So starting off the package is very reminiscent of apple watches, and so is the device itself as you’ll see soon enough. Let’S pop it open there’s, nothing really on top right here and we get the watch itself now. I’Ll mention i already went through the setup of the device, so i don’t have a problem with it. Later i tried the uh 41 version and if you want you can see, but i didn’t want to connect for some reason so just to save myself the hustle i basically i went to the setup process of this device before recording and also um kind of check. It out how it works and functions of it, so i have something to talk about so i’m gon na set the watch for the site. For now and in here we get nothing. Okay, so let’s close that up, throw it to the side, change the color. Apparently there we go, and – and here we also get some booklets – no one really cares about this um. Here it looks like we got some rubber seals for the watch itself. I believe that is um, so i’ll just leave that in here and then i’ve got the charger itself with the cable now i’m, not sure how other watches come, but this is just type c. There is no brick for it, so you have to use one that, for instance, comes with your phone. Okay, so let’s just drop that to the side and get the watch itself.

So the watch itself comes with a 1.91 inch display. Let me power it on Music, whichever button that is there, we go and it’s a amoled display uh 326 pixels per inch with a nicely curved display. This is just curved on the edges, as you can see kind of, like majority of the phones that have come out in like 2019 um and about display that’s well about it, there’s, not much more to say, it’s a fairly nice looking display. Honestly, it looks really nice, especially if you can put up fit it up with some really good wallpaper. This will look amazing once it loads. That would be nice. Maybe i need to pair it with my device if there’s anything popping up and yeah going on further with it, so it comes with a snapdragon there. We go so finally turned on, so it comes with a snapdragon. I think it’s, like 3100 um. So this is the bigger version: i’m, not sure. I there is a chance that the smaller one comes with a weaker processor and also has one gigabyte of ram that comes for both of them, meaning both uh, also the oppo watch 41 millimeter version, so it’s, smaller and honestly um. I will do a review of the 41 millimeter watch as well, because it is honestly like a completely different device apart apart from looking different than this watch, not having curved glass around here and being smaller and just overly feeling a little bit cheaper, uh.

The specifications of the watch itself vary drastically, comparing to this thing. So obviously this is the uh. The better option be more premium with way more love put into it rather than the smaller version. So if you got small wrist and you want a smaller watch, you also got to downgrade it somehow so uh, basically talking about the battery, they really boast about the battery itself on this android version, so it supposedly um has a 36 hour uh battery and this This is for the wi fi version. This is what i have right here: there’s also an lte version which will have, i think, like 31 hours of battery, and then, if we go to the smaller version, it even has less so yeah and also they advertise that. Apparently it has 21 days of wi fi and lte version has 21 days of power saving mode. Now that would be all nice and dandy, if not for the fact that power saving mode basically makes this device as useful as not not really sure what to come to compare it to a bone and power saving or ultra power. Saving mode is more useful than this, but basically what you have is a step counter. You have notifications uh, you have time and you have heart rate and that’s about it. So you have a nice display right here. It looks really gorgeous if you drop it to our saving mode. All that is basically gone and you have the kind of chinese knockoff looking watch that has just couple functions and it really feels weak at that point.

At this moment you can see that it works. Really well uh. The one gigabyte ram on this thing is really helping it out. In my opinion, as you can see, it runs smoothly. There is literally no lag in it um and because it’s running on the aware os it well it’s. Basically, the almost the wear os experience now now there is a couple uh grips that i have with it, which uh starting off. If we have the app right here, let me just quickly turn it on my phone. I once actually can find it i’m gon na wear os let’s regard the phone being a little bit banged up um. So there you go there’s the application that you are required to own. For this to work right cool i mean i swear os that’s. What you would expect right and it does basically what it did, what, whereas i’m supposed to do. You have the option to add some tiles right here. Some options change watch faces uh, but, as you can see, i have a custom watch face and guess what this cannot be set using the wear os. You need to download the uh. What is it the high top app um somewhere it’s? Basically, notification prompting you to download it right and it it’s aware os that is basically gimped uh just so you have to download uh the oppo app. So let me quickly find it uh it’s um. I think it goes somewhere around here.

If i can quickly find it, that would be amazing, high top! Oh my god. I think this is it so there we go so we have the high top up right and logically thinking you will be probably thinking. Well then, i’m, just gon na download the hi top app and connect it through this, because, basically you have to go to the connection process on this app when you’re trying to use it. So you can, for instance, customize watch faces right, so you go in here and set up custom watch face. You know the app will completely not work until you pair it through wear os app. This app will not even boot up. It will just give you a grey screen with text. You need to first pair it with the watch using google wear os application, making this app completely useless uh. It literally annoys me that i have to have two apps for a single watch. I mean cool, maybe if you have a apple watch you don’t need to, but if you’re well using something like, i am huawei phone, so i have to have wear os up and also this one. So i have basically the full spectrum of experience that i can get out of this watch. Otherwise, i’m kind of limited by it, as you can see apart from that watch faces, are the same and the default ones are the same accessible on here as well as the as well as the wear os, and the difference is basically when you set up here And you try to add it, you have the option to choose, for instance, a photo and then also where the time is showing.

So you have the top or bottom so i’m, not sure what the idea here was so for you to be required. Two different apps uh, but watch faces aren’t. The only thing that will not be working here correctly. If you don’t have this app uh, basically tracking your workouts yeah, that you can say bye, bye if you’re planning to only use google wear os without without the high up you’re, not tracking anything, really so that’s another bummer, i would say, and it’s kind of a Shame because this watch is honestly really nice, it it’s big. The display is just gorgeous honestly and if we just set it up, let’s quickly, do it there we go as you can see there we go, i can change it, and this looks really nice. I can make it i believe, even brighter. Let me try yeah there. We go so now, it’s way: brighter uh, okay, so i’m gon na cycle through a couple different watch faces just so you can see how they look like um. So obviously this looks really nice. It’S super bright, a vibrant, the display is just amazing. The curve of the display is also nice, considering you have to swipe through pages right, so you have different pages, and the curve of the display really makes it feel really pleasant when you’re doing it. You don’t have like this sharp edge, as you do, for instance, on the smaller version of it, the smaller brother.

So the experience of this watch is really nice and it’s really a shame that it’s being kind of downgraded because apple, i guess, wants you to use their app and that’s. I think what the purpose of this is um, so really a shame. So, apart from that, the device works primarily as you would expect from a wear os watch um. The experience is really smooth, like i said before, and honestly it’s, one of the best i tested on the watches that’s. One of the reasons why i decided to make this video – it is just that good um. Now i would say that i’m missing one thing from here. I would really like to see a knob, so i can cycle through different uh faces instead of this button. So, as you can see, there is two buttons: there is one for workout and all location, just as you can see, and then the back button, which will either open up apps right here or cycle you back assuming you’re already somewhere in the some kind of menu Right here so obviously it’s a really nice watch and then there is another problem that i have um, maybe not a problem. Haven’T really uh s well seen it as a problem yet. But let me quickly put on the watch uh on my super skinny hand, and now this is not really the problem of my skinny ass but, as you will see soon, if i can clip it together, let me try to do it off the screen.

So it’s a little bit easier now clipping it is a little bit of a hustle, but so i have right now on and uh disregard the fact that i’m, i would watch a little bit differently, so there’s the clip and it’s outside and the belt is also Outside so, if your build, for instance, slips by mistake, which does happen quite often, the watch has basically almost nothing preventing it from unclipping like so so. You just hit your hand over your leg and it basically unclips if the belt isn’t in it, and as you see there is no nothing in this little thing that will basically clip on the belt. So let me close it just so you can see it a little bit differently. So, as you can see, it’s closed and there is nothing holding it so this can slip out of it and unclip so really makes me feel worried about losing this device. This watch, which is something that it looks like they really tried to copy apple, but they kind of missed the. I would say the best part of the strap, which is the fact that it went under under the belt, and it was really difficult to get it out so um. This really makes me feel like i would lose this if i would be using this without actually caring much about it. So if i would use it as a normal watch, uh i’m pretty sure in the first week it probably would be lost already, and it would be a bit of a shame considering it’s, not necessarily the cheapest watch out there.

This is well by all means. A premium device in terms of smart watches but finishing up and concluding this uh honestly, if you can get a different watch, watch, strap and deal with the fact that you have to use a secondary app to get well all the functionality out of this. It is a really good device, it works, super smooth and honestly it’s really pleasant to use and even look at it and considering i have really skinny hands. This still looks fairly okay, unless i as long as i’m, wearing it kind of like under my arm. Instead of over on top, it does feel really. Nice looks really nice and honestly, if you’re planning to buy a watch that runs really well. This is really good device that i kind of don’t want to, but i have to say that i do recommend it. I don’t have to, but i feel like there isn’t much at the moment. That would beat it if you not planning to go with samsung but samsung’s from what i remember and don’t really have that much of a battery life. So this will have decent battery life and in certain cases i have to say that it looks better um, so yeah. I guess i would recommend this.