Sir x2. This is a mobile controller for smartphones that you can snap into place and have a more ergonomic gaming experience transforms your smartphone into a mini console, a mini handheld. Now, in terms of pricing, the x2 is a little bit on the expensive side. It retails for 70 bucks, which makes it one of the more expensive controllers for smartphones that i’ve seen. Although gamester is a pretty reputable brand that have made lots of other mobile controllers and accessories in the past, so they do have expertise in this area. The x2 is also a wired controller, in the sense that you snap into the usb type c port on your device, so it’s compatible with any android smartphone. However, it won’t work for your iphone, for example, because that’s using a lightning connection, that’s a contrast with their bluetooth controllers that they’ve made in the past, since they claim that a wired controller like this will give you less latency and, as a result, less delay as You’Re pressing the keys, giving you kind of the best chance and best performance in the game now layout of the controller is pretty reminiscent of some nintendo devices, such as the switch and the switch light compared to say a xbox controller in terms of the layout. We do have the joysticks and the keys, which we’ll take a closer look at later on and then inside here we do have a quick layer of um kind of instruction pamphlets.

It kind of looks like this that we’ve already removed and sticker that you get as a little bonus and finally, we have just the controller itself since it doesn’t have any battery it. Doesn’T require physical charging. It just takes power directly from your phone or device and claims to also drain very little energy as well, because there isn’t any backlight first impressions is the x2, is overall pretty solid in terms of the construction. Certainly doesn’t feel cheap has a nice kind of heft to the plastic that they’re using that feels relatively solid. The controllers in terms of the joysticks are slightly raised above so the profile won’t be the thinnest, but you can still stick it into a backpack or larger pocket without too much issues. It has quite a few rubber accents going on. As far as the grip on the back and overall it’s, a very ergonomic feeling as you’re holding the controller in your hands, the inside here is also coated in a soft touch, rubber material that prevents the phone from scratching or sliding around. When you stick it in, and you can also stretch it to accommodate phones of different sizes, so even phablets that we have you know seven inch displays can still fit into this device and then that usb type c port again has quite a few flexible kind of Different angles that you can use to position it and still it will be compatible and won’t break and the shoulder keys left.

One left two r1 r2 are also pretty springy and responsive all the keys feel quite tactile and clicky in terms of their action. We do also have a home key as well as a kind of screenshot key as well, which works well for android devices. Now on the bottom. Here we do have a type c port that supports pass through charging, so you can still charge up your phone as it’s being plugged into the port here and gaming. However, it only supports standard charging speeds, so let’s do a quick demo of snapping the phone into place again just align the type c port, even if you’re kind of flexing it higher and then simply pull on the other side to accommodate the width of your phone. It does feel pretty stable as well. It doesn’t really wobble or anything like that and here’s, a look at the profile from the side and also from the back as long as your phone supports, otg connection using the type c port, it will be compatible and again any game that supports a controller mode. Will work flawlessly just pretty much right out of the box, so let’s do a quick demo of some games by the way. Another great use case would be google stadia and other services on the cloud. All of those will support controllers uh right out of the box, and if you’re looking for direct android based games installed on your phone, you can also easily find them as well.

Just by doing a quick google search, just as typing in you know, games which are compatible with controllers and it’ll, give you usually a list that you can kind of search through and download the ones that you want to try out. So this is an example of a game called space marshals which is working flawlessly and supports controllers. As part of the software experience. As you can see, there, we’re able to press all the keys and everything will just kind of respond without any issues. The entire experience again feels quite good much better than if i was just gripping the phone in my hands with the edges kind of digging into my palms. Everything here is rounded off here’s, another game ocean horn, which supports controller support directly out of the box. So simply install the game plug in the controller and it will be automatically recognized and everything will be properly mapped without really any issues and everything is again once again working flawlessly without any problems. Even the arrow keys, i can use as an alternative to the joystick. If i prefer, as well as the touchscreen controls, of course, also will work too, so just really depends on your preference and let’s say i want to do something like take a screenshot again pressing on the screenshot key here. Once will capture that for me or begin recording a video of the gameplay, so it’s quite easy to use, and some of these other keys here will also be properly calibrated out of the box to bring up things like menus in your game.

If you want to save the state or bring up other controls – and we can just try this out a little bit kind of battle around here in this game – with our controller, everything feeling quite good and the experience again playing back pretty smoothly and immersively on a Large display that’s going to be another advantage. Is we get to preserve the beautiful screen on our phones these days compared to most handhelds and retro emulators, which will not have as good quality of a screen as the smartphones that we already have, plus the performance and power on your phone? These days is honestly, more than sufficient to run. You know most games, especially retro style games. Now those last two games were both android titles, newer games, which support controllers as part of its code and design, but we can, of course, also try out other retro games. This is really using emulation. You can still find plenty of retro kind of games in the google play store and just download them and navigate the way i want to using the traditional keys, as well as the arrow correct commands. Everything is working again as expected. The entire experience again will be quite smooth and playable, just because we do have quite capable hardware again on our smartphones these days and again, a pretty enjoyable process. Overall, mario was just one example there, but of course you can just install any other app. You want to plenty of those are available in the play store that gives you the ability to emulate other systems, including say nintendo, game, boys and other systems as well and such as psp, nintendo, 64.

, so and so forth. So you can play things like pokemon. For example, that we’re doing here and really is everything that you would want in terms of the layout and working quite well directly on this controller. Once again, you can change the layout of the keys if you want to, and you can even fast forward through a scene but as a general rule of thumb, even kind of mid end phones and entry level. Phones. These days will still play back these older games and emulation software without any problems, since they will still be more powerful than the old consoles. Like the game boys, you know about a decade ago, so no issues at all. In fact, even a dedicated retro emulation console like an rg 350, has much lower end hardware and is still able to play back games quite smoothly, so really no complaints there, so that’s more or less it. As far as our quick hands on review of the game. Sir x2, a snap and go controller for smartphones that can definitely enhance your gaming experience in terms of feeling much more ergonomic and comfortable and giving you very tactile, keys and a familiar layout. If you have used any nintendo system, they’re, also remappable and really didn’t, have any complaints in terms of using it it’s as easy as it gets in terms of setting it up pretty much automatically recognized in almost every single case. So you can check out more details.