The smartphone space has seen some very significant improvements in the last one year with respect to cameras, uh we’ve, seen much improved. Sensors we’ve seen resolutions go from 12 to 16, 20 48 and even 108 megapixels we’ve seen significant improvements in the ways images are processed in software, the overall result being these smartphone cameras have basically eaten a huge chunk out of dslr and point and shoot camera sales. It must be good for sure now, with the high end, smartphone camera award we’re recognizing the best smartphone, which has the best image output in the high end segment, so the digit zero one award for the best high end. Smartphone camera goes to the me 10.. Now the mi 10 is a very interesting smartphone. It has a 108 megapixel sensor, which is the primary camera, and you can practically do everything from this one camera. You can shoot macro, you can go telephoto and of course it also offers a wide enough perspective that you can get nice landscape shots. You could stitch panoramas at 100, with each frame measuring 108 megapixels. Imagine taking 10 photos to stitch up your panorama. The kind of versatility offered by the 108 megapixel sensor on this phone is actually quite staggering. Now, it’s, not just about having a high resolution sensor, it’s also about implementing it well through isp and software, and that is exactly what the meat and has done very, very well making it the winner for the best high end smartphone camera award, hi everyone.

I am sumit sonal and i lead marketing. For me. Brand in india, 2020 has been a key iconic year for all of us at mi. India 2020 was the year when we reintroduced our premium smartphone lineup, with brand new focus and i’m very proud to see that the digit team has recognized me 10 to deliver the best camera experience. When you talk about the flagship segment, this award actually goes to all army fans and all our india based employees who have worked endless hours to optimize this camera setup on me, 10.. So thank you. Digit team and thank you now we’ve got the runner up now. The runner up in this category is the vivo x50 pro the reason the vivo x50 pro wins. This award is because it incorporates a gyro based stabilization system which well, when you’re, shooting video with this camera almost feels like how you have this phone on a gimbal. It is actually quite impressive what vivo managed to achieve in terms of image stabilization on this camera and, of course, given the hardware and the software combination, it’s, also able to produce images with very good and very impressive dynamic range, great color reproduction, although the reds tend To be a little over saturated and the contrast, a little on the higher side for most people’s liking. Now those two things do knock off a few points with respect to the overall image quality, making the vivo x50 pro the runner up and not the winner, but it is still a very impressive smartphone camera, no doubt.

Last but not least, we have our best buy recommendation, which this year goes to the oneplus 8t. Now the oneplus 8t did win our best high end smartphone camera award. You can check out that video here, but when it comes to the cameras, it is where it falls slightly. On the shorter side, it still offers good performance. It still offers good image quality output when it comes to stills, no doubt about it, but it is just not able to match up to what the mi 10 has to offer and also slightly falls behind the vivo x50 pro due to sort of poorer level of Image stabilization, it is still a great phone if you want to take landscape shots photos of your friends or if you want to take ultra wide shots during the day. But when it comes to low light that’s, where you will start to see the differences in image. Quality between let’s say the meat end, which is a zero one award winner for the best high end smartphone camera versus the oneplus 8t. So there you have it folks. This is the wrap up of the 2020 digit zero one awards for the best high end. Smartphone camera the award for which has gone to the meet end.