When you were choosing your next smartphone at least it was until 2020 and kovid happened, and then it turned out the furthest you would ever stray from an available spare plug socket was when you went to empty your bladder or have a bit of a cry in The shower but i’m definitely feeling a lot more optimistic for 2021, where hopefully, life will start to regain some sort of normality and at the very least, we can leave our houses without feeling like criminals or worrying about killing old doris down the road. With an accidental, rogue sneeze and leaving, the house means we’ll once again be reliant on our smartphone’s battery life, especially if you want to make up for a frankly year by doing loads of road trips and breaks away. And so just in case you’re. In need of a new handset i’ve decided to round up the best budget friendly smartphones with stellar battery life that you could buy right now in 2020, which are great in other areas too. These are my favorite cheapy smartphones that i’ve personally tested over the past few months, so from motorola to nokia and poko to real me here’s, the best budget battery blowers. You could buy it right now and from the latest creators tech. Please do poke subscribe and ding that notifications bell cheers now let’s start at the seriously cheap realm with motorola’s moto g9 power. This 6.8 inch beast cost well under 200 quid and it has proper staying power thanks to its mighty six thousand milliamp battery, making it a cracker for media streaming gaming and all that jazz.

The hd plus display isn’t the sharpest round for sure, but it’s still good. For a bit of youtube or netflix action with respectable color reproduction and some pretty decent contrast for a budget blower that snapdragon 662 chipset is well up to everyday shenanigans and it doesn’t sweat too heavily during a prolonged online call of duty session. So they still stand. Half a chance against those little 12 year old spods, but the main advantage of the moto g9 power is definitely that 6 000 milliamp battery, which offers you two full days of use between charges. As long as you don’t go too silly mental with it and like motorola’s, more expensive, moto, g9 plus, you also have a 64 megapixel camera here with ai smarts and the usual motor modes for night shots, portrait, snaps and so on in all it’s. A proper good package for a very respectable price, and while the moto g9 power definitely has the most impressive staying power of all of motorola’s budget friendly smartphones, it’s, definitely worth pointing out that likes the moto g9 play and the g9 plus, with their 000 million batteries. Still offer well over a day of use per charge, you can see full unboxings and all that shenanigans with all of motorola’s recent smartphones right here on texpert, and i also did a video rounding up all of the motorola smartphones, the best ones at each price point Which one’s my particular favorites now another worthy six thousand milliamp monster, is the poco m3, which launched around the same time as the moto g9 power, despite costing under 150 quid, you get a full hd plus resolution on that 6.

53 inch ips screen for pleasingly crisp visuals. You also get the same snapdragon 662 chipset that was packed inside the moto g9 power, so gaming is all good and you can head shot to your heart’s content for hours without massive battery action. Admittedly, the poco m3 can certainly be a little bit quirky here and there at times, and also its camera is very basic at best being see my full review of the poco m3 right here on texpert, if you’re tempted, if you’ve got a bit more cash in The bank then definitely have a gander apocalypse. Excellent x3 nfc smartphone, the 5000m battery is more modest, but the actual battery knife is still excellent and as a bonus, you get a smoother 6.7 inch. 120 hertz ips display plus a performance boost thanks to the snapdragon 732g chipset and there’s a full review right here on texpert and from paco’s old parent company xiaomi. You can grab a great range of budget friendly smartphones, most of which boast really great battery life. For instance, the redmi 9, which cost just 140 quid at the time i shot this video and it sports a 6.5 inch full hd plus displayed just like that. Poco m3. The battery size of the redmi 9 is just over 5000 milliamps or smaller than the g9 power and the poco m3, but that still managed to keep me going up to two full days. If i didn’t hold back plus there’s 18 watt charging support, which ain’t exactly lethargic at this sort of price point, the rest of the phone is perfectly commendable too.

Although the performance can be a wee bit janky here and there, you get the same miui software on board version 12 now available in beta plus. That screen is sharp and punchy, and the camera is dependable enough for everyday snaps and apparently xiaomi released a power version of the redmi 9 in some regions which boosts the battery size from 5000 milliamps to 6 000 milliamp, but it hasn’t come out in blighty. So i haven’t had a chance to test it. Likewise, i haven’t had the chance to test some of xiaomi’s other budget friendly smartphones as well, but likes the redmi note 9s, for instance, which brought similar specs to the redmi 9, but boost the performance thanks to the snapdragon 720 g chipset stuffed inside. So that should prove a very worthy alternative to the redmi nine, if you’ve got a bit of extra cash to spare. Now, if you want a rugged, smartphone that’s ideal for outdoors use and also has proper staying power, so you don’t need to worry about charging the bugger back up for days. At a time, though, you can’t go wrong with a spot of doogie. Take the doogie s88 pro, which is an absolute brick, but that beastly frame hides a mammoth 10 000 milliamp battery, which can keep you going all freaking week. If you’re restrained enough, that bulky frame is fully ip68 water and dust resistant, something that’s quite rare to find at this sort of price point and it’s also fully shock.

Proof too. This thing has passed military standard testing, so you know that it’s going to be tougher than a shirtless jason statham. You also have a 6.3 inch full hd screen, an ok ish, triple camera setup and a helio p70 run in the show which can cope with everyday stuff. No worries i’ve actually checked out quite a few doogie smartphones here on techsburg. So if you go check out some of those, if you want more ideas of really rugged smartphones with great staying power, including one which only costs 99 quid now one of the reasons i always get great battery life for motorola’s budget friendly smartphones is the pleasingly stock Version of android that’s slapped on there, which proves very energy efficient, indeed and that’s. Why? Similarly from hmd global’s nokia branded smartphones? I also find you get extremely good battery life. Take the nokia 3.4, which costs a mere 130 quid here in the uk. This 6.4 inch smartphone is super power efficient thanks not only to the stock android experience, but also the snapdragon 460 chipset, which can copy with all of your apps and even a bit of light gaming on the side and like the moto g9 power it’s. Just a 720p display here, which is fine for your video streaming shenanigans and it doesn’t suck up too much juice so that four thousand milliamp battery, while definitely not the biggest here by a long shot, offers a couple of days of playtime per charge.

If you don’t go mental, although that bundled 5 watt adapter makes a recharging a rather slow and lethargic experience and the nokia 3.4 tops off at 10 watts, even if you use a different adapter so yeah. If you’re gon na need to recharge leave plenty of time – and if you want a bit more grunt in the tank, then definitely check out hmd’s nokia 5.4. This upgrades the specs from the nokia 3.4. So, for instance, you get a snapdragon, 662 chipset running the show, and you also get that 13 megapixel primary lens boosted up to a 48 megapixel effect i’m hoping to bring you a full unboxing very, very shortly indeed, i’m. Also, a fan of real me’s budget smartphones and the real me 7 pro is yet another affordable blower that can see you through even the most intensive day with plenty of gas left in the tank. Come bedtime. The 4 500 milliamp cell isn’t as big as the 5 000 milliamp effort that you’ll find in the standard realme 7, which is another excellent handset. But here on the pro you get the added benefit of super fast watt charging which, frankly, all over the other phones in this roundup and i’m, also a fan of that gorgeous oled screen on the pro model, which pumps out bright, punchy visuals. While that performance is once again solid for a budget blower handling everything that you toss its way, you can check out my full review of the realme 7 pro right here on texpert and i’ve also done a side by side comparison between the 7 and the 7.

Pro so you know exactly what the difference is, which one might be best for you, so that’s, my own personal pick, my own favorite budget, friendly smartphones that rock really stellar battery life as we head into 2021. But of course i haven’t reviewed absolutely every single budget. Smartphone out there, so i might have missed a few of your favorites there’s, also a couple that i almost included, but not quite including shout outs for likes the oppo a53, which again fantastic battery life and great value for money. The only smartphone that i haven’t had a chance to test out that i really regret not getting my hands on yet is samsung’s galaxy m31, which i’ve heard great things about this thing’s got a 6.4 inch super amoled screen with full hd plus resolution. You’Ve got a 64 megapixel primary camera and, more importantly, a whopping 6000 milliamp battery, placing it right up there with the likes of the moto g9 power and that poco m3 and all of that for just 250 quid on amazon right now. Hopefully, at some point, i’ll get the chance to review that, although already the smartphone launches are piling up for january and february of 2021, so stay tuned for all of that shenanigans. Definitely let me know your own personal favorite budget, smartphones for battery life and for everything else down below and if you haven’t already, please do poke subscribe.