Hidden away inside this rather unassuming box is the cospet prime 2, an absolute beast of a small watch that runs full fat. Android 10, as well as having a rotatable camera and the biggest battery of any smart watch. Ever this crazy ass watch will cost you 155 quid direct from cosby check out the video description for all the links and info. You might need to know i’m going to whip it on out of the box now and get it all set up and take you on a full on tour and apologies. If i look and sound while they’re disgusted today, i’ve got a full blown bit of cold action. My nose has been pissing snow ever since i woke up, but i guarantee you my face will be off camera for pretty much the rest of the video. So you can cheer me up by poking like and subscribing, and digging that notifications bell and doing all that other youtube. Crap cheers all righties let’s see what we got. Oh wow there. It is the cospit prime 2.. That is an absolute beast. Look at it it’s an absolute monster seriously. You could bring a moderately sized mammal with this thing and yeah. I wonder what’s inside here, okay, so we’ve got some watch. Straps always handy we’ve got a proprietary usb charging cable. You actually get a porky pin device as well, because it is possible to put a physical sim card into the cosmic prime two.

You also got some documentation and you do actually get a screen protector. Uh bundle in the box as well. So, as far as the design goes, you get a ceramic bezel, but the rest of the cosmet prime 2. Smart watch is just made of bog standard plastic it’s. Quite a chunky weed lighter, as you can see there, you’ve got a pair of physical buttons, which uh jut out quite far and you’ve also got, of course, that sim tray. So you can slip a nano sim inside and then around back you’ve got the usual heart rate, sensor, shenanigans and, of course, your magnetic connections to actually charge up the watch and yeah. The cosmic prime 2 does have quite a heft to it, for a smart watch feels around the sort of hundred gram sort of area, although it’s not quite as bad as it might otherwise have been, because, of course, it’s, mostly plastic, and there up top is the Rotable camera, which of course, i’ll be fully testing out let’s, see. If i get these bloody straps on uh, they are black silicone straps, bundled in the box, but cospet also sells replacement black and brown straps via its website. Oh, come on you little bugger, oh and she blows uh it’s also worth pointing out the cosmic prime 2 is not water resistant, so definitely don’t go rocking it in the swimming pool. That’Ll probably drag you under the water anyway. All right here goes nothing, oh, my god.

This is ridiculous and uh there. It is jesus christ. I mean seriously i’m, not sure i should be wearing this thing on my wrist, i feel like i should be wearing it around my neck, like bloody flavor flav and his massive off clock anyway. Let’S see. If we got any gas in the tank, then we can get to the prime two all set up yeah there we go. Ah jesus christ. I was giving me a heart attack. Okay, so first up there’s a sexy bit of qr chord action in order to install the app and that totally didn’t work, but you can also find it just by browsing. The google play store, it’s called wiiware there’s, the little blighter okay, so all connected to the prime2 excellent stuff. So inside the wewear app you’ve got access to all of your quick settings and everything that you might need to know. As you can see, there, you’ve got dial recommendations. You can change up. The watch face uh popular information nuggets. What you can check out, how you’ve been doing on the old exercises uh target step 8000. I think not uh yeah let’s just temper our expectations a little bit on that front. Frankly, the most exercise i get these days is emptying. My bladder you’ve also got access to a small number of uh exercise types for fitness tracking as well, including a bit of high intensity interval. Trainer i’ve actually learned what that is this year, kiddies there’s an online store as well, where you can get yourself some more watch faces on the go.

You can download some specific apps for the watch and you’ve also got uh some very awesome. Looking games, i mean frankly, ball ball, jump one of the best games of 2020 there’s, a reason. It was installed a weapon 47 times, but anyway, let’s actually check out the cosmic prime 2 itself. As you see quite a jazzy colorful uh main display to begin with. If you swipe down, you can access some of your settings. You can see how much battery life you’ve got with a nice bit of ring action to demonstrate that ably swipe up and you’ll be able to check out how you’re doing on those little fitness goals. Um yeah that looks about accurate to me swipe right and you’ll access, your notifications list, any emails and other bits that uh ping through will appear in there swipe the other direction. You’Ve got an uh list of all of your apps. That you’ve got installed right here on the cosmic prime 2 and if you swipe once again, you can actually access that fitness tracking feature and it looks like you’ve – got a decent selection actually on the watch, including all the standard stuff running, walking, riding the bike, etc. Complete with uh handy little background, illustrations in case you’re, not actually sure what the sport involves. In fact, this guy’s not riding about just sitting. There lazy get ping pong badminton, even a bit of rob skipping as well with, oh, my goodness, some very scandalously short shorts.

They’Ve got absolutely tons of apps pre installed on here, because it is essentially a smartphone on your wrist more than a smartwatch. As you can see, you can actually make calls and send texts and everything, because you’ve got that nano sim support, as well as full dual band wi fi. You can actually get voice over lte calls on the go, because you’ve got a speaker and a mic built into this thing. So let’s get it connected to wi fi now and we start downloading stuff, because it’s android 10 you’ve got full access to the google play store direct through the watchful, so got the google assistant and then you’ve got all the usual stuff. You’D expect to find like gmail good bit of chrome browser, although we’re immediately starting to see a problem, because obviously these apps are not optimized for a round screen, so uh, hopefully i’ll be able to actually get into the browser all right, we’re, actually in uh let’s. Just try going to my personal website and i’ll give the cosmic prime to this much because it’s so freaking huge it’s, actually fairly easy to type on that virtual keyboard, which is obviously quite rare for a smart watch. So, uk and it’s not quite the full uh experience you would get on a smartphone or something like that, but you know it’s it’s kind of a web browser. I guess you can stick a bunch of music on the cosmic prime 2 to listen to on the go.

You’Ve got 64 gigs of story. Sorry, for already mentioned that for all of your media and your apps let’s actually check out the play store as well and get some more stuff, downloaded i’m very curious. As you can see there, the full standard google play store, which you would get on your smartphone it’s jittery as anything, but it definitely works though i’m not sure playing call of duty on a smartwatch is really the way it’s meant to be experienced. Sadly, it doesn’t look like the cosmic prime 2 is certified to run likes disney, plus and netflix, but you can’t get prime video for it. You could also grab the likes of audible and uh spotify and all that good stuff too, and yes even youtube as well. So let’s check this out and so far, certainly those leaks and rumors have the xperia one mark iii, looking like another super premium, mobile, possibly one of the best flagships of 2021. Well, i never thought i’d be watching myself talk on a smart watch that’s for damn sure, but you know what that 2.1 inch display is big enough to to comfortably watch a crappy little video like one of mine and that speaker is pretty damn punchy on that Top volume, as well quite so crisp audio, certainly for a smart watch so again perfectly possible to see that should be fine for your calls and everything too and it’s a nice crisp, 480 by 480 pixel resolution.

So certainly nice sharp images that’s for sure and yeah, probably not an ideal way to watch your bit of anime uh, but it’ll do in a pinch, i guess and that’s standard with android. At any point, you can go back with a quick swipe from the edge of the display, otherwise you’ve also got this little button down here. This is also a return button, so that also takes you back before i forget as well. This is just an ips display. It’S, not an oled, so sadly, you don’t get an always on display option. Just the old raise to wake raise to wake raise to wake there. We go let’s check out these other watch faces as well, see if there’s any particularly good options in there certainly seems like a decent variety, and indeed you can even take your own background picture using that 13 megapixel rotatable camera, so let’s check that out the camera Doesn’T use any kind of clever mechanism for popping up. It is literally just a flick it with your finger affair. So, as you can see there, you can use it to shoot a little selfie on the go and sweet baby. Jesus let’s destroy that straight away, or you can flip that camera full 90 degrees in order to take some snaps of your mates or, if you don’t, have any mates your cuddly desk, buddy, hey captain sparkles, how you doing today, you’re looking a wee bit down in The dumpsmite, how about give me a little smile, eh yeah, just a tiny little smile, so we can pretend that everything is a okay.

The actual camera sensor used by the cosmic prime 2, is sony’s imx214, which extreme sony fans may remember was the sensor used in the xperia z2 uh, which i had to lock up. I had absolutely no a recollection of that and it’s also found in a bunch of uh budget friendly smartphones too, and yeah taking a decent selfie with a smartwatch is unsurprisingly, rather difficult. In fact that right there is actually the best i could manage after countless takes i’m just gon na stick with that, i think, or even better download a wallpaper that doesn’t suck there. We go a little bit of bebop action and you can actually use that 13. Megapixel camera to unlock the smartwatch, using your face as well, although, presumably because it’s going to be on your wrist you’d kind of notice, if someone was trying to steal it, unless they’re, friggin, dynamo or something all right, let’s enter the face, let’s give it a go. So fierce unlock yep. That seems to work to be fair. In case you were wondering about what’s actually running the show here on the uh cosmic prime 2 as well: it’s the helio p22 uh chipset, backed by four gigs of ram, and so far i have seen some little uh jello. Shall we see it in apps that i’ve been running it’s less than slick, but the actual interface itself seems reasonably smooth again the odd little jutter here and there you will notice, as you are flipping about, but overall absolutely fine.

Of course. The final feature i need to mention here on the cosmic prime 2 is the battery, because most smartwatches i’ve reviewed recently have like a 400 or a 500 milliamp battery. But the cosmic prime 2 goes to extremes with a 1600 milliamp cell. According to the crazy motors at cosmic that’s, the biggest battery ever crammed into a smartwatch, and you know what i believe them. However, don’t go expecting ridiculously good battery life here on the cosmic prime 2, because of course it is running full for android and it’s got that ridiculously enormous power sucking screen as well, so that cosmic reckons you’ll get about 36 hours of standard everyday mixed use, that’s. Basically, the same as most of the small watches uh that run where os and the likes of the apple watch as well. So if you want really good battery life, you’re gon na have to grab yourself something like the huawei watches instead, but you do have the usual android battery saver modes and all that good stuff. If you are absolutely desperate anyway. That, in a nutshell, is the cosmic prime 2 smartwatch and absolutely bonkers smartwatch at that, but you know what i actually like it, because it’s just so mental and different and mental anyway. It would be great to hear your own thoughts on the cosmic prime 2 down in the comments below.