why i’m being paid to unbox stuff – you know, okay, so you get a charger it’s, actually, a pretty cool charger it’s like the whole clip on kind it’s, not like a like a those flimsy magnetic things that like stick on, because those Always come off like when i can’t leave that charging in my bag uh it’s quite annoying. So i prefer like the the clip on kinds, and then you also have like a user manual that nobody’s gon na read all right. Uh let’s set the charger aside. First, so it’s a usb, a charger, sorry it’s, a usb, a charger uh and now it’s time for the watch so yeah the xiaomi watch light.

It was like brand new, like baru announcement, so i don’t know if, like people actually, i don’t know if people actually like knew. This was coming because i didn’t um. So i was quite nicely surprised to find that we have such a nice looking cheap watch um. So, okay, first impressions, it does look a lot like an apple watch. It’S got that same sort of square design. I’Ve always been more of a fan of the round watches. But if you want a round one, you have to go for the regular me watch. So this square one is the me watch light which is cheaper. The actual me watch is supposed to arrive sometime this month in malaysia, but until now we haven’t heard any updates from that. Yet so, unfortunately, you know i don’t know when that’s coming so let’s see if we can fire this off me, oh no scan qr code to download the app that’s why you should always unbox the stuff first, which scanner that’s me even got the the the fats In my neck, just right, i have to pair finish first, you know. Ah there you go add device. Okay, me watch it’s, not here there’s. No me watch light. Why is there nobody watch light? They haven’t updated a few moments later. Okay, so for some reason, like it wouldn’t connect on my iphone uh, my where app just doesn’t detect the watch um. In fact like. Let me just show you like here’s the difference, because on his app you can actually detect.

So you see, if i were to add device see i had. I have no mi watch light and he has. He has a. He has like me watch light. His options are completely different here. I’M, not sure why we’re both on ios, we both just downloaded app. So it should be on the same version. Maybe has something to do with the account settings. Maybe mine is in like a different region or something i’m, not sure, but it’s super annoying, because well i thought it couldn’t work, but yeah it does work. Okay, if you do run into that problem, you should probably go and try and check your accounts region settings or try for a different account and see if it works so anyway. I have it paired up right now, and this is the watch look. You can change a whole bunch of different watch faces, so in the app like the app is. Actually it looks pretty nice it’s like quite intuitive, looking from first glance, so you’ve got like a big tab here. Tap on that and you’ve got all the bunch of watch faces that you want to change, so you can do that like. If i want that, i can apply this and then it’s like this kind of watch face and then you’ve got like the the one. That looks a bit like nike and then you’ve also got. I think i think this one looks okay, like it’s functional um, you know aesthetically it’s functional and i got ta say the screen is okay, like it’s, not phenomenal um.

The most distracting thing is that the blacks are not black, so maybe we should have gone for like a lighter color scheme. So one thing i am noticing that this watch isn’t doing is like it’s there. There are no animations for anything so like if i were to swipe it. Just it just goes. It just changes. The screen entirely like there doesn’t look to be any kind of animation, which i guess isn’t it’s, not great, but it’s functional, i suppose so. The screen itself, it doesn’t, look the screen itself, it doesn’t look super nice, but then again i say it’s entry level device. It is sharp and crisp and if you’re just looking at it, my biggest concern is: i don’t know how well it will look under direct sunlight, but in these like reasonably bright studio lights, i can still see it pretty clearly. So the button okay, so there’s one button to control it, there’s, no, like crown or rotating bezel, or anything like that. The button helps you cycle through a bunch of stuff, so you’ve got the home screen and then the rest is like just you got your touch control. So if you pull over here, you’ve got bluetooth music uh. If you’ve got. If you pull down, you’ve got your notifications and if you go up you’ve got like your settings controls. You know like old school iphone, so you pull out a command center, that’s, pretty much it. If you press this, it goes into like the app settings.

So you’ve got is that ticked up looks like tick tock, oh no that’s, music, so you’ve got this and then you’ve got like a sleeping mode. There’S your heart rate, here’s your workouts. So if i tap on that, like you see, nothing has animation so you’ve got here. Are the 11 sports you’ve got outdoor running treadmill outdoor, cycling, indoor, cycling, okay, that’s kind of cheating right? Is there a big difference between outdoor cycling, indoor cycling? I don’t know i don’t cycle: you’ve got free, we’ve got walking freestyle there’s a this ddr card is freestyle. Okay, you’ve got tracking you’ve got trail, run, pool swimming open water. So, as you can see, the scrolling isn’t super great, like it’s, not a very, like high refresh rate screen, but i can already hear like people in the comments. It is a cheap watch when comparing it to expensive ones. You know how many of these watches everyone can buy. Okay, i get it okay, i i’m i’m agreeing with you. This is an affordable watch i’m, not expecting too much i’m, just letting you know what i see: okay, so yeah that’s it. The interface is pretty basic. Uh it’s not like super groundbreaking. You can’t really like add a whole bunch of apps in it. The nice thing is that the app interface within uh, the app it looks pretty nice, so you’ve got a whole bunch of stuff. Here. You’Ve got notifications, controls um. So for ios users, you have like a different thing so, like i said, this watch will work with both android and ios devices so like on the iphone.

This is the 12. uh. It works on the it should work on twelve mini also, but i said probably something wrong with my app or account um. That is not causing it to show up, but it will also work on android, so um. The nice thing is: when you set it up, there is a qr code that can scan it. It takes you directly to the app that is supported on the iphone. It is the xiaomi wear, lite app on the android it’s. Just the sell me wear app so um. Looking at the watch itself, like you know, it looks a lot like an apple watch um here. Let me do like a quick little comparison for you, so this is a apple watch series three uh. This is like the first of like the new generation super slim bezel watches. So, as you can see like the screen on the app watch looks way nicer, but in terms of like overall aesthetic it’s, pretty similar like it looks like it’s about the same screen size it’s about the same sort of thickness. Like look at that it’s. Not a huge difference, you can clearly tell that one has inspired the other around back. Okay, of course, there’s a difference here. So here you’ve got the heart rate monitor this watch supports 24 hour heart rate monitoring, which is good. It also does sleep tracking. There is built in gps, but if we’re talking about like feel this, one definitely feels more premium like you’ve got the cold metal touch.

That is like just like. Oh nice, um on this one, you don’t really have that. I have a suspicion. This is some kind of plastic, but whatever it is, they’ve done a good job at like disguising the material to sort of make it feel pretty nice, uh, it’s all method out uh, so you’ve got this like almost like satin finish that i i quite like. I got ta say um, so the straps, the one thing i don’t like is that it doesn’t like it’s, very curved, so you can’t, like put it right on the table, it just sort of bounces up, but and also like this material. I have had experience with this material after a while it just sort of like breaks and it’s just not a fun experience, but the good thing is that you can sort of remove it. So there’s a button here you press and then it comes off with some effort. So you can replace the straps, but these are not like standard straps, so you can’t just use any 22 millimeter one, but it snaps really nicely into place, and if i put it on my hand, oh did i mention i like that. They’Re, using like a normal rail system, uh it’s much, i i prefer like a good rail system over like like something like this like. This has look at that this has like this dot cis. I don’t know what you call this, but it’s like you just poke through and then you just like stick it through.

So if you want to use one hand to put it on it’s, like you know, you need like three hands to put it on um. So i’m, not a fan of that, but this is just like a lot more like a regular watch right, nice, so yeah as far as fit goes. It fits pretty nicely like this isn’t too curved that it pinches my wrist but it’s not too flat. That it’s, like really fat like that’s, what a lot of fitbits have, which is quite annoying um but yeah in terms of size and everything it fits me. I don’t have like ginormous hands and i like, like this kind of size, so yeah. One thing that uh swimmers will appreciate, though, is that this smartwatch supports um five atm water resistance or supports. I mean it has five atm motor resistance, so it can go down to 50 meters, which means you can take this for a swim. If you want um like even in the ab workout, you can see that one of the workouts is swimming, we’ve got pool swimming and open water swimming. So if you want to swim around penang, you can do that with this watch also mo mantai, all right. So to wrap up um the xiaomi mi watch light i mean i think that as far as functions go, it is pretty much what a lot of people who want like a affordable, smart watch uh would want in a device like this.

It will push notifications. It will give you bluetooth, music controls. It will track a whole bunch of sports, it does 24 hour heart rate monitoring, it does sleep tracking, which is good, and it has a nine day battery life. So i always think that if you’re like going for sleep tracking, you do one more than one day or more than two days or as many days as you can get, because you don’t have to charge it like every morning right, that’s kind of ridiculous. So nine day, battery life, i think, is pretty good. It’S like fitbit says that for ideal sleep tracking, you should have at least five days. So nine days is more than five days pretty nice and for 249 ringgit. I mean there isn’t really much to complain about this uh smartwatch at this price. You know you’re looking at its competition and a lot of it is like fitness bands or fitness trackers. Some fitness trackers are even more expensive than than this um. So for this price, you’re actually getting like a proper look alike like a pseudo smartwatch design, which i think more people appreciate um. I think the closest competitor to this is the amazfit bip s, which is more sort of outdoorsy the biggest difference between this watch, and that one is that that one has a transfective display. So it has much longer battery life it’s like 40 days versus nine days. So if you’re someone who’s like really outdoors who’s, going to like a lot of uh who doesn’t want to charge their watch a lot, then you prefer that one like anime does um, but that also has big gps and um.

You know a lot of similar functions so yeah this is like this is. This is all pretty much that i would need a smartwatch for, like i really just want to know, is my heart: beating am i breathing, and am i sleeping that’s that’s about it. So if you’re like me, then this watch should be good enough for you, it’s not like a specialist watch like a garmin or like uh. You know those two 3000 ringgit smartwatches or those five 600 ringgit smartwatches it’s 249.. You get quite a lot of nice specs and a pretty good design, all right so that’s it for this first impressions. Thank you so much for watching um. If you want to know more about this watch make sure you stay tuned because i’m going to hand this over to nick he’s going to do the review. Probably so, if any questions that you want to, let him know or any questions that you want to find out about this watch, make sure you leave them in the comments below so that we know what you want to know, and we can tell you about it. All right, if you don’t miss that make sure you subscribe to our youtube channel, hit on that notification. Bell icon, so you’ll be informed whenever we post a brand new video. Also, you can like us on facebook uh, but our home on the internet will always be at searching I think it’s, like the last unboxing for this year.