So here we have the original home pod. Now this is this was expensive. This was like 460 50 bucks and when it came out, i think it was like 499 dollars, so nearly 500 um. So this was the expensive version. Sounds great i’ve been using it since it sounds really good and now they’ve brought out the new homepod mini a few years later, so this is basically half the size, it’s literally really small and um. It replaces the homepod so the normal homepods in white, this uh black, this one’s in white uh, so that’s. The design on the top here got the new siri interface there with the um volume controls, uh homepod mini homepod mini that’s. What it looks like on the side at the bottom uh some information down there, but let’s go and cut the tape, all the plastic i should say now. This is available in two colors black and white. Okay, let’s lift the lid there we go there’s the homepod mini sitting in its tray there. Now this is a lot smaller than i actually thought, but yeah it’s about half the size, that’s it’s more more than half the size, it’s, quite small actually, but this is quite more affordable it’s. Only at 150 bucks. This one got for 149, so same thing, but yeah, so it’s a lot cheaper than the actual home pod, but it’s, probably the sounds going to be a little bit um dimmer, but this one actually comes with a usbc, so you can plug it into your laptop.

Maybe or something like that at the bottom pull this tray up a little cardboard insert here: homepod mini oh apple, sticker, stuck to the bottom here, then we have homepod mini. It shows you how to set it up, just really similar to your actual homepod um that’s. It there, those aside now we get our fast charger. So these this is what was taken out of the iphone 12 boxes. Um. This is the fast charger, so you get one of these with your homepod mini, so you can use it with. Basically, you to charge your phone to charge, um anything with the usbc, so it’s nice that they include one of these um in the box. It’S just a standard wall, adapter fast charger, it’s, a 20 watt which is nice and yeah, plugs right into the cable. So the cable arm is braided like that, as you can see, it’s a braided cable. This one here is sort of also too a bit harder to see, but it’s also braided um, so pretty small, and you can see that interface, it actually lights up. It doesn’t. Even look like or light up looks like it’s fixed display, but the these actually stay there, like you, can’t turn the plus and the minus off those volume. Controls are printed on the screen, while on the actual home pod they’re, actually not like they’re. Just they come on when the screen’s on, but these ones actually always there, as you can see, let’s get this power cord on the box, all so it’s about a meter power cord.

I think, or is it two meters it’s about two meters actually um, no it’s about a meter and a half probably going on to two meters and it plugs right here now you can’t actually remove this from there. You probably can just like the homepod did, but they don’t actually say anything about that in the book like in those instructions. So you’re not meant to now on the bottom here. We’Ve also got another thing: apple logo it’s, like the rubber foot, to keep it grip to the ground just like this one, but in comparison very similar, um, actually very similar like design and stuff it’s, just the size very small. This is really small. This is the mini, so it’s, probably it’s, it’s it’s a good. You know it’s quite good for its actual price 150 bucks um onto nearly 500 for this big one. This does sound really good and i’m hoping this does too. It should and uh yeah that’s. Basically, it um and uh yeah let’s get this screen turned on, so you can see what it looks like okay let’s see, so i think you actually need a pair at first. But oh here we go okay and then from here i think you just hold your phone near and set up so it’s, pretty cool um. So the screen is pretty bright actually and that will do that siri animation. When you ask for the siri that thing there that’s pretty cool but yeah, if you like this video, remember to give it a like um.

Also thank you for 1070. I think uh.