Now each model they make it gets better and better and it has more features packed into it. Now this x8 has a lot of features packed into it. That i would like to go through and but before that, what comes inside the box is a usb type c charging cable. It comes with this to open the sim tray. Then it also comes with tempered glass as well that you can put on, and then it comes with a lot of user manual here as well and how to use the phone charging etcetera now. Obviously this is the xc. It is pretty chunky and quite big as well. We’Ve got 5.7 inch inch screen here, which is a water drop screen, and also you can see you got a triple camera at the back with a fingerprint sensor here and a flash flashlight there and the speakers at the bottom here with the brand logo there and Honestly, most uniform phones are all dual sim as well, so we’ve got two imeas there and at the bottom here you’ve got the type c charging port um it’s, designed to be waterproof that’s. Why they all of them have these covers there, and i don’t have the nails to actually take this off. Okay, so it’s here charging ports there at the bottom um on the left side. You’Ve got the same same bit here. So what you do? Is you open? This cover first, so it doesn’t get water water damaged, and then you use that pin to actually take you out.

So let me get that pin and if we poke it here and it comes out a bit, but even then you still have to use the nails to get it out yeah. So if you, even if you push it, it slightly, pushes the out and then the rest, you pull it pulley up now once it comes out. This is how it looks. So it takes a nano sim and a micro sd memory card, or you can take two um nano sims that’s like most um dual sims these days, then you close it make sure you close this properly, so it stays waterproof and on the right side, it is The power button – and you got the volume button there as well, and you can see that it’s very grippy and it just looks very chunky but that’s, because it’s designed for more for like construction workers for those who drop the phones a lot. This will just protect it from braking straight away now this has ip68 and ip69k mil std81z that feature so it’s more for, like um, your drop proof shock proof dust proof, you’ve got all those features built into it. The triple cameras at the back are 40 megapixel, plus 2 megapixel, 2 megapixel and the front camera is a 8 megapixel. It has a built in 4 gig ram and a 60 gig 64 gig internal memory. So memory wise is okay it’s, not the best ram is decent. You know if you are not a heavy user, but you can also put a microsd memory card to extend the memory as well.

It has octa core um processors will build in and android 10 operating system, and it has a 10 watts fast charge as well that’s. The good thing it charges up very quickly and on top of that, what i like about this smartphone is that it has um 5080 mah battery capacity, so a big battery life built into this. It also has a face: unlock fingerprint um unlock as well. So you’ve got those both options there and it also has nfc and us it has the google play as well so and everything that you need only like a flagship, smartphone or high end smartphone or a mid range smartphone. This one has all these. It also has a 360 full protection, so you won’t get damaged from any corners. Make sure you put this screen protector on as well. So even the screen itself is strong. It will just have the extra protection there as well it’s, designed to designed to be tough inside and out. It also has a 4g door sim nano which i’ve shown is nano sim, and it has a 5g wi fi built in um bluetooth, 5.0, and it also takes a 3.5 millimeters headphone jack here as well at the top here. So you can actually put wired earphones in or if you want to listen to through the speakers, you can actually prove through them, listen through the soundbar, etc um it’s also waterproof and it’s waterproof. It takes photos of videos underwater as well, so you’ve got that mode as well, and it also is shock proof dust, proof, drop proof up to 1.

2 meters, so anything above that there’s, a bigger chance of actually breaking and it handles extreme weather as well. So any extreme weather temperatures you can actually handle this phone and it also has custom key options as well, and usually you use this to use the custom key options there here. This is the button here, so you can actually do that custom key with this one. Also, it has a digital toolbox, so every rugged smartphone has this digital toolbox, so outdoor toolbox. Here now in this toolbox it has the compost, the all these um flashlights um it’s more for construction people to be honest, that’s what it’s? For so that is very handy. These um toolboxes here and that’s, why i say this is made for construction people because it’s designed for that reason, and it also has other options like glove mode – a wet touch screen. So if even if the, where it still works as well – and it also has a four mainstream satellite navigation system um in the in this armor x8 now this is the first time i think um. A smartphone like this has that mainstream satellite for different satellites like america’s, gps, russia, russia’s glonass, china’s, baidon and european galileo. You so is that is that they give that um slogan, that you will never get lost because you got four mainstream satellite navigation built into this. So wherever you are, you will know where you’re going so that’s another excellent feature he has.

So let me go to the settings and let me show you some features that you have so that’s with the sim card: wi, fi, bluetooth, hotspot, um. All the features then go display face unlock fingerprint navigation bar custom, key that’s, where you can customize it and that’s the button here and then you go to apple notification, battery life, there system, intelligent assistant, so intelligent system. You got those options, such as flip to silent. Smart answer: three finger: a screen screen screen, shot sensor, calibration jump to camera glove mode and lift to wake. So you got all those motion sensor features there. Then you go the privacy, the location, the security. Here now the security got um children’s space as well, and i’ll show you that if you go to the main the main menu, it has the option for children’s space where children, when you put children in the space they can only the children. Children can navigate through that app only so they can’t go through anything else, so that’s, brilliant um. He also has a smart touch as well here, where it gives you that gesture mode, the menu mode, the smart touch, single click, double click, long press, etc, and then you got the accounts that about phone, digital well being and parental controls. Google durability, juror speed. Now this is the bit: you’ve got the children’s space now that’s pretty good. If you’ve got children, you can actually put on children’s space and they can only use only the apps that you allow, and you also got parallel controls as well, so that’s all the features that he has packed into it.

Now let me get the camera a bit ready as well, so i can show you what’s built into the camera. So if i go into this and here now let me go to the pictures first, so this one, this was the picture. Let me see for some full brightness, first so i’m putting full brightness, so you can see the quality of the screen pictures. So now, if you look close sorry about the finger marks um, but if you look close, this is with the flashlight on this is without the flashlight, so the pictures are really good and then this is the video without the flashlight and i’m. Also talking so you can hear my voice pretty good. I mean it’s, not pixelated, because there are some cameras within that price range bad. I mean it’s very pixelated, very fuzzy. However, this is decent and let me try making another video with the flash on so this is without the flash. The sound quality is pretty um squeaky and it doesn’t have that balance when it comes to the surround sound. So the speaker is not as good but it’s still good to be honest and it’s, not that loud as well, so that’s. This is with the flash on pixels or um fuzziness slightly at the background, but not much, i mean for the price. The range of this smartphone is brilliant for a camera like this, so now, you’ve seen the camera quality and the video recording it for the price range it’s worth it.

It got everything built in and all these features that it has packed into it. A lot of high end smartphones, don’t even have all these features packed into it, that’s. The reason why i do highly recommend it and it’s a brilliant construction phone for those who are looking for a rug phone like this. That has everything built in. So thank you for watching my video.