I am coming to you from the floor of my office and i have another advent calendar unboxing for you. So i got the armani beauty advent calendar. This is going to be the last one this year, it’s already past christmas. I saw this on sale after black friday, i believe for um 30 off, so this originally retails for 310 and it was 30 off. So i got it for about 217 and you know i just thought why not i just open it up this. Is it so i’ll go ahead and open this up for you? So i have lit the fireplace here to set the mood, so it opens up like a door. We’Ll just start with number one but here’s day, one everything is wrapped in red tissue paper, it’s aqua, dijo, por um. This is such a throwback like a high school throwback. For me, i remember gifting this. I think to my you know: like my high school boyfriend, at the time kind of like a barber shop, scent um it’s a stopper little bottle. I always prefer, if even with the mini sizes, i prefer, if it’s a spray but that’s okay day. Two is this tall box right here depending on what the item is. I don’t want to swatch everything, because i might gift these to someone else, but anyway, this is a lip maestro, intense velvet color. The shade is 405 sultan and it’s, a very kind of like a an orange based red.

This is actually is very pretty for autumn. Let me keep this one. I’Ll go ahead and swatch this for you guys. Oh that’s, the color it’s, almost like a velvet lip glide i’m trying to be more bold with my lip stick color, so i will probably keep this day. Three is right here i like how the drawers are all different sizes. It gives it a little variety. So this is kind of like a shallow, wider drawer ooh armani code. I don’t own our money code um. I think i’ve heard good things about this. I actually don’t own a lot of armani fragrances, so this is the edt, the eau de toilette in the 4ml bergamot lemon olive tree blossom warmed with gayak wood, essential and tonka bean. So very sensual. It says: it’s a modern and sophisticated fragrance that’s. How i would describe it modern and sophisticated, and maybe almost sensual, i guess, there’s day, four, oh wow, i don’t i’ve. Never even seen this stronger with you emporio armani. This smells really good. I would actually wear this for me. I don’t think it’s, like super masculine. I mean i i kind of would describe this as unisex. This is described as having a spicy accord in the top notes, with a mix of cardamom, pink, peppercorn and violet leaves it smells pretty good, maybe a little cleaner than the armani code more like an everyday. Like an office scent, i think i, like it i’ve never heard of it, but it’s pretty good day.

Five is the big a oh. What is this? Oh that’s cute, if you have watched my other advent calendar unboxings, i love things that are not makeup things that are not makeup. I love fragrances, but even that i’m kind of like getting full up in my collection here. So i, like other things like decorative pieces things like that, so this is a mirror, giorgio armani beauty with their logo right up here, so that’s nice. I, like the sleeve it’s, pretty soft on the inside, feels like suede, but i mean i don’t know. If i would carry this around with me but yeah, this is nice, so yeah mirror okay day. Six. Is this giorgio armani, crema, nera, extrema, okay, so it’s an eye cream light, reviving eye cream wow? I didn’t even know they made eye creams. This is the giorgio armani eye cream. Okay, i so it’s already like pretty hard. I, when i use eye creams, i really want it to be almost like a gel texture, because otherwise i feel like it doesn’t absorb easily. I mean i personally prefer an eye almost like a serum texture or mousse um, but i guess i will have to try this it’s meant to be light reviving. So i guess you just put this under the eye, maybe before makeup day: seven! Oh okay! This is the sea fiori. This is described as a delectable perfume for the effortless woman, with notes of mandarin black currant nectar, orange blossom scent and warm vanilla.

I definitely smell the vanilla and i kind of smell the orange blossom. I kind of prefer the regular uh c fragrance, but this is a little lighter and more sweet than the original day. Eight is uh my way i love my way. I got it as a sample and it was one of the few fragrances that as soon as i smelled the sample, i instantly purchased it that day, like that. Second, it was so good. This was my travel scent. Throughout this summer, we were able to travel a little bit to visit family, despite what was going on, and i just uh. I just love this scent. You know when you watch the video the trailer for this. I think the model was in india and so you think, it’s kind of going to be spicy and dark and more sensual, but it’s very floral, it’s kind of sweet. My kids love this scent on me. They think it smells so good when i spritz this on me. My whole room it’s just smells so good. Oh my gosh. I definitely recommend this. I kind of smell jasmine yeah, very white floral, jazz mini, maybe a little orange, but it’s just so good. I love this so much yeah, definitely full bottle worthy my way, and i already own the full bottle and a travel. So i like having the minis okay day, nine, the high volume definition mascara signature, giorgio armani packaging. This is in the shade one obsidian black.

This is their instant high volume and definition mascara i’m – not going to open this because, as you all know, as soon as you open a mascara, then you start the shelf life going and i have a bunch of mascaras open. So i want to save this, but i want to try it here’s day: 10. Oh another, mascara, okay, this is just called giorgio armani eyes to kill. I don’t know the shade i am going to assume it’s black. I don’t want to open this either day. 11. Is right up here in the corner and the gold box and it’s another fragrance? Oh my gosh. I love these aqua dejoa. I love every single scent in the aqua dejoa family. I have aqua joa, the regular one. I have the ocean, i have sky, so this is the aqua dejoa eau de parfum it’s described as a zesty and bright fragrance. It represents the joy of the mediterranean sea. A refreshing aquatic fragrance opens with a beautiful blend of jasmine and zesty lemon warmed with wood cedar at the base. I love jasmine. I love citrus. I love oceanic aquatic scents. These are all of my favorites combined in one so yeah. I love the entire collection of this. I think i think i own all of them day. 12 is in the corner down here: okay and it’s, a little deluxe sample size. It has no information on it. Okay, so it’s uh it’s a lipstick, a little tiny bullet, lipstick and then beautiful, bright red let’s swatch, you swatch, okay.

So this is like a blue based red. These types of blue based reds make your teeth, look so white if that’s your goal, but yeah. Okay. I like this – and this is the c eau de parfum, the c o de parfum. I guess – comes in the clear bottle. I guess the red bottle is the siri passion. The regular c is in a clear bottle. An aromatic rose scented fragrance. Now i don’t get a mostly rose in this, and i love rose fragrances to me. This smells more like vanilla, i don’t know unless i’m smelling other things, but this contains a top note of blackcurrant nectar, heart of freesia and rose of my with a musky blonde wood base day 14.. This long drawer right down here lip maestro another full size. It looks like intense velvet color in shade 102 sandstone okay, so this is a nice nude shade. This is more of a wearable shade for me, i’ll go ahead and swatch it. Okay. I like that creamy formula. This is such a pretty color um. I don’t have the best lighting today. This looks a little more brown, i think, on my skin tone, but it’s, really a very pretty mauve, pink okay day 15 is over here. Okay, this is another lipstick, another red, oh okay. They do have colors on the bottom. Okay, so this is shade: 201 rouge, germany, matte, okay, like a brick, colored, red and it’s matte.

I think this might be satin 400. Is this shade and then 201? Is this darker shade day 16 is over here? Okay – and this is a full size, liquid satin eye color eye tint, silk in number, eight flannel, with the shade i like liquid, eyeshadows some people – i mean you know it’s, oh my gosh. This is so pretty. Ah, oh, my god! This is my favorite thing. Look at that i love these colors. I love metallic almost like iridescent duochromey type colors, especially eyeshadows. Like i love the natasha denona liquid eyeshadows. I have those and stila had a bunch of liquid eyeshadows. I just love them it’s, like kind of like a one swipe and you’re done. I have to swatch this, oh very pretty. Oh, my gosh that’s, so pretty okay see it’s like uh. Imagine that on your eyes, how pretty is that okay love it? I tint silk! Wow i never heard of this. This is like a under rated type of beauty brand. I think armani. I don’t really have any armani makeup so that’s day 16. day 17 is over here. Okay, a little liquid lipstick, shade 400 of the lip maestro liquid, lipstick let’s. Try this out: oh! This is so red if you hate, lipstick or bright lip colors. I probably wouldn’t recommend this calendar. Then this advent calendar look how bright that is. That’S the shade 400 in the lip maestro super super pretty day. 18 is up here, okay, another liquid, lipstick, and this is in like a deeper burgundy shade.

I think they’re both shade 400. This is called ecstasy lacquer. So i guess this is a will dry down to a mat. I don’t know i can look it up more, but and this will be super glossy, so let’s test this out. Okay, they look the same. Can you see so that is the ecstasy lacquer is day 18. day 19 is the r in armani okay. So this is what i thought was the c, but this is actually c pacion day 19. This is the c pastillon eau de parfum, and this is described as a sparkling fruity floral scent with notes of rose and woody vanilla. So this is more vanilla and this is more floral here’s day 20. day. 20 is an eyes to kill stellar bouncy high pigment eye color. Oh okay, bouncy. It really is bouncy, look at that so that’s, the color, so that’s, 20. that’s, so cool. Okay. I like that, so i guess it dries down to a powder that’s, really pretty. I like that these are easier to work with than the liquid eye colors, because these you don’t have a lot of time to play around with them and blend them before they dry down, but this is kind of like foolproof. I think day, 21 is over here. This is the lip maestro formula in more of a nude mauve, safer color and it’s shade 501: okay, yeah that’s nice. So there are some wearable colors in here: it’s, not all bright red, so that is day 21.

The lip maestro in shade 501 day 22 ooh. This looks like it’s, maybe full size, oh okay, eye makeup, remover and this one didn’t spill so far. I hope i don’t jinx myself we’re at day 22, so this is almost done, but so far i’ve had no accidents with this advent calendar, like my other ones, if you check those out my other advent calendars, there has been some kind of catastrophe and usually involving An eye makeup, remover or setting spray wow. First of all, look how pretty this is the perfection eye makeup remover! I love that when it’s like that bi facil type, where you have to shake it so i’ll shake it up. Oh let’s see how good this is. Okay eye makeup: remover is day 22 day. 23 is another box of something and oh okay. This is the si pacion intense eau de parfum. So this is like a lot more opaque than this. You can see. This is almost like a clear like an ombre, so the sea passion edp, intense, a floral, woody feminine fragrance has black currant, nectar and notes of jasmine patchouli and vinegar Music. Sometimes the notes are different, but i think in this case they do smell very similar, but this is maybe just more concentrated almost like a parfum versus an eau de parfum that was date 23 and then the final day without much fanfare, day 24 eyes to kill Eyeliner high precision, intense color eyeliner in one onyx, so black, oh it’s, a liquid eyeliner like a little brush tip.

Oh yeah, that’s super black. Look at that. Okay, i like this pencils, i i haven’t really been using pencils. Recently. I really like just a sharp dark black line that doesn’t move so all right eyes to kill designer eyeliner is day 24. all right, so that is the entire armani advent calendar, and these are everything that i unboxed. I didn’t really line it up nicely, but that’s. Okay, i love that this contained a lot of fragrances and i usually don’t like a lot of makeup or even lip colors, but you know i’ve kind of changed my mind about that. So these are all the shades swatched across. I really like that liquid glittery kind of metallic eyeshadow and yeah i’m looking forward to trying these out there’s a that’s, a really black eyeliner and it’s matte, so that’s exciting. I love these two fragrances. Are my favorite my way and the aqua dejoa and look at that eye makeup. Remover very pretty.