Today, i am going to be doing a camera comparison between this xiaomi mi, 10 ultra and xiaomi 11.. Okay, listen carefully which microphone is working better check carefully, which one looks better, which one have more details where i look more handsome or better prettier. Okay, let us do this camera comparison and if you are new here, if you are not subscribed to this channel, then one request: if you end up liking this video, then please subscribe to this channel also to everyone. If you really like this video, if you find this video helpful, then please don’t forget to click on the like button. Well, it’s time to start our camera comparison, let’s flip to rear cameras. Some people may not like the result of this camera comparison, but it is what it is, and i am here to share the truth anyway. At the beginning, let me tell you that i always take all the images in auto mode with auto hdr on, because i think most of the average people takes photos in auto mode on the left, its mitten ultra and on the right it’s me 11. I have left the watermarks on and yes, mitten ultra got 2 telephoto lens 1 12 megapixel, 2x optical and another 48 megapixel periscope for 5x zoom. On the other hand, me 11 doesn’t have any telephoto lens. It uses its 108 megapixel main sensor to grab zoom images and applies digital cropping to deliver zoom images attack lens both look similar but for sure meteon ultra picture is sharper and got a tone that’s close to reality.

After cropping in we can see the real difference. Mitten ultra image is amazingly sharper and there is enough details along with superb texture processing. While me 11 failed. This is one of the two reasons i prefer to use a smartphone with a telephoto lens Music. I always say hardware is important, but a lot depends on software. Look at this, even if mitten ultra performed better in a brighter condition. 2X telephoto images taken in darker environment suffers on the right mi 11 without any telephoto lens struggled and produced images with soft tone and cranes. Before we move to ultrawide and main sensor, let’s check something interesting under different type of lighting with different colors. Both of these two performs a bit differently. Yes, me, 10 ultra is more consistent. However, white balance on me, 11 is like a ride on a roller coaster. Sometimes white balance is cool with impressive amount of details and sharpness and then suddenly goes warm and start to reproduce. Soft images with less textures yeah on the left meet and ultra performance is better. It managed to identify and process well lit areas and color rendition is way more pleasing than me. 11. yeah, xiaomi, mi 10 ultra have the widest fov. I mean field of view on ultrawide mode. It grabs more. I have liked – and i still like ultra wide performance of xiaomi mi 10 pro and xiaomi mi. Note 10 pro cause those two have this same 20 megapixel ultrawide sensor as mute and ultra with identical specifications.

Now, xiaomi mi and ultra have a better ultrawide lens with optimized algorithm. This ultrawide setup and performance of xiaomi mi 10 ultra is obviously better than almost any other flagships available in the market. It produces ultra wide photos with very good dynamic range and enough details, which is almost impossible for other flagships to generate with their smaller ultrawide sensors. There are a few differences like white balance, jumps back and forth. Tonal contrast in indoor environment under low light changes randomly. However, on mutant, ultra details and sharpness is way better than other smartphones, and it is clear that mid and ultra managed to process more textures, which surprised me is color rendition on xiaomi mi 11. I thought knee 11 would produce true to life color like meat and ultra, but it seems like meteon ultra is far ahead now these are daytime main sensor. Photos. Please remember that mutant ultra comes with omnivision ov48c 48 megapixel sensor and me 11 comes with samsung hmx 108 megapixel sensor, yes in daytime under bright daylight. Both of these two performs great. If you don’t compare these photos with other flagships, then you wouldn’t know how good these photos are. I am happy to see that xiaomi 11 has really put up a fight. No, it cannot beat xiaomi mi 10 alpha, but in some cases xiaomi mi 11 performance is better than many other flagships. I can say both offers images that is sharp full of detail and dynamic range.

But after snapping and taking almost 100 pictures side by side, i found some key differences. Xiaomi meet and ultra sometimes under bright lighting condition, increases mid tones. Also exposure suffers a bit it’s like a random puzzle, sometimes it’s there and sometimes not. On the other hand, xiaomi 11 always have these increased highlights and saturation issue, which is actually barely noticeable and pretty minimum. But as these are true flagships, i am trying to point out all the pros and cons. Yes, dynamic range and white balance is obviously better on xiaomi mi 10 ultra ai feature of midian ultra is getting better with every update it gets. I think xiaomi mi 11 will also improve with updates. Things are different when we switch to portrait mode xiaomi, mi 10. Ultra can grab true 50 millimeter portrait shots with its dedicated 2x lens me 11 has to use its main sensor to grab the portrait shots. Edge. Detection is good on both but it’s a bit better on meet and ultra both crapped enough details processed a lot of textures. Everything seems pretty similar, but after cropping in, we can see that mutant ultra has better color grading and way more details than me. 11.. Also. Bokeh effect on mutant ultra is lucrative because it creates creamy bokeh and me 11 goes a bit. Aggressive. Blurriness is a bit too high than usual, but wait when we have tried to take portrait photos in outdoor environment under sunlight, then things changed a bit yeah xiaomi, mi 10 ultra can also grab portrait shots with its main sensor.

Xiaomi mi 10 ultra as usual, started to produce a bit saturated photos with warm tone, and i got surprised to see that xiaomi 11 started to produce images with cooler tone, which is indeed very unusual for xiaomi smartphones. Due to these changes, color grading on xiaomi, mi 11 looks more accurate and close to reality, while xiaomi meet and ultra grabbed more details and textures. In my all camera comparison, videos. I say this and once again this is all about personal preferences. Yes, sometimes different people likes different type of white balance, vibrance and saturation, based on their personal preferences. Saturation and white balance jumps back and forth, but it’s nothing, drastic, it’s, nothing serious cause, usually it’s, pretty minimum that you wouldn’t even notice. However, there is some kind of beauty effect on xiaomi mi, 11 images specially it tries to beautify skin tone, and that makes the difference. We really don’t need to crop in to notice that mitten ultra grabbed more details and produced sharper images when a lot of colors needed to be reproduced when there are a lot of light sources with different segments of well lit areas, then xiaomi mi 11 just tries To increase ambience and highlights Applause, despite of having this same selfie sensor and the same specifications on paper, selfie camera performance of these two are quite different. Xiaomi mutant ultra has a bit of a warm tone: less beautification, more details and textures, while me 11 again processed with lower shadows, higher highlights overall selfie images of me, 11 is a bit overexposed and yes, dynamic range is also better on mutant ultra.

There are a few other differences like in selfie portrait edge detection on me, 11 is really poor beside its older brother. Not only that less details in the shadows, along with poor contrast ratio, makes the differences easily noticeable. These video clips were recorded at 1080p 30 frames per second in the morning under bright daylight. It’S, mid winter and dynamic range is gone from nature. If you don’t know yet, then both mitten ultra and me 11 got ois on main sensor and offers a very good stabilization, while recording at 1080p 30 frames per second dynamic range is for sure better on meteon ultra. Not only that skin tone is close to reality and colors are vibrant and true to life. On the other hand, me 11 color tone is a bit saturated exposure and contrast ratio on me, 11 is also not as good as mutant ultra. Yes, we have to agree both have managed to grab enough details, but after checking highlights textures and stabilization me 11 is a no match to meet an ultra in videography. Okay, these clips were recorded at 4k 60 frames per second, i think mitten ultra produced this video with better white balance in terms of details, sharpness and color rendition. I would again choose mutant ultra i’m, not sure what’s gone wrong with stabilization on me, 11.. Yes, stabilization was enabled, but it seems stabilization on me. 11 doesn’t work as well as meet an ultra in 4k, 60 frames per second mode.

Okay, it’s time to wrap up, and the truth is me, 11 did good, but not as good as meet and ultra.