This is the last video of 2020 and in this video we want to talk to you guys about the best smartphones that we reviewed this year in each category. Now these pics are based off of devices. We have personally reviewed rather than the worldwide analysis, so we’re just talking about four product mission best in each category. Whatever we review let’s get started, so let’s start with the first category, which is the most compact phone in 2020.. I think this answer is very clear and obvious that is going to be the iphone 12 mini. This smartphone absolutely blew my mind for how compact it was and how much it can get done, how powerful the processor is overall, with the chipset coming in from the flagship devices. So, overall, the iphone 12 mini is the best compact phone you can get with the chipset coming in from the top level flagships, camera performance, absolutely brilliant as well and overall, the feel of the phone in my hand, felt really really great, so the iphone 12 mini Best compact phone is 20 20.. The second category we’re talking about is the best gaming phone of 2020.. Now there were two options for this: one: one was the asus rog phone 3 and the second was the black shark 3 pro now the great thing about the black drag 3 pro was you had those pop up triggers that just felt really good to use the Haptic feed to them the way they responded.

The touch sensing refresh rate was just 90 hertz, but overall with the processor and the ram type, it was a great great device, including the accessories you can get for it, the fun cooler and all of that stuff. So that was a great phone as well, but the winner for this one is going to be the asus rg phone 3.. You have 144hz refresh rate the most powerful snapdragon processor overall, the performance of the screen, the battery life, the colors. It just looks like a gaming phone overall, and the performance was nothing less than that, combining that with all of the accessories you can get for it as well, definitely deserves the title of the best gaming phone of 2020.. Next, we have the big one, the best camera phone of 2020.. This is split between ios and android. On the android side, i think the answer was pretty confusing when it comes to what best really means, because it’s very, very subjective, um. A lot of the smartphones that i tried out performed really well compared to the previous generations the previous years this year, android phones did really well with their performance if you’re talking about the definitive better than others, camera phones that we tried out for android it’s gon Na be the huawei mate 40 pro, we did two videos on the mate 40 pro, even one calling it the best android phone of 2020. so definitely check that video out. If you get a chance for more details on that, so yeah for android side, the mate 40 pro best camera phone on the irs side, the iphone 12 mini – was the one we reviewed before that we had the 11 pro max, so the iphone 12 mini best Camera phone for ios side.

Obviously, if you have the 12 pro max, that would be the obvious choice for iphone. But for now the one we reviewed is the 12 min next let’s talk about the best budget phone of 2020.. We looked at so many different phones from the most expensive to the mid range to the budget. It was a tie between the poco x3 nfc and the redmi note 9s. Both these phones were really great, but once the x3 nfc was announced, it was a clear winner. You have a better refresh rate display. You have a better processor, better ram capabilities overall, just a better phone, surprisingly priced at that price point for it to be a budget. So definitely the pogo x3 nfc is the best budget phone that we reviewed in 2020.. The last category is the breakout phone or the best mid range phone that you really didn’t expect to be that good of 2020, and this was a tie for me as well between the oneplus 8t, as well as the samsung fe 2020.. If you guys watched our last video, you already know the answer to this. It is the samsung fe 2020.. The fan edition really blew our mind. It was a really great device done really well from samsung. It hit all of the checkbox that you need in a mid range phone, bringing in all those specifications from the flagships. So definitely that would be the best breakout phone or the best mid range phone in 2020.

, so that’s about it. Guys we’ve done so many reviews on smartphones this year, we’ve done smart watches, we’ve done headphones, earphones, we’ve done laptops, so really hope you guys enjoyed whatever we’ve done in 2020. I really hope you’re excited for 2021. just wanted to take a second to thank everyone for supporting us this last year, it’s been absolutely crazy. We made a quick little revine video over on our instagram, so if you guys want to check that out, it’s going to be linked down below as well just really want to. Thank you guys for all the help and support in growing. Our channel really hope you guys enjoy our content and we do entertain you in one way or another, so make sure you guys are subscribed for more content.