This company reached out to me called totally and first of all, i just want to say the packaging of this brand is probably the best brand packaging i’ve seen. This is giving me really high hopes for the actual product that is in this package right here. It has a little slip right here, it says enjoy, and we just take that off like that very satisfying, and i think there’s, three yeah there’s three cases in here. Okay, look at the look at the packaging. This is so simple, modern and i just love the look of the packaging. All you got ta do is slide it like that super satisfying, we’re not done yet, though okay, so obviously the case is right here very thin. This company is based in california. It has a two year, warranty a slim and minimal phone case and that’s all you need to know so we’re going to open it up a little ziploc bag. Oh okay, so here is the first one. This is more like kind of a grayish kind of case and they have the freaking camera bump. Dude wow, okay, i’m. Actually, wait. Wait! Wait! I’M! Actually, hyped about this. What the heck! This is the thinnest case that i’ve ever seen ever. I would put my phone in it right now, dude, it literally doesn’t feel, like i have a case on this phone at all, obviously guys i would say this is more for, like mainly scratches and stuff like that, for the stainless steel models, because you guys know That the stainless steel iphones scratch very very easily.

This is super nice because it’s super, like i said, super minimal, zero branding button cutouts are very precise and also on the bottom of the case. The cutouts are exactly like the silicone case. I wouldn’t really say this is going to be good on drops and you’re going to be totally fine with dropping it, but with like, i said like scratches and nicks and stuff like that. This is going to be perfect for that kind of case. The first one is this black one. I like it very clean. It has like a matte finish, as you guys can hear that the next one same exact packaging love their. I just love their packaging. I can’t get over how much i like their packaging this one. Okay, all right guys so yeah i like the white one just because my phone’s white, i don’t, know how it would look with different colored, iphone, uh 12 pros or iphone 12s, but this looks so freaking clean. I love how it’s really like matte on the on the back of the case, just like the matte texture. Without the case, it feels exactly the same, and i really do like the mac texture on the iphone 12 pro model. Um there’s just something about it, makes it feel more luxury, or something like that. Another thing that i like about this guys is that these all come with camera bumps for the back camera. So, basically, when you lay it on the table, the camera’s not going to get scratched or anything like that.

The camera’s not even gon na touch. What the table that you’re putting on because the bump on the case covers the camera completely and make sure that your cameras are not gon na touch. The tables i’m, really glad that they did that, because that’s very helpful and a good touch. So this last case ooh what okay? This is. Okay, this is a little bit different. They changed it up on me. I didn’t know this was going to be i didn’t know. This is going to be a glossy case, so basically guys with this last one is a clear case exactly the same cutouts but the buttons oh wow. This is actually really nice dude. This case is way better than the apple case, and this case is way cheaper than the apple case too. Oh, my gosh, it feels like it just i can’t even like explain to you guys how satisfying this phone feels in my hand, it literally feels, like i mean obviously there’s case on it, so there’s a little bit of added bulk onto it, but it’s. Not. I won’t even say this is not a bulky case at all. This is like. Obviously, these are like the thinnest cases that you can buy. This case feels so good it’s. The difference between this one and the the matte one is obviously it’s a glossy kind of case. So if you’re more of a glossy kind of person than a matte kind of person, then this would be a really good option for you.

Obviously the cutouts are exactly the same and another reason why i like this case way more dude way more than this clear case is because, obviously, like i said, um pretty much, every single video that i do about this case. The entire bottom of the case is cut out, but for this clear case right here, they’re very precise, very detailed cutouts, the bottom of the phone is still covered, um and also does have the camera bump. It also does have the camera bump so guys, basically uh. If you guys are interested in any of these cases, i’ll make sure to leave them down in the description below. I knew these were going to be high quality. Very very nice cases just by the packaging itself, like i’ve, never seen a company package their cases. This well yeah that’s, what i’m gon na say, guys i’m really impressed with these cases, and if you like, i said if you’re interested in these cases at all i’ll make sure to leave it down in the description below. Hopefully, you guys enjoyed this video. If you did, please drop a like and subscribe guys we’re going to help the channel i’ll, see you guys in the next freaking video. I love these freaking cases.