This is for all you neon genesis, evangelion fans, the evangelion inspired limited edition line was released earlier this year as the anime marks its 25th anniversary, and there are only 10 000 units available worldwide. So if i’m, not mistaken, these were sold out right away. What we have here is the oppo ace 2 eva limited edition, smartphone plus the oppo watch, eva alright, i’m very excited so enough. Talking let’s finally check them out, starting with this large box of the oppo ace 2 eva upon opening it whoa we’re, already greeted with this capsule shaped container that takes its looks from the entry plug in the series. It opens up uniquely, like so and sliding this box out. We get the phone right away, let’s, remove it. Oh okay! This is amazing, as you can see, its primary color is purple. While we get some neon, green and black accents on it. I want to talk more about it already, but let’s set it aside. First to see the other cool things included now, underneath we get the hard case with the same color scheme as the phone and it’s. Also, a lot reminiscent of the eva’s looks in the middle of it is the word shutsugeki, which means sortie or attack in english and right below. Shitsugaki is the logo eva 1.? If you can remember, this, logo can be seen on both unit 1’s upper arm or sometimes even on the back of the mecha another hard to miss detail here is the 80 field on the right, which is a shorthand for absolute terror field, which is an impervious Barrier force field that an evangelion can generate: okay, i’m, totally geeking out let’s move on to the most awesome, sim ejector tool, i’ve seen so far, i mean come on it’s a miniature spear of longinus, and then we have its nerve.

Themed. 65 watts super voc charging. Brick and as you can see, it has deny jusuku written on it above the word condition. So then yoko means electric power or electricity in english, while juisoku means sufficient put together, it can mean sufficient electricity there’s, really a lot of attention to details here, even in the usb type c, cable, which i’m not sure if they purposely made it longer than typical Cables in smartphone packages, because this is most likely a reference to the umbilical cable that links an evangelion to an electric power source anyways. We also get this type c earphones which are designed with the nerve logo and that’s, pretty much it for the reno ace to eva package more on its design, it’s. Evidently, true to the evangelion theme: it’s got a glass back with a matte finish on it, making it less prone to fingerprint smudges and it comes in the colors of the iconic unit, one that’s, piloted by ikari shinji. We get the same quad rear cameras as the standard oppo ace2 here, that’s a 48 megapixel sony imx586 main an 8 megapixel ultra wide, a 2 megapixel mono and a 2 megapixel depth sensor, there’s also a rear speaker under the circular camera module. Next to the flash. You can see the number 0 1 referring to unit 1, of course, and below the camera. Module is an evangelion text that uses the same typography as seen on the show engraved right below the oppo logo is the side profile of unit 1’s head plus.

It also has some three dots markings on all corners of the rear that can be found not just on unit 1, but on all evangelion mechs located on the right is the power button with a neon green accent. Meanwhile, on the left is its volume rocker that also has a touch of neon green up top is a secondary microphone, while at the bottom are its loudspeaker main microphone, usb type c port and sim tray let’s use that spear of longinus nice design aside the ace 2, eva sports, the same display and internals as the standard oppo h2 that’s, a 6.55 inch amoled display with a resolution of 2400 by 1080 pixels and a pixel density of 402 pixels per inch. It has a layer of gorilla glass 5 for protection and it features hdr 10 plus a 90 hertz refresh rate option and a 180 hertz touch response rate. It does have this limited edition, evangelion theme, which is really cool, and it goes about the whole interface. Nonetheless, if you still prefer the standard theme, you still have the option to switch it in the settings on the upper left. Corner of this vibrant display is a 16 megapixel front facing camera, and, on top of that is a call speaker under the hood. The oppo h2 eva is equipped with a qualcomm snapdragon 865 chip paired with an adreno 650 gpu 8 gigabytes of ram 256 gigabytes. Ufs 3.0 internal storage and color os 7.

1 that’s, based on android 10. battery wise. We get a 4 000 milliamp. Our capacity with 65 watts super voc fast charging. We also get 40 watts air voc wireless charging and 10 watts. Wireless reverse charging so checking out the oppo watch. Eva now, let’s finally see what’s included in this unit. 2 inspired red box underneath the outer packaging is this red main box that opens up from the middle from there we’re immediately greeted with the watch itself and removing this top layer reveals the extra strap and charger while the phone takes on the color way of unit 1, the oppo watch comes in the color scheme of unit 2, that’s piloted by soryu azkalangi. As you can see, the straps are also reminiscent of the design used on unit 2, and i like that you can play around with two different colors, making it very stylish. The straps have the word evangelion on them, along with the unit 2 logo and the nerve logo, it sports a 1.91 inch, 3d dual curved flexible amoled display and it runs on color os watch software, just like the standard oppo watch. But, of course you can enjoy these limited edition, watch faces of asuka and unit 2. it’s equipped with a qualcomm snapdragon, wear 2500 chipset and the apollo 3 low power chip together with 8 gigabytes of storage. Additionally, this watch packs oppo’s vook charging tech to quickly replenish its 430 milliamp r battery, and it comes with e sim support, plus it’s waterproof up to 50 meters too.

These two cool, limited edition, evangelion devices, are definitely a real steal, with their meticulous design features and flagship specs. As for the price, the oppo ace 2 eva, has an official tag of 4’9 chinese u1. While the oppo watch eva is priced at 2199, chinese u1 and we’ll leave it. There that’s it for this video guys share to us what you think about this limited edition. Oppo ace 2, eva and the oppo watch eva in the comments below. Will you buy one? Let us know too and if you enjoyed this video, make sure to drop a like subscribe to our channel for more content. Hit that bell icon, so you don’t, miss any future uploads and be sure to visit for the latest tech news and reviews.