Now this is the lunar silver version and i’ve been using it for about two weeks now and well. I’Ve got some thoughts, so i did do an unboxing on it, but the video was deleted so i’m going to share the unboxing experience with you guys. So basically, this is the classic oneplus box, the massive red box so and the reason it’s so massive is because they need room to fit their uh uh warp charge, uh bricks. So this year it comes with the new warp charge 65, which is a super fast. 65 watt fast charging it’s a little hard to come off. So basically it is stowed right here in this small pouch, and this is the charging brick. Now it is big it’s, not small. By any mean, it is big, but it does enable the fast 65 watt fast charging that comes with the oneplus 8t. Now i can show you this is the cable that it came with now it is a lot less bendable than the iphone cables that i use. Probably because it has to be able to take the power of the 65 watts going through it, it’s not as bendable, and it is a bit shorter, but you know and obviously, as you can imagine, the phone was on top and here is the paperwork that came With it so what came with? It is sim card ejector tool and a sim card, a quick start guide and some stickers.

Now i have used one of the stickers so uh. It is a one plus sticker, the big massive one plus sticker. So that is what came in the box, but anyway, let’s put all that to aside, because the clear attraction is clearly the phone now. This is oneplus new 8t that they released on october it’s, not it’s, it’s a bit late. I agree it’s two months after the release date, but it’s okay. So basically, this is the always on display that you’re looking at you probably can’t, see it maybe because it’s too dim but that’s what it is. It shows you the time now what i’m using is the inside version, where it shows you how many times you’ve unlocked the phone and the fingerprint reader with one tab. So basically it is a uh phone with the snapdragon 865 chip. Now this is the maxed out version, i believe, with 12 gigs of ram and 256 gigs of storage now i’m, not sure if you can get more of that, but that’s what i have now when when we open it up, i have two things i want to Address the software the battery and the hardware so let’s get to the battery first now i did show you this 65 watt charging, brick and the cable that it comes with now. The reason they didn’t have 65 watt charging in the old phones they only had 30 is because they didn’t have this new battery type.

Now, what they’ve done is with this phone? Is they put two small batteries together to give you 4 500 million powers battery that’s? The size of this battery, so they charge together, giving them enabling them to charge faster that’s why they give the 65 charging not be right now not before and the hardware now, this phone is matte, which i really really like, but it is. This is the lunar silver version. Like i said now, it is really shiny at some points like you can see mirrors coming out of it. You can see reflections and stuff like that i’m, not a fan but it’s, okay and then there’s the chrome sides. Now i do want to address this now. I remember the time when iphones had chrome sides like they still do in the pro versions, but when iphone x came out, they had chrome slides. Now i did have the iphone x now the chrome sides gathered so many scratches over the years now, i’m, not sure how this would uh perform over many years of use. Maybe it gets scratched up. Maybe the color comes out, i don’t know, but anyway, let’s get to the phone. Now this is the phone. Now it has a display of 120 hertz, a super smooth scrolling and it has a 1080p panel. So this is a 1080p panel, not a 1440p pen, which you know it’s fine, it’s, not a big deal. I can barely notice the difference between 1440p and 1080p.

You know it’s still it’s still a good panel to watching youtube videos and stuff like that, and then there is the cameras. Now if i open up the camera app, which is double tapping the camera button. Now these are the new camera, the 14 48 megapixel main camera 16 megapixel or ultrawide 5 megapixel megapixel top macro camera and 10 megapixel front camera. Now these cameras um they’re, not the best i’m, pretty sure they’re not the best out there, but they are usable. They are clear cameras, they have the 12 megapixel. You have the 12 megapixel option in the photo, so you can switch 12 megapixels up here or 48 megapixels. So you do get a smaller window but it’s okay, now 12 megapixels does give you a higher dynamic range. So you don’t get any zoom quality zoom with the 48 megapixels and there is the nightscape or in other words for oneplus it’s night mode. So in night mode it doesn’t really take really good low light photos. It doesn’t have really good low light photos because i’m, not sure, maybe can’t see the photos or the object properly, but it doesn’t really take that good photos in low light, and then there is the software now in the software. It is really good. It’S, smooth and comfortable it moves around quite fast quietly and you know it’s fine, most of the time because once like you use it a lot. I’Ve realized i’ve come to realize that when you use the gestures bar, it sometimes freezes so i’m using the gesture bar.

I scroll up and then it just freezes in the middle and then comes back down i’m, not sure what is happening, maybe it’s a glitch, but it could potentially be improved or be eradicated with a software update, and then there is the battery. So the battery i, like, i said the 65 watt charging. It has um not the best battery life in the phone, but it has pretty good battery, like i’ve gotten like out of full day seven hours of battery life, which was my last usage. I got seven hours of battery life, which was really really good and i was still at 28 now, i’m, not sure your mileage may vary depending on how you use it. Maybe you have the screen on most of the time, but i don’t know whatever you do and they’re always on the screen. So this is the always on inside screen. So what you can do is you can actually schedule it to be on. So i schedule it to be on at 10 am and 10 pm throughout that time, and then it shuts off afterwards to save battery, because you know i’m not using it but yeah so that’s how it works, and you know that’s pretty much it and then there’s. Just speakers now the speakers are good they’re, not as loud as the iphones i can say, but they are good and the problem is they have only a single speaker grill. So i do have a tendency to block it when i’m watching videos or playing games.

So that is a bit of a problem, and then i want to talk about one more thing, which is these two flashes now i’ve got absolutely no clue why oneplus has put two flashes on because for me only one flash works, all the time so i’m. Not sure what that is, i have to figure it out later, but you know that’s pretty much it. So the conclusion is it’s a good phone it’s, not the best phone out there, but it is a good phone. Now there is a good new green color outside out there, the aquamarine green that oneplus has released um. I don’t really like that. Color i’m, not a green person that’s. Why i’ve gone with the little silver now i haven’t put a case on it. So the deal with it is, i don’t like putting a case on my phone. I, like the feel i like to feel the phones. You know, because you know oneplus has said on stage that it weighs 188 grams. Now, if you put a case on it, you know it kind of ruins the feel the shape the weight so the whole point of it. You can put a skin on it, but you will only get a skin for the back now. What, if you don’t know what a skin is, is basically just a sticker on the back to just protect the color or paint and stuff like that, but hey that’s, been it thanks for watching, see you guys later um i’ll link the ps5 um ps5 unboxing that I did two days ago or yesterday, two days ago, up in the corner and i’ll also link um, the iphone 12 mini that i unboxed with the case and stuff like that, upstairs up in the corner and and that’s been it.