Take a look at the kinkada shotgun microphone now this microphone can be used on dslr or mirrorless cameras, or it can be used on your smart devices. You’Ve got cords and cables that will work on either one what’s nice about a shotgun microphone is that it’s it’s, based on what you have the microphone pointed at so the closer you have it to your subject and the more direct you have. It pointed at them. That’S going to give you your best quality, sound right now i have the microphone set up about two feet or less from me and it’s on my nikon camera right now. Just so, you can see how it sounds: i’m gon na go ahead and switch back to my wireless microphone and just show you what comes out of the box and just put this microphone in front of the camera. So you can see exactly what you’re getting with the kikata directional shotgun microphone, so you get two cables. One is for your smartphone and the other would be for your dlsr or mirrorless camera, and the main difference between these is. If you look really closely, you’ve got three rings on the one for the smartphone and two rings for the camera, so that’s a that’s, actually, the main difference there carrying bag so on the bottom, you’ve got what’s called your cold shoe mountain, so this would mount right On top of your camera into its hot shoe – and this would be your stabilizing mount here for the microphone so here’s – the microphone itself.

Very small and compact you’ve got adapters plug ins for your microphone and then you can also listen to what you’re recording with headphones. If you have this plugged in here, so you can get the true sound, but this would mount very tightly and what this stabilizing mount does. Is it minimizes noise that you might pick up from your camera and then you’ve got our wind, muff and wind muffs are really cool because it really makes the sound a little higher quality and especially if you’re outside and you have a breeze – and you know, there’s Unwanted extra noise that you don’t want in your dialogue and that just just fits right over the top here and another nice feature. Is this microphone itself? It it doesn’t, require batteries to be powered, so it’s it’s, just a plug and play device. You just plug it right into your camera and you’re good to go what i’m going to go ahead and do is i’m going to take all this put it together, obviously, i’m going to use this plug and i’m going to hook it up onto my camera. That i’m filming this with right now see so right now, i’m in my garage, and i have the washer running in the background so i’m, hoping that you don’t hear it but that’s, because i have the microphone pointed in the opposite direction. All in all, i have to say i really like this microphone. I like the fact that it’s really small and compact, so it fits in my bag, real easy.

I can pack it up. It fits with my other gear. Doesn’T take up a lot of space. Another positive thing about it: it does not take a battery so a lot of times. Other shotgun microphones are a lot a little bit longer because you have to put you know one two or three batteries in there, so that’s a big plus for this is that it’s, so small and compact, not all microphones, have the headphone input so i’ve done it. Many times where i’ve you know shot some video didn’t, really listen to the sound and then get back to my computer and realize that the sound didn’t turn out it didn’t turn out the way i thought it was sounding. Maybe it didn’t come out at all. Maybe i forgot to turn something on so it’s, a real plus to be able to monitor what you’re listening to what you’re recording through the headphone jack here very good. The cold shoe mount with the stabilizer is a big plus, like i said some of these uh dslr cameras. They have a lot of mechanical noises that are made when they’re going in and out of focus, especially so you don’t want that to come out of your video, because that can ruin some of your hard work that you’ve done. If that picks it up, you know, then you get it all in a nice carrying case. So i like it the fact that you keep everything together.

You know when you got two wires like this. You know you’re not always going to be using both of them. So it’s nice that they’re put away when you’re not using them, and you know where to find them when you come back i’m happy with the microphone and hopefully this lets.