As always, you know throw up the link in the video description if you want to check it out, this is actually going to be the california poppy version, so this is kind of basically just a yellowish color i’ve done uh. The reviews, on the other two that i actually like a lot better color wise, at least you can tell this – is what you’re gon na rock the tan and then the black ones, just a more of a neutral color, more my choi or my taste, i should Say but anybody that’s got that california poppy leather. This one should look really really nice together, so let’s go and check it out. Presentation looks clean. You got the white box, then you can see the magsafe case right there for your leather wallet case and then it’s going to snap right on back of your phone with the magnets pricing is going to be steep 59 bucks on this one across the board. There are some third party cases coming out right now: leather cases uh, i should say leather, mag, safe cases and accessory wallet wise, so we’ll get those reviews as well coming to the channel so keep it tuned in let’s, go and pop. It open like this to see if it’s a hit or miss nice presentation from apple got a little designed by designed by apple california, we’ll put that to this side. So this one again that yellow california poppy the apple logo right there looks very clean, very nice, feel to it as well.

Leather feels amazing to the touch you can see. The even the small details with the stitching around the actual area of the wallet itself and i’ve been using this for probably a few weeks now, and i really like it, i i’m it doesn’t. I wish i hold one more card: it’s got three cards, basically that it can hold on to and it’s a tight fit. You just can’t get a third one or a fourth one in there. There’S really no way to get it a fourth one in there. So then let’s take this out. You can see that just a little card there, but let’s go and check it out so which you can fit in got some three junk cards here, we’ll put one in two and then three so three is a nice tight fit and then the back that’s. How you’re actually gon na pop it open like this, your thumb and that little slot right there, so pretty easy access as well, so three is going to be it i’ve tried a four and it’s, definitely not going to go. I even got like a metal, a real thicker credit card. That’S, one of the real nice ones got some more weight to it. It’S a little. It takes up a little more room, so that’s even a little bit much of a fit for three of them. But three is pretty much the maximum. You can see what you’re going to get still minimalist.

I, like the look of it um it snaps right on the back of it, so go and check it out. Pops right in place like that, so you can see that yellow on yellow, looks very clean together, like the way that looks very nice it’s. Not my perfect cup of tea in terms of color, i would go with the tan version, probably that tan on tan looks a lot better to me and then the black on black or black. You can you rock this black one, i’ll, probably just tame one with any case or any other case that you’re going to get with the silicone or leather series. But you can see that looks very, very clean together, very nice. Looking as well and then obviously the snap you can see, i haven’t had any problems. I know a lot of people said this is going to slip off. You just have to be mindful of it. It’S. You know, it’s snapped on there tight enough. I haven’t been rocking any skinny jeans, but i haven’t really had any problems with it coming off in a you know, just a normal situation. I do i’m mindful that it’s there, though so in terms of slippage, i just haven’t had any problems with it yet, but it is a nice accessory i’ve been using this. I do find that it’s really really convenient for me and because i only usually carry two three cards anyways. I would like the option to do maybe one more card, but overall i got ta say i like this case this leather wallet case and i like it as an accessory for it it’s just a nice clean, look, nice presentation just put to you know you can Just tuck it away when you’re done with it.

So to me i like it a lot now. This is not my favorite color, but overall i do like this magsafe leather wallet series overall, i’m gon na call it a hit. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. I should have the black out here to show off that black on black as well, but we’re gon na keep it like this. So i would say the tan is probably my favorite. Blacks are just just neutral, beautiful and then i would say if you want to go a little bit wild check out that poppy yellow one. Let me know your thoughts on the comment section. Is it a hit? Is it a miss we’ll call it a hit hit.