So honor has recently launched a new smartwatch in the indian market by the name watch es and this watch actually offers some really interesting features for the price point. So today, i’ll be unboxing it and giving my complete review on the product first thing is: the watch has a very unique rectangular kind of form, factor with an amoled display and the best part is it’s, got like a virtualized personal assistant coach on it guys, like It offers animated fitness courses where you can just watch them, and you know it’ll completely guide you through your fitness program, very interesting thing, so yeah without wasting any more time. Let’S get started with the video, alright, so here’s, the new honor watch, es smartwatch comes in this sort of box. Packaging you’ve got the honor branding and a picture of the product on the front. The watch has a unique rectangular shape with a 1.64 inch. Amoled display has a personalized fitness coach on it and supports full health monitoring. That’S it on the front and going to the back side. You’Ve got some more highlights, like it supports 95 workout activity modes with special animated fitness courses, offers long lasting battery life and is five atmospheres. Water stand, so those were some of its features. Now let’s get started with the unboxing. Let me grab my knife and cut the seal on the box. There we go by the way the watch comes in three different colors. The one we have right now is a black color variant comes packed like this and from my first impressions i have to say the watch es looks a lot like a fitness tracker, but with a much larger display.

Keeping that aside in the box, you get some paperwork, make sure to read them and a magnetic pogo pin charging cable that’s it. These are all the stuff we got in the package now let’s check out the smartwatch the honor watch es, i have to say the watch es has a very unique and a different kind of design, with rectangular form factor, looks like a hybrid between a fitness tracker And a smartwatch, and, to be honest, i actually like it. Let me give you all a physical overview on the watch. The watch es comes with a 1.64 inch amoled touch display on the front. Let me just peel the sticker to give you all a better look and if you can observe closely it’s got a 2.5 d curved glass at the top talking about the build quality. The watch case is entirely made of polycarbonate material, but it doesn’t look cheap from any angle on the right. You only have a single multi function, button with a nice red accent and that’s it. There is nothing on the other side going to the back. This is how it looks like you’ve got some charging contacts at the top, a heart rate sensor below that and some info regarding the product. The quality of the silicone straps is also pretty good, feel flexible and durable, but the best part is they’re, also removable. So you can easily replace them with other bands of your favorite choice.

Well, that was our complete overview on the design and the build quality. Now let me just power it on set it up and be right back to continue the video all right, guys, i’m back to continue the video, so i’ve been using honors watch ears for the past 10 to 12 days and now i’ll be sharing. Like my complete experience and feedback about this watch, see we’ve already discussed about the design and the build quality right. So i’ll directly get started with the display section guys see. The honor watch es has a 1.64 inch amoled touch display in a rectangular form factor, and let me tell you the display on it is very good. Like the text is very sharp, you can easily read all your messages, notifications and whatever is displayed on the screen and talking about the colors. The colors are rich and vibrant everything just pops out on the display, thanks to that amoled panel and the blacks are also excellent black levels, and if you talk about the brightness, the display is quite bright. You can easily view it in even bright outdoor situations, guys. I had no issues because i’ve been using the watch for my outdoor activities and you know, exercise sport kind of stuff right, so no issues over there, so that was about the display and keeping that aside guys, you do have all the other special features like you’ve Got race to wake function and always on display support is also there.

So it’s got all these basic features implemented in the watch. Keeping that aside, what i’ll do is i’ll just give you a closer look at the watch and you know: i’ll show you the menu. The ui all the apps and features that are present on the watch so as soon as you power on the watch. This is how the home screen on it looks like there’s a lot of info on the home screen guys, and let me tell you, there are a bunch of watch faces also, which you can choose and select from we’ll come to the watch face part in a Moment first, let me show you the ui and the menu and all of its features, so it’s got simple swipe to navigate gestures. Only guys you’ll have to use your swipe gestures up down, left right. Only by swiping down on the home screen, you can access the status panel here. It shows you the battery percentage of the watch, bluetooth status connected and has some quick toggle settings as well, so you’ve got dnd mode. You’Ve got sleep mode, then this one is find. My phone feature alarm settings is also there and, lastly, the general settings. Quick toggle is also there from here. You can directly go to the settings of the watch now coming back to the home screen and swiping up from the bottom will bring up the notification section here. You can keep a track on all your messages that you received on your phone or maybe missed call, notifications and stuff like that and by swiping left or right on the home screen.

You can access some quick access shortcuts to your favorite apps. So, for example, swiping left on the home screen directly. You can access the heart rate monitor and from here you can even start measuring your heart rate. It even completely shows you a graph of your heart rate that has been recorded at different time during that particular day now by swiping left again it shows you your stress levels and then you’ve got the weather section where it shows you a complete weather analysis for This you have to connect your phone and get information from there and next you’ve got the built in music player. So this is like a remote music player. Guys using this, you can control the music that is being played on your smartphone, like you can change the tracks, you can increase or decrease the volume and stuff like that. Next you’ve got the fitness activity summary guys here. It shows you how many steps you’ve taken distance traveled like calories, burned, how much time you’ve been active for that particular day. You’Ll get a detailed summary and analysis on the smartphone app which you need to install on your phone. So these were all the quick access shortcuts present on the home screen. Now, if you want to access a complete list of apps or the menu or the features present on the watch, you can easily do that by pressing this button to the right side, just press that and you’ll get the complete list of apps that are present on The watch so first you’ve got the workout section in the workout section guys you’ve got a lot of sport activity modes.

It supports almost like 90 different sport activity. Tracking and i’ve told you right. The watch is special because it’s got like animated fitness course built into it. For example, you see this fitness courses over here. It’S got like a lot of programs over here. Up to 12 programs like you’ve, got exercise fat, burning exercises, stretch, full body stretches and these sort of stuff. Now, if you want to start some activity, for example, say this full body stretch, you just have to click on that and press the start button, and as soon as you do that the watch will guide you through this complete program by showing you some video examples. On it, guys, like you’ve, got animated videos on the watch, which you can see and easily follow through the program. That is awesome right. This is like having your own fitness trainer on your hand, super awesome guys. You don’t need, like dedicated personal trainers, to help you out during your exercises. You can just watch these video demos that are present on the watch and easily maintain your fitness it’s, a variety of different training programs, guys, for example, if you want to burn fat quickly, then there’s a special program for that. If you want to tone your abs, then there’s a special program for that there’s, even something called as ab ripper, so you’ll get like six or eight packs, also pretty cool stuff that i felt very unique on this watch, because i have not seen this anywhere on Any other smart watch so very nice, but one thing i have to mention you, oh here, is the watch.

Doesn’T come with built in gps. So if you want to do some outdoor activities – and you want to track all your geo location while you’re doing something like outdoor sports like walking or running, then you’ll have to carry your smartphone with you, because the watch will use the gps present on your phone. That’S, the only thing i felt that was lacking if only honor could include gps on this watch. It would be like a complete package for all the fitness freaks anyways moving forward. That was about the workouts and the workout section going down. You’Ve got more apps like there’s, an app for heart rate measurement. It also supports spo2 blood oxygen measurement, guys i’ll, tell you how they were working and all that at a later part in the video going down, you’ve got the activity records which show you a complete list of all the different activities you’ve been doing for the past Couple of days, then you’ve got sleep, monitoring function built into it. You’Ve also have stress level measurement tap on it. Then you’ve got some breathing exercises. This is the music player which i’ve shown you just before guys. These are the notification section where you can access all your notifications that you receive from your phone. Then you’ve got the weather app to check out your weather forecast and has all the general and useful features like there’s. Stop. Watch you’ve got timer function. Alarms is also there. It also has a flashlight app and, lastly, find my phone feature, so these are all the built in apps and features available on the watch as now.

Let me just quickly open up the settings app and show you what all settings that you can tweak on the watch. First you’ve got the display category in the display section guys you can easily change watch faces. It’S got like a couple of watch faces which you can choose from like a mix between analog and digital style. Keeping that aside, uh you’ve got more options like you can enable always on display, but keep in mind. If you enable always on display the battery life. Will be slightly reduced and then you can adjust the brightness in five stages and in the advanced section you can choose the sleep and screen on time going down. You can adjust the vibration strength level on the watch. Then you’ve got dnd mode, workout settings systems and about what section that is pretty much it guys our complete overview on all the apps and features and also the general settings available on this watch now what i’ll do is i’ll quickly tell you how the heart rate Monitor was working on it and will also cover the spo2 level measurement. So, as mentioned earlier guys, the honor watch here can measure your heart rate and not only heart rate, it’s, even capable of measuring your spo2 blood oxygen level measurement as well. You can easily access them either from the shortcuts on the home screen or directly going from the menu itself, and let me tell you, the heart rate monitor was working very well on it guys it was giving accurate results, almost 95 percent of the time – and that Includes spo2 level measurement as well, both of them were working.

Pretty fine had no issues over here. Keeping that aside now, let me show you how you receive call and message notifications on this watch. So whenever you get a message on your phone right, suppose sms message, or even from social media like whatsapp, instagram or facebook, this is how you receive them. On the watch see, you can only see the name of the sender and the content of the message, but there is no option to actually reply to these messages from the watch, so that is the only downside and keeping that aside. This is how you receive call notifications on your watch. You can see the name of the person calling you and the watch starts vibrating as soon as you get this notification to alert you about the call see over here, you can only like end the call or dismiss the notification there’s no microphone right. So you can’t answer the call we’re almost coming to an end guys. So before i tell you about the battery life, let me just quickly tell you about the app that you need to install on your phone as well. So the name of the app is called as huawei health and as soon as you do that you need to pair it first with the watch and then you’ll be able to access all your general settings and fitness related activity summary and all that stuff. So on the home screen, it shows you all your fitness related stuff, like heart rate, sleep monitoring, stress level, stuff, how many steps you’ve taken and all the fitness related activity summary guys see.

It’S got a very clean, ui, simple to use and you can easily access all your health related information and i’ve told you the beginning right. The watch doesn’t come with built in gps. So if you want to track some gps related outdoor activities, then you’ll definitely need to install this app and start tracking your outdoor fitness activities through the app itself. Keeping that aside, the app also offers you a dedicated watch face store for the watch. Es from where you can download, like multiple number of watch faces from their cloud server, so that’s it guys. And if you talk about the battery life i’d say the battery life on the watch was, like average uh on a typical kind of usage with the brightness. On the watch set to level four and always on display, turned on and doing uh regular workout activities like every alternate day, and you know getting continuous notifications on the watch. With the bluetooth turned on and connected to your phone, i was getting around like seven to eight days of battery life, but if you’re using the watch only as a simple watch with all the smart features turned off, then you can easily expect around like 10 to 11 days of battery life guys well, that was my video on honor’s new watch es it’s, a very good smartwatch for the price. I love the rectangular design, beautiful amoled display and offers animated full fitness course guide for all the fitness enthusiasts see if you’re a fitness freak.

Looking for a smartwatch or a fitness tracker with these sort of special fitness features, then this is definitely for you. It’S also. 5 atmospheres water resistant right, so you don’t need to worry about sweat as well. The only thing it’s lacking is built in gps and wish it had a bit more smart features like maybe a remote camera shutter option, compass or things like that. The watch es costs around 6500 rupees in india. I’Ll just leave a link to that in the description box below you can check it out there that’s it.